April 14, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Narrow Minded Archetypal Bloggers !

Forgive me for being so bloody bold! That to accuse all my detractors of being so old! That to them, I have indeed sold my soul …to the vestiges of wanting riches, wealth, diamonds, cold hard cash and glittering precious sparkling gold!

Ahh..if I were to cater to their every fancy, every whim and cherished ideas…I’d cease this very moment to want to ever write, type and print in bold, that it is my ardent wish and desire to be no longer poor and miserable but to change my lot for the better even at this latter stage where I am now considered so old!
I care not what anyone out there wants to accuse me of neglecting the jihad of being so dogmatic against all the Kuffars and to be a constant source of antagonist against those not Muslims! I am my own man! So sue me for not falling into your categories of the usual Muslim blogger!
Never have I ever wanted to have to ask anyone of your permission as to whatever I wish to comment about anything, no matter whether it concerns Islam, all other faiths out there or about any other socio-political issue, matter or thingy!
I am not your run of the mill blogger so to speak! I write as I please and as I wish so help me God! Those writing and insinuating things about me going crazy over money know nuts about me! They assume and presume things about me and my situation that they know nothing about!
To me, rather than waste my bloody time ranting and raving against those who choose to be so bloody ignorant of the Commandment of God to be self reliant ; I’d rather lead my team to win!
Doesn’t God Almighty command us to go change our destinies ourselves instead of complaining endlessly to be of want , to beg for mercy and scrounge for scraps, titbits and pity!
To hell with them who think as they please of me! All I know is that I have yet to go cheat, rob, swindle someone or somebody of even a bloody sen that to me is not worthy!
All I care about is to go improve my future, my finances and those in my team! While we go get ourselves rich, prosperous and wealthy, there will remain those who just dream of becoming financially healthy!
My mission now in life is to help myself and those in my team to be rich! Is that a bloody sin? Do I have to be as they are ? Poor, wretched and miserable? Bollocks! They can go fly kite!
As the saying goes that victory shall be for those who go strive to change their destiny, the ones who choose to remain in poverty will forever be as they wish! Godspeed to my team of winners!
As I type these words that reflect my current zeal to make my life a bit more easier, let it be known that my passion for defending and upholding my faith of Islam has never ever gone any lighter!
As long as I shall live, I swear to uphold my religion! I just am gathering enough funds and finances to make my dream of forming the first Islamic Centre in Masjid Jamek KL a reality without having to go beg or plead for financial support and assistance from anyone out there!
God knows me best so I simply do not bother or want to care, what any of my faultfinders think of me and my current networking business out there! Wallahu alam bissawab! Allahu Akbar ! Walillah hil hamd!

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