April 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Welcome to your success! Join me in Uptrend Network!

This is a picture of myself with Cikgu Norhaidi’s family and a business partner of mine, Encik Ahmad Zulkifli @ Moneyking taken after yesterday’s Virtual Product Package Training at the Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd Head Office at Menara Choy Fook On, PJ.

Those of us who signed up or as in my case upgraded to the Global Business Entrepreneur class underwent a training session as to how to use our online VPP websites and other systems!
A brilliant online business system that’s simply so easy to use and really efficient to improve our business networking worldwide!

The GBE business package entails the use of our own personalised websites that also cater to expand our business network and to increase our reach to potential new business partners!

Ahmad Zulkifli @ Moneyking and Wan Azli @ Myking managed to attend and complete yesterday’s training. The others in my team were outstation, so they would have to attend their training when free. Cikgu Norhaidi arrived just as we were about to return home. His wife and daughter were there as well. Nice family.

Yesterday, I received a call from Mr.Suresh Raj, who learned about me and my team from his friend, a regular reader of my blog about this networking business! He wanted to meet me.

We made an appointment to meet up at about 9pm at KLCC. I met Mr.Suresh at the Asian Flavours foodcourt at Level 4, Suria KLCC and then we proceeded to Burgerking at the Concourse level which had TmNet Hotspots.

I briefed Mr.Suresh about the business and promptly signed him up as my latest business partner! He is working at KLIA and although makes good income there , he can see that this business is going to generate additionl income for him and his family! Well done Raj!

Welcome to RAJ HOLDINGS! The latest GBE business partner of Team ZAINKING!

Today marks the first day towards the financial improvement in the life of Mr.Raj and his family!

We will work together with Mr.Raj to help him build his business network in Uptrend Network! God willing, we can all start to see and experience a better future from now on! Insya Allah!

I don’t differentiate between my team members! I welcome all to join me and my team!

It doesn’t matter if you are a Chinese, Indian, Sikh or whatever! As long as you are ready to work together with us in building up this successful business with us, we welcome you!

I know that there are many out there just like Mr.Raj who need more income to make ends meet! You owe it to yourselves to change your future! No one will come to help you if you do nothing to help yourselves!

In these uncertain times where the pending toll increases and petrol prices are announced to see increases, we need to look at getting additional sources of income to meet the demands and challenges posed by this looming economic crisis that is sure going to hit and affect our pockets!

Who is going to come and give us money to meet these needs? The naysayers of this business?
Hell no they will not! All they know is to talk as if they know all there is to business and they are the ones who know better but in reality are just full of hot air and bullshit!

They who do not know nuts about the basis of this business never fail to come up with their own self righteous assumptions that they know best about what we at Uptrend Network Sdn Bhd do!
What have these smart alecs have ever done to improve the economies of families all over the nation and the world?

Nothing! Zero! Zilch! Yet they speak as if they are the righteous ones! They think they know what’s good and what’s not for us! Humbug!

Where were these ‘know-it-all’s’ when my income stopped coming as a result of one of my projects getting stalled as a result of a corporate stalemate involving a Chairman of a GLC and a CEO of a private group of colleges involving my Mandarin learning program?

I have so many outstanding bills to pay as a result of me not getting the program through because some idiot chose to play office politics!

When did these smart alecs turn up offering to pay my bills? You can bet that the idiots just didn’t bother or even care as to my sufferings !
I receive a few of these smart alec comments which almost always try to show that they know better than us but who don’t contribute a single sen to me and my team to help pay our bills!
Usually, I’d just delete the bloody comments and forget about these trash talkers about Network Marketing but just to show you an example, I am hereby publishing one of the latest BS comments for you to read and see just exactly what I mean!
“Assalaamualaikum,Best wishes in your new pursuit. I’d been following your blog consistently but of late the MLM has changed you. May be I’m another nay sayer but please think of the following:
1. If MLM is the way to do marketing, why not all the trade do not follow MLM business model?
2. Just tabulate the “pyramid”1 -you1 1 2/3 = 66%1 1 1 1 4/7 = 57%1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8/15= 53%Always yes alway the bottom rung will be more than 50% who will NEVER earn ANYTHING.
That is my view that those more than 50%, buying the overpriced products to carry their up-lines.
Work-out the number of generations to reach the 25 million. Also see the effect if the legs are more than 2!
Yes this is legal, willing buyer willing seller business. But very often the product will not be the focus after sometime.Thank you for your moments.
Md Sha’ani b Abdullah
There! A smart alec who thinks he knows best!
Where did this guy go when we who have joined this business needed $$$$$$ to pay our bills?
Where did this chap plus his kind go when we needed money to pay for our medical treatments?
Where the hell did these buggers go when we were reduced to eating just rice to fill our tummies when the projects failed to materialise?
I have had it with these kind of idiots who just know how to yak yakkety yak yet FAIL TO HELP US OUT WITH FUNDS WHEN WE NEEDED $$$$$$$ MOST!
This is going to be the last negative useless comment from the idiots out there that I will ever share with you my readers with regard to their cockeyed view of us who are on our way to make millions by next year!
I sure as hell am looking forward to the day when I publish photos of my successful team of business partners standing proudly with symbols and signs of our achievements in this Uptrend Network business a year from today! Mark my words, Insya Allah!
I welcome all those who read this post to come join us as we go about earning good ‘halal’ income as a means for us to improve our finances by joining forces with one another to build up and grow this wonderful business that is seeing more and more families live better, eat better and sleep better!
Those who think just like this fellow would do best to go mind your own business and spare us your negative comments, diarrhoea of your useless minds and if you can’t stomach to see others improving their quality of life, go take a flying leap into the nearest canal, lake or sea!
Good riddance! Really! I mean it!
If you who are reading this can understand the gist of what I am saying and surely can do with an extra income that can help you pay off your mortgages, settle your outstanding bills and help you live a bit better, breathe a bit easier and make your life a little bit more better in all areas, then waste no more time in contacting me at 016-3969881 to start your business with us and help improve your finances!
Those who do something to change their future are much more loved by Allah and His Messenger than the ones who spew bullshit and think they know better!
It’s your choice. Listen to me and come do something to improve your life or otherwise!
Have a profitable day! May God bless us ! Ameen.

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