April 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Congratulations to ZUEOTH and MYKING Groups!

Dr.Syed Edi Sazaly clinched his first 2 GBE downlines yesterday and signed up two of his fellow doctors at HUKM successfully expanding our Uptrend Networking team!

Congratulations Dr.Syed Edi Sazaly! Way to go Doc! You are a sure fire Uptrender going strong!

Welcome Dr. Harris Ngow Abdullah who signed up for 1 Global Business Entrepreneurship with his flagship Uptrend Networking Business team FTS-MUHIBAH!

We also welcome Dr.Nor Afidah Karim who signed up with her first GBE Uptrend Networking Business PELANGI CERIA ! Syabas!

Dr.Sazaly was rushing off to Perlis and I have yet to meet the two new Uptrenders in my team ZAINKING but I will meet up with them and have their winning faces taken soon to be featured prominently here in my blog! Congratulations to ZUEOTH Group for the 2 new sign ups!!!

MYKING group owner Wan Azly also successfully signed up his first downline by bringing JACKPOT KING under the ownership of Yasir Fahmi Mohamed Badri who signed up with 1 GBE making a total of 3 brand new Uptrenders signed up yesterday in team ZAINKING!

Congratulations Wan Azly for successfully expanding your business and for bringing in another dynamic Uptrender to our group!

Picture shows MYKING Wan Azly with the two thumbs up and his downline Yasir Fahmi @ JACKPOT KING besides Cikgu Norhaidi and myself with my thumb right up congratulating our newest member!

The guy in the forefront is another Uptrender but not from our team ZAINKING! I don’t turn away anyone from joining us and learning about the business from us!

In Uptrend, the culture is to share and care! At least, team ZAINKING practices that daily!

Business is booming folks and we in team ZAINKING are getting hotter and hotter as more and more new people are fast signing up with my team members! I am so proud of my guys and wish them all the best!

With the team so high spirited and fast signing up members in our network, I am confidently pleased to say that if they keep up the momentum, becoming a Millionaire by next year is a sure fire deal for those who do the work and go out there signing up their networking business partners!

To teams ZUEOTH and MYKING, my sincere congratulations once again! You guys are just fantastic! Coming into business just a few days and already you both have blazed through with such fantastic sign ups; I know you guys will excel!!!

Team MONEYKING is just going to get new sign ups in a day or two! I can feel the energy Ahmad Zulkifli is putting in his new blog and the promise that he has in him! Way to go Ahmad! You too can make it! Just go for gold and let’s make more money!

To those who want to earn a better income, this Uptrend Network business can give you all that and we at team ZAINKING will be more than pleased to have you join us in our mission to success by becoming Millionaires in a year plus! We know we can do it ; we are going all out!

To join us in our mission to be millionaires, please call 016-3969881 and sms me your details!

All you need is just a small starting capital of RM456.00 minimum for 1 GBE business and if you can afford more , you can start up your dynamic Platinum Network with 7 sure fire business lots costing you RM2280.00!

To be winners , you need to think like winners, dream like winners and act as winners! Nothing can stop you from joining us in the winners circle! If you want to be financially secure, well this is exactly what you can do to achieve that by networking with us in this proven, can do business!

Call me to confirm your place in team ZAINKING and come register your business with me! The number you need to call is 016-3969881 and I stand ready to help you achieve your goals!

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