September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

What are our priorities? Let’s be straight about it!

Does it matter to us that the bloody politicians are always coming up with cock and bull stories to justify their screw ups of our lifes?
It doesn’t make any difference to me if it was Mahathir running the show or if it is Abdullah Badawi or even any other fellow for at the end of the day, any of those politicos aren’t gonna be coming to pay my bills!
So, to me, I don’t give a damn as to who’s running the show at Putrajaya!
All I know is that I am the one who is liable to have my electricity cut, my water taps cut off and my doors sealed if I don’t pay the bills!

Many of my fellow Malaysians however are sadly caught up wasting their precious moments and seconds of their lifes worrying about all those filthy rich and wealthy politicians who are screwing the country blind with their propaganda and their legions of ball carriers who are out to dupe the public into forgetting the main issues and priorities in their lifes!

Who is more important to you? Your wife and kids or those nincompoops in power?

Who gives a damn about you if not you yourself? Does Mahathir worry whether you have had your ‘makan’? Does Abdullah Ahmad Badawi care if you missed your breakfast this morning?
Does Najib frown and worry about you not being able to pay your home loan this month?
Does Anwar Ibrahim have nightmares thinking of you not being able to pay your car instalment this month?

All these fellows care about is holding on to their powers and positions in their lifes! They are only bothered whether they get to enjoy their wealth and luxuries in their lifes and wouldn’t waste a fleeting second to think about us, the ‘average’ Malaysian citizens!

Wake up and wise up O People ! We need to prioritise which matters are more important to us than wasting our time on politics, sports and whatever the hell else!

We need to focus our energies on improving our lots financially, academically and socially !

At the end of the day, if we don’t make enough money , we will be facing deep shit when we can’t afford to pay for our bills and utilities ! Our family will go hungry if we can’t buy rice to feed them, not be able to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for them when our groceries run dry and we can’t drive them to work, school or anywhere when our car’s petrol tanks go empty!!!

We need to know who are more important to us?

It doesn’t matter that the footballer missed in his attempt to kick in that goal! It doesn’t matter to us that your favourite singer didn’t get that bloody award ! It makes no difference in our lifes that Malaysia didn’t bring back enough gold medals to placate Azalina Othman, the bloody Sports Minister!

All that matters is ourselves, our families and our loved ones! Who is gonna provide for us if we don’t do what’s necessary and what’s right in seeing to it that we have sufficient funds to provide for all that we need and we can afford to pay for all the bills and necessities in our lifes!

‘Astro Bill didn’t pay ah? Electricity bill didn’t pay ah?’ so we heard the advertisement asking on tv. That’s the harsh reality we all have to face if we don’t work for our needs and our living!
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It is all possible if you wake up and clear your mindset off all those timewasting matters and realise your priorities!

You matter! Your family matters! Your whole future matters! The rest can take a flying leap into Tasik Putrajaya or any other lake or pool as they please !

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