September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Meet Cikgu Norhaidi, our resident Cashmaster!


You will want to be very good friends with this man. He is Cikgu Norhaidi bin Nordin, my upline and registrar of team ZAINKING’s Uptrend Network Business groups.

He is my team’s resident Cashmaster!
The very sight of him makes us all break into smiles for the man not only registers our new networking businesses ; he is also the one who pays us cash for bringing in the new downlines and the one who pays for our food and drinks! 😛 Tauke Bayar!

Don’t you feel like coming to join us right now and get to meet Cikgu Adi?

Cikgu Norhaidi @ Cikgu Adi as we call him is a man who is both generous and very well mannered. Wealth and abundance of money makes a very good character builder.

People who are wealthy are usually very nice for they do not have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from.

Usually only the very kiasu ones are very cranky and ill tempered!

If you want to feel good and cool all the time, then you need to have more money in your pockets!

Those whom you see demonstrating against these and that are usually the ones who are suffering financially! They are angry against the bloody government for raising the prices of this and that further stretching their already very strained wallets! Don’t you agree?

If the wallets are full and the pockets filled with cash, usually such people wouldn’t wanna waste their time and energies in going to shout and scream abusive words against the government!

When people are rich and can afford to absorb whatever increases in services and commodities, people wouldn’t be bothered to run riot in the streets and go battle the bloody FRU’s!

True or not? Why suffer unnecessarily in going to get your heads smashed by the FRU’s and get yourself bloodied for nothing by remaining poor in the first place?

If the people of Kg Berembang, Ampang, who had their homes bulldozed were making daily income and turning richer by the day by doing this Uptrend Networking business, do you think that they would be bothered to go fight the MPAJ Enforcement teams to defend their houses?

Hell no! They would say ‘ Pergi mampos lah kamu!’ to those MPAJ fellows and go rent new better homes or buy them in cash!

It changes the whole scenario doesn’t it when the people start to have cold hard cash coming into their hands!

Picture yourselves getting ..let’s say..even a RM100 per day as extra cash, will that be okay for you? Just a RM100 extra coming into your wallets! Will that help you or not? To me, I’d say ‘Alhamdulillah!’ Praised be Allah SWT for giving me such sustenance! Amin Ya Allah!

But there are folks who have been doing this Uptrend Network business for a year plus who are making thousands of ringgits daily!

Yes! No joke! There are so many people today who are making this kind of money everyday in Uptrend when their network business teams are growing like hell each and every day when their downlines start registering new and new business partners like mushrooms sprouting up by the day all over the country!

I don’t know about you but I’d work my butt off if I can start getting even a few hundred ringgits per day to supplement my income and get to pay off my many outstanding bills!

I know that I can do it and that my team ZAINKING is now starting to take root and sprout new businesses under me and my team members! We are doing what we need to in order to realise our aspirations and our mission to be multi millionaires one year plus down the road!

I invite you to join me and my team ZAINKING to forge a better tomorrow together by contacting me at 016-3969881 to book your appointment with me either today or tomorrow to start registering your business and start making money together with us as proven with my team’s successes! Tonight, the Business Presentation is at the Uptrend PJ HQ!

You have this golden chance before you to change your life and your destiny! We can do it!

May Allah SWT make it easier for you to chart your brilliant future with us in Uptrend! Amin!

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