April 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Team ZAINKING just got a Double Platinum signup!

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. I have some great news to share!

Moneyking Ahmad Zulkifli is on a blazing run! The man just signed up a Double Platinum Uptrend Network business partner!

Those of you who are following the business build up news of team ZAINKING surely must be quite amazed at the way this MONEYKING is moving!

Abu Hasan, an longtime friend of Moneyking signed up on Wednesday night after attending a Goldpower Business Presentation by our Grand Upline Multi Millionaire Cikgu Amir!

Last night at Taman Bukit Cheras, his supportive wife had an unusual request to me. Make her husband smile! 🙂 Geez! That’s a tough one! 😛

Abu Hasan is not your usual smiley type and his wife has asked me to help change his demeanour and in due time, I will see to it that this Double Platinum Uptrender shows teeth everytime we take his photo when he signs up his new active business partners in his networks. I can only guide and coax the fella but smiling is his choice! 😛

I am just so grateful to Allah SWT for giving me such dynamic downlines who are just exploding in their enthusiasm and passion in building up their networks under team ZAINKING!

This Uptrend business is based on activity and capability! If you can afford to come open up a Double Platinum business and then go look for other capable and dynamic people to be your business partners, then success is just a few months away!

Let’s take a step back and see this business for what it is. This business uses all available medium as it’s vehicle! We use the internet to expand our business worldwide and reach out to the global population.

We use direct approaches and establish business networks with those who are likeminded and want to do something extra to earn that something extra! We have both physical products and virtual products that help us to run this business like an international business but get to do it for just under RM500!

We get Product Packages that give us value for our money and we also get a Global Business Entrepreneur networking business system that just catapults our businesses to the global market!

The Uptrend Network business is firmly backed by some of the country’s major banks that help us to do online business transactions 24 / 7 worldwide!

Here in Malaysia, we have :

handling our e-wallet transactions and all online financial transactions. Those of you overseas can also check with me as to whether you can do business with me through your local banks.

As long as they can handle online transactions, we can do business. Check with me and your bank! No worries! As long as they have online banking services, you too can be an Uptrender earning US Dollars doing this networking.

Imagine signing up someone from other countries like Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philiphines, India Pakistan and even from the United States of America where Uptrend is booming in the State of Nevada!

You just guide the person to follow the Uptrend Business Plan through our personalised websites that incorporate :

1 . Virtual Office

  • Personal Profile
  • Personalised Website ( 5 pages)
  • Member Card
  • Activities Schedule
  • Mobile Commerce System (coming soon)
  • SMS Service (available now)

2. Internet Telephony

  • Free SIP Numbers (028)
  • Call Back / VOIP System
  • Conference Calling System

3. Business Tracking System

  • Sponsor Tree
  • Placement Tree
  • Bonus Statement
  • Annual Income Statement

4. Business E-Wallet System

  • e-Registration of our Global Business Partners @ downlines
  • e-withdrawal of our earnings (in US Dollars) but exchangable for your local currencies. In Uptrend Malaysia we get to change our earnings with our Upline Stockists like Cikgu Norhaidi at a fixed 1USD=RM3.80! Great isn’t it?
  • e-transfer of our earnings to our Mobile Stockist who can pay us in cash
  • e-top up of our e-wallets to order any Product Packages or pay for any of the services being offered at extra special value for money prices for us as members of Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd.
  • e-merchant points ( will explain to you when you join my team ZAINKING)
  • e-points ( exchangable for high value quality products and services)

5. Marketing Tools

  • Dynamic Flash Presentations
  • LGP-Lead Generating Software

6. e-Mall / Merchants Gallery

7. e-Learning / Mentoring Platform

8. e-Commerce Merchant Support System

  • e-Trading Portal ( Trade Titans)

9. Get 1 Internet Business Centre in Plan A.

There are many more plus points and advantages of doing business with me at Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd.

Mainly, whilst getting a chance to earn fantastic incomes from your networking business build ups, you will get to meet dynamic , success oriented sincere people who can be your new batch of good friends who care for you and stand ready to support you in learning how to do this business that is taking hundreds of thousands of people up trend in raising their standard of living and get to be financially free from their debts and get to pay off their obligations by doing this business.

What you need to do to succeed in Uptrend?

  • You do need to be active in learning about the system and the marketing plans.
  • You do need to be positive and be willing to learn from others especially your uplines.
  • You need to have that hunger to make big bucks and be willing to do something out of the ordinary in your current life to get the $$$$$$$$$$$$$!
  • You do need to have at least the RM456 to start your business!
  • You do need to change your attitudes and spring clean your personalities from being whatever you are into being a socially active and approachable business person.
  • You need to smile more often and be friendly to those who approach you and want to learn about this business
  • You need to dress smart and suitable for business. You can’t look like a lepak king and expect people to take you seriously in this business. You need to look sharp, smell great and be a magnet to those who are looking for success, personally, economically and socially!
  • This is a people based business ; so you need to be pleasant, warm and hospitable. The thing is even thse with faces like they just escaped or got released from prison have proven that they too can be successful in building up their Uptrend business ; so just imagine if you can look and be pleasant, how much more successful will you get to be ?
  • You need to want to keep yourself updated as to all the latest happenings and activities taking place in Uptrend! You can’t expect your business to grow on it’s own without your active participation! This is not something out of the bedtime stories like Aladdin’s lamp where a Genie can come to fulfill all your wishes and dreams!
  • You need to keep in touch with your immediate upline and work together with your business partners @ downlines in building up your business networks!
  • You need to be a leader and look for others who have the quality of being leaders themselves whilst being your downlines!
  • Don’t just accept or sign up any Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy into your team! You need to pick and choose only quality business builders like yourself into your team!
  • Like the example of a fast moving vehicle! You can’t afford to have 3 wheels turning in the forward direction and have 1 trying to remain motionless or jammed! That would make your car going around in circles instead of moving forward towards your goals!
  • So, quality rather than quantity plays a very big part in the success of your Uptrend Business Team!
  • Be active and proactive to taste the rewards of becoming a sure fire millionaire by working smart and consistent in your mission to be financially free by next year!
  • You also need to be constantly in contact with your downlines and help them to learn about the business and in turn help support their downlines!
  • My upline Zaid is lucky for I do not depend on him! I am a go getter! I don’t wait for people to come show me how to do this business! I go ask and learn from my leaders such as Cikgu Norhaidi Nordin, Cikgu Amir and Tn Hj Roshdi!
  • I add to my knowledge by reading up from all available resources and from online websites and other resources! You don’t get to know all these things if you sit on your butt and wait for someone to come spoonfeed you! Winners are go getters! Sitting on your butt and expecting your finances and your fortunes to change on their own is an act of insanity! You need to go get what you need in order to be a king or a queen in this business!
  • I am removing deadwoods or duds from my network by next month! I will give a one month timeframe for anyone in my team to buck up and go build up their business networks! As I have said earlier, I will not tolerate any parasites in the team. You either shape up and be with us on our journey to become millionaires by next year or you pack up and ship out! No room for excess baggages in this one year sprint to the million ringgits income line!
  • Even a multi millionaire like Cikgu Amir works day and night in building up his already booming business networks! What more those of us who have so many obligations and bills to settle and to pay? We need to work consistently to go build up our business networks!
  • If you want to be with me and my winning team, then get your funds ready, clear your minds of any ‘Tak Boleh Mentality’ and come sign up with me tonight! I ask that only those who are ready to change their future and willing to work with my team as a positive business partner need to apply!
  • Those who come in and expect to become rich overnight but do no activity in building up their business network, best stay away!
  • We are looking for dynamic business partners! If you know that you can be one, then call me at 016-3969881 and make sure that you turn up for the appointment!
  • SMS me your full name and address and tell me when you want to come see me! I need to see if I can slot in an appointment for you in my getting tighter schedule!

Cikgu Fathee is signing up under me tonight with his PLATINUM Uptrend Network Business! Congratulations Cikgu! Let’s make money together!

May Allah SWT bless us all ! Amin!

To team ZAINKING! You guys are doing the right thing in going for gold! We can make it in this business and we can all be financially secure and free from debts by keeping to the current kick ass approch to build up our networks!

Just keep up the momentum and bring in only quality people into your teams!

  • Jangan dok pinjam kat kawan;
  • Jangan dok pi gadai barang!
  • Kalau nak jadi Jutawan?
  • Jom masuk bisnes Uptrend sekarang!!!

Copyright of Zainol Abideen @ ZAINKING 2006.

I take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim readers a blessed Aidul Adha 1427!

May Allah SWT make it easier for those of us who have yet to go perform our Hajj, to be able to do so as soon as we are able to! Amin.

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