May 5, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

What being financially secure can do for you?

Imagine having all those cash in your hand! What will you do with them?
Buy groceries for the entire month without using your credit card?
Be able to fill up your car tank with petrol full up?
Send your car for a full service?
Pay up your debts with full ease?
Buy your wife / husband a gift?
Help out a family member with their study fees? Think! You can do it!
Help your local masjid, church, temple with some desperately needed cold hard cash for their upkeep? Donate to the local orphanage or old folks home as you have been wishing all this while?
There’s lots of things you can do with money in your hands. Good things of course. Doing good things will leave you happy and you will be able to bring much goodness and sunshine to their lifes. Sufficient money earned the halal way from doing Uptrend Network marketing business.

Yesterday, I helped another fellow Malaysian register his Uptrend Network business in my ZAINKING team!

Yes, from now on, Mr.Suresh Raj will be able to start building up his Uptrend business by introducing his friends and contacts and be on his way to securing a better financial future both for himself and his beloved family by working together with us in growing this business!

A year from now, I envision each member of my team living a better standard and quality of life that all these while has remained a dream, a wish, a goal, an illusion in our lifes!

I envision myself and my family members going overseas on trips to visit spectacular places, be able to visit the holy lands, perform Hajj and Umrah as we please, be able to see with our own eyes, the Maqam of Rasulullah SAW, the Holy Kaabah, the numerous holy places in the Middle East, visit Topkapi Museum to see the holy relics of the Prophet SAW and one of the authentic copies of the handwritten on deerskin Holy Qur’an commissioned by the 3rd Caliph of Islam, Saiyidina Othman ibni Affan and many other treasures preserved in time by the Ottomans.

I envision team ZAINKING all driving posh luxury cars and congregating at 5 star hotels and resorts every now and then as a result of us growing rich through this Uptrend Networking business.

All this is possible as proved by the example of so many Uptrenders before us. All we need to do is to just go for it! See more people! Present to more people. Help many others to improve their lifes and their futures by working smart and working hard to change our current situations!

We need to focus and we need to persevere. We need to stick to our objectives and not to listen to any of the naysayers! We don’t need to waste our time on them! Stick to the winners!

What good does it do for us to listen to any of the idiots who do not bring anything good to our lifes and do not help us in any ways for our financial security and futures?

So, my dear fellow Malaysians and global bloggers out there reading this, think for a moment as to what you seriously need to do in order to improve your life and those dependent on you?

Come join me in Uptrend Network and do this business which can add so much more to your life and in fact generate a continuous source of income both for you and your families till the Last Day on Earth!

Let me share with you some tips on becoming a good Network Marketeer:

  1. Have the greatest self confidence in yourself. You who do not believe in yourself will never be able to lead others in changing their lifes. How do you expect to share with others the benefits of this business if you yourself do not have faith in the network? So you need to be fully committed and know about this business in order to project and promote your team as I do here! I have the utmost faith in this business and I know that I and my team are going to make it in Uptrend Network! I can see myself living a better life a year from now; six months from now, I envision myself to be free from all my debts, a few months from now, I envision myself to be able to walk into any establishment and buy what I want with cold hard cash, etc! I am already starting to taste the easiness of having money in my hands! What more when my network business is expanding and growing securely and strongly with better quality team members like what I now have in the likes of Dr.Syed Edi Sazaly, Brother Ahmad Zulkifli, Brother Wan Azli, Dr Hj Ahmad Roslan, Fahmi, Dr Harris Ngow Abdullah, Dr Nor Afidah, Brother Raj etcetera! You folks make me proud!
  2. You must have a clear goal and objective as to what you want to achieve in the short term, mid term and long terms of your goals and aspirations. You need to know crystal clear as to what you want to achieve within those terms. Go for achievable goals. Go for scores that you know you can hit. Be realistic and systematic in your business. Do not overdo anything! Be moderate but consistent in your business dealings. Do not drag too long when presenting the business to your prospects.
  3. Never force anyone to be your team member. I have learned that those who come in to the business because of their ‘respect’ to us do not end up working on their own as we expected them to do. They would be there alright but they would not be doing the business. This will cause them to be ‘duds’ taking up precious and valuable space in our network. They will not be going to grow this business. They will end up being mere spectators and do not have any contact with our business energy and momentum. I suggest that we refund them their investment capital in our business and wish them goodbye. Yes, we can’t afford to be babysitters to those who do not have it in them to work with us as we are doing all we can to grow our networks! For one thing, it would not be fair to us as we work day and night to expand our businesses and they get us placing downlines under them just for free. We do not need parasites feeding on us and our efforts. Just like they burn off leeches sucking on our bloods in the jungles and the swamps out there, we can’t afford to have parasite team members in our business! Cut them off and burn them off our teams! I am sure that you will agree with me on this points!
  4. You need to learn about the workings of this networking business. You need to attend all the trainings and motivation workshops of this business to keep up with the latest developments and changes taking place in the business. You need to know for sure as to what is the latest prices and fees of the networking memberships. You need to know what’s going on if you yourselves want to be better team leaders for your downlines.
  5. You need to develop your IT skills. You need to read more books and articles relating to the business. You need to subscribe to all those online subscriptions that teach you about the networking business and other marketing tips and techniques. You need to be in the know about all things happening and taking place out there in the market and be up to date about them.
  6. You need to be better dressed and well groomed as you go out there talking to people about this business. You do not get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression! This is no ‘Superman’ movie where you get to fly out there into space and reverse Time as shown in that fiction movie! Time stops for no one and nobody! We are mere mortals living on borrowed time from Allah the Almighty! So, do not waste anymore time in looking good and looking great when being out in public or even when at home. You need to start taking care of how you look, how your teeth are , how you smell and how you dress or wear your shoes! You can’t be out there talking about changing the future of yourselves and your prospects when you look like a scavenger or a homeless bum! Who would give you a second thought when you yourself look miserable and worn out? You need to look spick and span, dressed like and as a winner and as a leader! You need to smell so good that people would be just itching to give you a hug and you need to glow like a warm delightful lamp guiding all others to success! You need to look good, smell good and feel good about yourself and this business! Be a bloody narcissistic like me ! 😀 It’s good for business and for your self esteem and self confidence ! Just do not go overboard and be a jerk! Be cool!
  7. Mix with successful people. Be good friends with the Uptrend leaders. Stick close to those who have made it in this business. Learn from them. Go ask them questions as to how they did it; just do not be a pest! Be reasonable and do not hound them like a bloody wolf! Be reasonable . Be sensible and be sensitive. Accord them proper respect and do not go calling them by their first names as if you and them were born as twins and you are their life partners or something! Always call them in respectful terms and show them respect! Honor them but do not hero worship them! You must learn the art of communication and how to speak to others. Learn about body language and human emotions. Be quick to catch a hint of weariness or boredom from those you approach. Be alert and be smart as to know how to extricate yourself honourably from the company of those who do not feel happy at the moment you come to them and also learn how to back track from those who bore you in the best acceptable manners. Learn to be a bloody diplomat! Learn about people!
  8. Speak in a calm, collected manner. Speak clearly and professionally! Learn to use positive words and catch phrases. Be smart, be witty, be knowledgable. Be the best speaker you can be but do not drag unnecessarily. Know when to speak and when to shut the hell up and listen! Do not hog the limelight! Let your prospects speak! Let them be the superstars you want them to be. The more you allow others to speak, the more you will learn aboutthem and get to know their plus points and their negatives! Learn to spot their ‘hot buttons’ and what makes them tick! Learn to know when to go for the kill so to speak and when to close your business deals! Be alert to the moments when you can clinch the deal and sign them up and also know how to spot out the person who is not fit to be in your team. Do not sign up ‘depleted souls’ @ those who have no more fire or fight in them into your teams. We do not need those gone cases! You must not go looking for trouble! You do not need them or should you waste your precious time trying to ‘salvage’ such losers! Choose your team and pick only those with promise or who are rough diamonds! Insya Allah, I will help you to cut and polish them to be superstars! I know I can do it! I have the experience in spotting a winner and knowing a loser! Sometimes I too mistake a zirconia for a real diamond but I soon find out and know what to do with them. It’s just up to me whether I want to or not. You will learn to do the same!
  9. Do not forget your religious obligations. A Network Marketeer who keeps contact with God will learn to be appreciative of what God is giving him or her. A pious heart learns to show compassion to others and also learns to keep away from those devils of negativity out there. Birds of a feather do flock together and the pious will gather in congregation with like folks. The couldn’t care less folks will gather with their kind and you can easily spot them when they refuse to join you in congregational prayers at the Surau in Uptrend or anywhere else out there. This is a natural process of elimination. Saves us the heartaches of being in bad company. They will soon die out away from the team and the network ; so do not waste your time worrying about such folks. It’s their choice and their lifes. You can only help those who want to be helped and if they choose otherwise, just let them go their own ways! Concentrate on those who like to be with you and be with the winners!
  10. Lastly, do not forget your loved ones! Do not do this business and start to neglect your spouse and your children! Do not go burning away your relationships with your family in your pursuit of a better financial future! All the money in your hands will amount to nothing if in the process of building up your financial empire, you lose your wife or your husband to others for you failed to keep to your promise to be together with them in good times and hard times, in good health or sickness, in poverty or in good wealth! You must cherish your loved ones. Show them that they mean the world to you in your life and that without them, all the money in the world means nothing to you. Be kind and considerate to them as you grow richer and wealthier in this business. Be the best father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister to those who depend on you to care for them.Be the best you can be for your darlings. Take care of them by buying them gifts, health supplements and provide for all of them as best as you can according to your means. Don’t be a cheapskate! Do not be a miser. God loves not those who keep a tight fist on your purses and wallets! If you do this business well, you will be able to get more and more money from your business! Be charitable but do not be a bloody fool! Know how to smell out a scam and the ones who want to pull a fast one on you! There are lots of fraudsters and con artistes out there. Learn to differentiate between genuine cases who need your help and also those who are just out to scam your hardearned riches away from you. Be street smart too!

Well, that’s it for today. I know that my team members are reading these ; so folks , know that I will be here for you as long as I am still alive! I want to see us succeed in this business and I know that we can do it! Stick to the methods our leaders have shared with us and go for gold! Let’s make money! May Almighty Allah bless us in team ZAINKING with better business and fortunes! Amin!

I invite those who are suffering financially out there today to come join me and my winning team!

You too can make more money today by joining me in this Uptrend Network business.

If you can see this and read this, you already have qualified yourself in the IT requirements. It’s not that hard really!

Next, you need to have the hunger to be better off financially! Those living a day to day get by existence ought to wake up and come join me to be the next Uptrend superstar earning lots of good money the halal way with us in team ZAINKING!

Call me at 6-016-3969881 or sms me your full name and address to confirm our appointment!

Only those who have the minimum capital @ RM456 and want to do this business need to call me! I don’t have time to chit chat about Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim right now for my time is too precious to waste it on them!

Those who want to start with a 7 business startup or Platinum will see better results faster if you follow our kick ass system to financial success!

I expect those who make the call or sms me to be ready to start registering your Uptrend Network business with me right after the business presentation!

You must understand that my schedule is tight and I am a professional businessman. I hope you will appreciate my request for us to be totally committed to making the best of our time !
Thanks! See you at the top! Let’s all make money! Insya Allah!