August 2, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Welcome Platinum Uptrender SUGARKING Cikgu Fathee!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim! Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen!

All Praises be to Allah Lord and Master of all the Universes!

My friend and neighbour Cikgu Fathee just handed over his PLATINUM membership fees of RM2280 to me just before Maghrib!

He is registering his Uptrend Network Business trading name as SUGARKING!!! All my best wishes to Cikgu Fathee! Go go go Cikgu!

In the photo below is ZAINKING proudly holding the wads of cash paid by SUGARKING Cikgu Fathee as his registration fees.He is truly fit to call himself that for he has proven his character to be just that, a sweet natured good Muslim! May Allah bless him!
Team ZAINKING welcomes Cikgu Fathee and look forward to going boom with our dynamic successful team of Uptrenders!

Cikgu Fathee my latest team member is a man who is always on the move!

He is fast and focused on making Uptrend his moneymaking system and I am going to assist him to do just that! All I need is for my team to sign up and do what our business asks of them. Pass on the opportunity!

Looking at the way Cikgu Fathee goes about his business, I can foresee SUGARKING to be up there among my superstars in team ZAINKING! All he needs to do is to shortlist and select his winning team players! He needs to look for his diamonds amongst the gravel so to speak!

Those who want to join us in this proven to be true and can do business, just contact me at my mobile 016-3969881, sms me your full name, address and state when you want to meet up for our initial appointment. Then I can take you either to the Uptrend PJ HQ or come meet up with you at a place convenient to both of us. You can pay for your registration fees using cash or credit card!

Please contact me only when you have the fees to start the registration of your business and when you are all ready to start.

Don’t give me the usual round around the bush because my schedule is getting tighter and I need to prioritise the do’ers from the talkers !

This business needs you to be active like us and you do need to be of leadership quality to be in my team. We are looking for winners and people who really want to change their financial situation and are willing to go the extra mile to achieve our million ringgit goal within a year!

If you have what it takes, don’t have any problem talking to people, have a fair sense of IT know how, then you’d fit right in team ZAINKING!

I do appreciate if you could delete all your previous failures in whatever business you screwed up before and come join us with a clear mind and a heart that is full of hope, goodwill and good vibes! Forget the past! Come do what you can for your tomorrow!

I will help you to be a leader in this business if you are able to listen to advice and follow what we show you. Insya Allah! Number to call is 016-3969881. See you at the top! Call me!