May 5, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Leading the Deviants in Islam back to Allah’s Way

I read about how the Rufaqa Corporation which is the revised and remodelled Al-Arqam Movement in its roots and doctrine laid by it’s leader Ashaari Muhammad or better known as ‘Abuya’ As Syeikhul Arqam and the Youth of the Bani Tamim.

The reality is that Ashaari Muhammad is a Malay born in Negeri Sembilan and does not qualify to be declared to be from any Arabian tribe by the name of Bani Tamim. He was a religious teacher @ Ustaz at Sekolah Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur and passed 4th Thanawi from Maahad Hishamuddin, Kelang Selangor which is now known as The Klang Islamic College.

The problem with most deviants in Islam especially here in Malaysia is that at first, their intentions are quite noble and their objectives were usually very good. They wanted to do something for Islam and help stop the rot in society by engaging in active social and Islamic Dakwah activities.

The problem starts when they start to get more and more attention from the weak members of society and the Muslim Ummah who start to revere and hero worship the Islamic activists and leaders of such movements and religious groupings.

Over adulation seeps into the hearts and minds of these persons who start to feel that they are super special and much more noble and holier than the rest. Ego starts to blossom into arrogance and they start to get big headed. They start to hve illusions of grandeur and the added efforts of those in their immediate circle gives birth to all kinds of over adulation and over glorification of those at the top of such religious movements and jamaah’s.

All these adds fuel to the one with the bloated ego and he starts to believe that he is really a super duper holy moly saviour sent to the people in these Last Ages. Who is at fault? The fanatic followers of course and the failure of the religious authorities to monitor such movements from Day One and their ineffective system of operations.

Those holding glorified titles of Director General of this and that Islamic Department do not actually do what they are supposed to do and they usually delegate their authorities to lower ranking officers who in turn start to grow too big for their breeches and they in turn strt to go haywire with the power given to them. All these results in the inbalance of keeping such deviants in check and as a result the movements mushroom out of control and keep growing and spreading throughout the land until they start to pose a danger and direct challenge to the religious department’s authority!

Only then will the fellas in their multi pocketed blaziers and insignia emblazoned jackets come in their Pajeros and 4 wheelers and trucks and vans to sort of arrest the members of the movement and haul them off to the holding centres , etcetera or go grill them at Bukit Aman or Kamunting, whichever suits them at the time!

This scenario is played and repeated over and over till this day and the problem is never actually settled or obliterated by the Islamic Departments of this nation.

I see the problem originating from the inefficient way and manners by which JAKIM and all the Jabatan Agama’s of each state go about leading the deviants back to the Way of Allah!

Egoistic attitudes and arrogance on the part of the Ustaz’s and Ustazah’s running the show at the religious authorities are the root cause of the failure to correct the many deviant acts taking place in this country.

The authorities need to be serious and sincere in wanting to destroy all the deviant movements and go about it in a professional and responsible manner. They need to exercise and implement proper reform actions to stop the rot in this society. They need to get back to their basic responsibilities of being good guides and counsellors to society and instead of just waiting to go pounce on those committing khalwat and other sins, take a more forward approach in reaching out to society by going down and into their midst and hold roadshows, informative programs and deal with the public straight rather than come down as stern, unfriendly Enforcers of the Islamic Syariah laws!

Prevention is always so much better than trying to cure the society after the damage has been done! Go and spread the Faith of Islam in a more people friendly manner rather than come like the goon squad and go catch the people doing sin after they had been left unguided and unattended to all these while!

Have regular Dakwah Walkabouts in places where the people congregate like the many shopping malls and leisure places like the KLCC Gardens and other areas where society hang out. Have friendly discussions with anyone who wants to learn about their own faith and have professional good natured and sincere Da’ee’s and Da’eeyah’s to deal with the public.

So, there’s many things that the authorities need to really do before acting as The Enforcers! Guide rather than hurt! People are not that bad in their true natures. Lack of love and lack of attention from those entrusted with the welfare and future of the society is the real reasons why our country still has to face the re-emergence of such deviant movements and gone wayward jama’ah’s.

The religious authorities if they are reading this need to reflect and act now to stop the rot in the Ummah! We , the general public and Muslims don’t mind coming forward to help you if you need us! Insya Allah. May our society come back to its senses and start salvaging the young hearts and minds of our general Malaysian population before this nation goes to hell, literally!
Na’uzu billahi min zalik! May Allah forbid! May our nation see a better future in the next year!