May 8, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

What do I need to be able to do Network Marketing?

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims reading this and May Peace be unto the rest!

How are you doing? Hope you are doing alright and working towards enriching yourselves with both money and good knowledge!

As for me, I am grateful to be in this new found way to success and good fortune through Uptrend Networking!

Success is available to those who come look for it ! If you wait for things to drop from the sky, it could also happen. Like a lizard dropping landing on your head or worse if you are outdoors! 😛

Well, it is proverbial to say ‘ If there’s a will, there’ll definitely be a way!’.

There are many out there who do realise that if they sit on their big fat butts and just dream about it, their wishes to see their wallets get fat with cash will be just that! A dream!

But the reality is that, Network Marketing is not that difficult to do and not something that requires superhuman efforts to be a success in it!

It’s not exactly a walk in the park either! You do need to have a certain zeal in going for it and have to have a certain trait in you that people will want to do business with you!

In short, people must like you and you have to be likable too! This business involves interaction with others and you do have to be nice to people!

Laser mouthed individuals will soon find out that if you do not control that bloody tongue of yours and lash out at people for no rhyme or reason, your bloody business will be a one member net that doesn’t work!

Yeah, this business is only for people who know how to appreciate other people! Yes, you have to be good in dealing with all kinds of cock and bull personalities! Hehehehehe…Life’s full of them!

Just go with the flow and know when not to blow! I can safely say that at this elderly age of 48, my temper has sort of gone mellow ….but not flat out! Hahahahaha…I am so much more cooler now! Thank God! Alhamdulillah.

I do however admit that I am a people’s person! I just love people matter that there are one or two whom I’d love nothing more than to give them a royal kick in their butts but what to do …have yet to come across them! Hehehehehe….

Overall, those who come to know me somehow just sort of get attached to me ..must be the bloody ol’ Penangite charm! You know lah..’Geng P.Ramlee..and the sorts…hehehehehe..

Well, I do have to admit that personally , I am more of an ‘Old School’ chappie ! Romanticos de ‘Amor ‘ and the type who’d open up the door for the ladies kind!…hehehehe

My wife knows me she doesn’t worry! 😀 I love her too much to wanna go astray! 🙂

Well, enough puffing up the ol’ self and being ‘narcissistic’ as my defaulters accuse me of ! 😛

Let’s get to the topic!

What do you need to be a successful Networker?

  1. First and foremost, you need to have the desire to be fabulously rich and wealthy! If you are flushed with cash from your daddy’s fortune, I don’t think you’d have the same raging desire to go all out in this business!
  2. You need to have a working brain! Half past six loser’s mentality just doesn’t cut it! You need to have a working CPU in your head that wants to learn from others and the top leaders! If you have a goddamn bloody attitude of not wanting to learn and improve yourself in the process, do us a favor and don’t sign up! Hehehehe..saves everyone the heartaches, don’t you agree?
  3. You need to have capital!!! Hahahahaha! I laughed out loud like crazy the other day when a prospect I contacted asked me whether he needs to have money to start this business!!! The capital’s not that much but it does costs you at least RM456.00 to be able to register a Global Business Entrepreneurship that will entitle you to recruit and sing up people from all over the world. You can also start with a measly RM342.00 Internet Business Partnership like I did when I first joined because that was all I could afford back then!!! My wife lent me the money ! Bless her heart! Now, I can afford to take her to KLCC and spend on her without a fuss! Yeah, business is growing and getting better ! Alhamdulillah!
  4. You need to be able to use the computer and access the Internet! Even though, there are some success stories of the IT Illiterates making it big in this business without knowing the difference between a website and an email, it would be a great help if you are at least a bit IT savvy. Works great to check your balance in your E-Wallet online!
  5. Be willing to learn and earn. The more you want to learn all that there is to this business will help you a lot to make more money in this networking thingy! Knowing how to blog gets my message across globally and my team members know that they are being promoted through my blog as well. Saves a lot in unnecessary expenses of printing out flyers and pasting them on the public utilities signboards and lamp posts, don’t you agree? We don’t want to have our flyers end up pasted next to the bloody Ah Long’s ads, do we?
  6. Want to make new friends! I now have more new friends who are having the right stuff and mindset than I have had before. I get to meet good natured, successful individuals daily now in this business than when I had to go cold calling trying to sell Canadian land to folks who always come up with the same old excuse of not having money to invest overseas!
  7. You must have the desire to live a better quality of life! You must have a raging desire to drive a Merz or a powerful BMW soon and replace the aging Wira or Kancil you now drive! You must want to be able to give to the poor and the needy and cherish a dream in your heart to be able one day to slot in a RM50 or a RM100 note into the collection box of your favourite mosque or whatever other religious creed you belong to with a full conviction that you can afford to do so now that you are so flushed with cash from this networking business! You must have that aspiration to be successful and be willing to work your butt off by following the steps taken by the leaders in this business!
  8. You must want to leave your wife and kids a source of income that is continuous and willable! You must have it in your heart to not leave them with outstanding bills and a legacy of poverty! You must want to be rich and wealthy! You must want to be a winner!!!
  9. You must be able to lead a team and help your team to be as successful as you are and to see to it that everyone gets updated on all the latest developments in the business!
  10. You must be a good person. There is no room for enmity in this business! You must be able to adopt and adapt a successful working spirit of ‘Esprit de Corps’ and be a team player! Loners and self adulating champions will be soon phased out by the process!

If you can adjust yourself to do all that, you can be a winner in this business! Come join us in building a better life , forge a better future for all whom we care for and realise that in this life, success comes to those who do something to gain and achieve it! Call me at 016-3969881 now!

Through teamwork we strive , higher productivity we shall all thrive! Let’s go make money!