September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Benefits of Network Marketing and having $$$$ in hand!

Among the benefits of Network Marketing is the low overhead in coming to own a million ringgits over income generating business but starting with capital costs of just under RM500.00!

You also get to own a Global Business Entrepreneurship Internet based business that caters to both local and global clients or team of international networkers!
It is entirely up to you as to decide whether you wanna end up with hundreds or thousands of ringgits as your daily income!
As the income is generated in US Dollars, you will face no problems at all in signing up international downlines as part of your team.

Activity is the key to making tonnes of money from this networking business. For those who are knowledgable in using the Internet to post emails, write blogs or even chat in realtime, you can branch out your network practically to any part or corner of the globe with no restrictions as to the number of people you sign up under your team!
I am already starting to taste the rewards of my constant business build up just within 2 weeks of coming into this business! Imagine the huge rewards team ZAINKING is going to get from our constant networking and growing up of our networks both locally and globally?

We are gonna kick ass baby and we are gonna be making lots and lots of money whilst the observers will just gape at how much we are gonna be having in our hands!!!

Money! Yeah! Money will solve our financial obligations and make us rich where we will be able to help out those who are struggling to make ends meet!

Isn’t the hand that gives much more better than the hand that receives? Well, we networkers are going to be able to give and give more and more as we get to build up our network and grow richer by the day and night through our daily activities! Yessirree! We are on our way to success!

We are doing something that is gonna be making all our dreams and goals come true!!!

Our circle of friends and network is getting bigger and better by the day and night! We get to make more money as we make more friends and this is something so honourable, so profitable!

It feels so good to be able to just give my spouse cold hard cash early in the morning as I send her to work! It feels so good to be able to give to my darling money without a second thought as
I know there’s more coming in to my business as I build up my network and my team’s!
I want to be able to do just that, give to my wife and kids as much as I can till the day I die and to leave them a source of continuous income and no debts! Insya Allah!

I feel great knowing that I am helping my network make money too and that they too will be able to give their families money to fulfill whatever their needs are!

Isn’t this much more better than to have to listen to what Mahathir says, Abdullah Badawi says or for the matter whatever Anwar Ibrahim says?

Mahaguru58 says to hell with the whole lot of them! I say to my team ‘Let’s make money!!!’ to help our own families!

All those buggers can take a flying leap into whatever they feel like ! I know my priorities!

You know who’s more important to you! Your wife and kids! Your parents (if they are still alive)! Your siblings! Your relatives! Your loved ones!

Know which ones are more important! All those bloody politicians are filthy rich already!
They don’t give a shit as to whether you have had your breakfast this morning or whether there’s rice in your family’s pot!
They don’t give a hoot whether there’s petrol left in your car’s tank! All they know is to swell up their own freaking wallets and bank accounts!
Yet there are those many idiots who waste their bloody time and few remaining ringgits arguing about whether Anwar Ibrahim has a fat chance in hell to be the next bloody premier or whether Abdullah Badawi is really ‘lembik’ or what the hell ever? Does it put $$$$$$into their wallets?
Fat chance !

Who gives a damn about people who have no worries where their next meal is gonna come from or lose any sleep about the piled up bills to be paid?

You need to forget all those idiots and start thinking of joining me and my team in making money to take care of yourself and your loved ones! We are on our way to making millions !
I am already starting to taste the rewards of my networking business! I don’t give a shit to all the naysayers! They can go to hell along with the politicians or NGO’s or whatever !
All I know is that this business works! This business is my ticket to financial freedom! Come join me! We can make good halal sweet money together! Your family will surely love you if you do!
Come join me and my team of dedicated people who want to make life for themselves and their families a whole lot more better with making more money through this business! Insya Allah!

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