September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Come sign up with me tonight at the PJ HQ!

People all over the blogosphere know a good thing when they see one and team ZAINKING is as good as it gets!

I am a kick ass networker and I pull no punches when it comes to building up my team!

I have dynamic people signing up under me and I am on a sure fire mission to success!

I have many more people signing up with me and I have many more people coming tonight to join me at tonight’s Business Presentation at the Uptrend Petaling Jaya HQ!

Those of you who have emailed me, sms’d me like Wan Azli, Ranjit, Wan Ramli, Abdul Razak and many others , do not waste this golden opportunity to start registering your business tonight and come join me and the team to make money in the next few months than what we have made before in our past!

The past is just that! It’s dead and gone! Let’s look forward to the future and let’s join forces as we blaze our way through the lists of ‘No’s, Maybe’s and ‘YES!!!!’ that’s all lined up for us as we build up this business to secure our financial futures!

We can do it! I know that I can do it and am doing it!!! All you guys need to do is to join me as I go all out to secure what I have been looking forward all my life! My desire to be a bloody multi millionaire! Team ZAINKING will achieve that in the next year plus! We can do it!!Insya Allah!!

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