April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Team ZAINKING just got bigger and better last night!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

To all those who are wondering how to have extra income coming in to help you pay off those mountains of outstanding bills , read on with an open heart! This is your way out!


This is Dr.Syed Edi Sazaly, owner of ZUEOTH Business Group and Ahmad Zulkifli , owner of MONEYKING Business Group giving the thumbs up after successfully expanding and upgrading their businesses to ZUEOTH now having 1 GBE and 2 IBP’s and MONEYKING now a booming Platinum business group!

What a start to a dynamic night! Lady Luck has got nothing to it! This is an effort in the right way! Nothing comes rolling to us on it’s own! You want to live a better life? Come join us!

These supercharged networkers now stand to make more $$$$$$$$$ than before when their network gets expanding and they rake in more ringgits as a result of having more business lots! Well done guys!

Last night, team ZAINKING got a new member , MYKING! Wan Azly, a regular reader of my blog signed up for 1 GBE and 2 IBP’s!

What a night! Business just boomed like a supersonic jet flying high! WoW!

Congratulations to all 3 Networkers and members of team ZAINKING for having the vision and the spirit to bring their businesses to the fore and for having the belief to expand their business operations!

May Allah SWT bless all of us with more business partners all eager to make money the smart proven way!

By adding on more shops to their networking businesses, team ZUEOTH and MONEYKING now have more bases to go places!

MYKING has started appropriately with his 1 GBE and 2 IBP’s!

The most important aspect for any group to succeed and grow is to keep together and work as a team. Only by working in tandem with one another can we channel our forces and energies together and forge a winning team.

Those who fail to connect and work together with the other team players will soon find themselves out of the circle and clueless as to what is the next step and measures they need to take!

Many a lone sheep has been devoured by the hungry wolf out there and the result has always been messy for the one venturing out of the pen.

So is the networking business. When a team comes together and works together in unison and with a common purpose, that team then stands to grow as one and chances of the team falling apart are much more diminished!

Sheer willpower alone can at times be a catalyst towards ensuring the success of any one particular networker but he or she won’t last long, out there in a sea of apathy or misinformation being bandied about by those who don’t know nuts about the real deal with the networking industry!

Rumours especially started off by those who are envious of the huge benefits being enjoyed by Uptrenders are like the wayward cancer cells that if left unchecked and uncountered by visual proofs of success being enjoyed by us in the Uptrend Network business are like dangerous icebergs that can ram and bring down any of the ‘lone sheep’ wandering in the wilderness!

So, it is important for team leaders like me to monitor and counter attack the malicious and vile rumormongers out there who have nothing but envy and jealousy permeating their evil souls and darkened hearts!

They must be taken to task and cut down to expose their self imposed delusions of economical disaster and must be eliminated swiftly and immediately.

Those who want to succeed in this business must always be alert and up to date about what’s the actual situation out there for Uptrenders and know how to fend off such vicious rumors circulated by those who not only do not try to improve their own lifes but attempt to stop and destroy those who make the attempts to improve one’s self and income in these testing times!

I ask my team members to always be clear about the business and always be on the alert to fend off the evilmongers who are sore losers in the sea of economic opportunities!

Always read positive motivational books and keep company with successful people! Winners must keep company and learn from winners! Successful people always are seen in the company of likeminded energetic people! Birds of a feather must always flock together!

Team ZAINKING is proud to welcome MYKING and congratulate both Dr Syed of ZUEOTH Business Group and also Ahmad Zulkifli for going Platinum! You guys are all winners! Go for gold! Let’s make money!

May Ar Razzaq open up the doors of Razq to all of us in this networking business team and increase our sustenance to include wealth from His Opulence! Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin!

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