April 22, 2024


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Network Marketing Business Crowd Getting Bigger!

Last night’s attendance at the Taman Bukit Cheras Uptrend Network Centre run by Multi Millionaire leading Uptrender Cikgu Amir was another huge success! The crowd spilled over to the stairways and many couldn’t find space even to stand and listen to the multi millionaire Uptrender and his selected speaker for the night, singer, actor and producer ND Lala whose real name is Amir Hamzah!
Even Afdlin Shauki turned up and had to stand by the wall besides me! 😛 Both of us are pretty huge sized guys and to have him standing sweating besides me was too much after a few minutes! Hahahahahaha! I extricated myself from the swelling crowds and made my way down to the warongs outside where I could cool off and ordered drinks as I waited with my fellow Uptrenders for the presentation to be completed for those new prospects for the night!

I had two prospects with me for the night. My neighbour Cikgu Fathee who was one of the early season’s of Akademi Fantasia’s dance choreographer who now runs his own studio at Kelana Jaya and my neighbour from the nearby condo and volunteer for the proposed MJKL Islamic Centre , Mr Abdun.
The presentation for the night was a lively affair where ND Lala proved to be very clear about the system and shared with us many important aspects of the business so that everyone was clear as to the workings of the trade. It all boils down to passion and hunger for success!
Another thing happened! Cikgu Fathee even though he being my potential downline at the moment, made an even astounding noble gesture of coming forward and sponsoring me to upgrade to the GBE status by giving me RM300 cash upfront as his wanting to support me in building up the team on a better stage !
Just imagine that! Never did I even dream of getting help and shows of support like this from someone who just happens to be my neighbour!
Truly, there do exists angels in human form even in these ‘kiasu’ and ‘kia’si’ times! Subhanallah!
I just don’t know what to say but express my heartfelt gratitude to him and Allah SWT for gracing me with such acts of human kindness! May Allah SWT bless Cikgu Fathee for being so generous and supportive of me! He told me to repay him the money when I make my first million! How’s that as an incentive to spur me on to greater heights and achieve my goals?
This networking business is bringing in new friends and contacts into my life! Most of them whom I meet in this business are genuine sincere success oriented people who are willing to go the extra mile in order to change their future from being as run of the mill as the general populace into being millionaires as in the likes of Cikgu Amir and company!
I just love them for being so positive and gung ho in making more and more money in the right way, right business!
Imagine! Getting money to upgrade my status from an IBP to GBE just like that from someone like Cikgu Fathee who sees in me potential to lead the team to greater heights of glory as millionaires one year down the road to success for us all! Subhanallah! God has truly blessed me to be in the company of precious humanbeings! I am truly grateful dear Allah for giving me such team players!
I have asked Cikgu Norhaidi to upgrade me to Global Business Entrepreneurship where I will be able to make double my introducer bonus for each new business I sign up from just RM15.20 per business to RM38.00 per sign up!!!
Each pairing of businesses under me will see me get RM57.00 to a max of 12 pairings per day! All that is sweet music to my ears when I hear the cash register’s go ‘kaching’ as the song by Shania Twain goes!
Subhanallah! Praise be to Allah for giving us this business to work and make our fortunes for our future success! I am getting swamped with sms’s and emails by the day from folks wanting to join me and my winning team!
As each person signs up under me, I will put the new businesses coming in under their networks! How’s that to solve your fears of not having the know how of speaking to people about the business?
As I get more new sign up’s , I will slot them under my team players! So, you do not have to worry about not knowing where to go find the contacts.
They are coming looking for me for they know that team ZAINKING is going for gold! We are moving fast and gaining speed and momentum!
You want to see cash coming into your hands?
Then, don’t waste another day thinking about it! Come sms me your full details and join me tonight at the Menara Choy Fook On, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, PJ!
Call or sms me at 016-3969881! Please do not just email me wanting to know about this but forget to leave me your contact number and details. I do not have a crystal ball that can tell me about you in detail! Hope you remember!
We welcome each and everyone who wants to be millionaires by next year!
Picture here shows Uptrenders at ‘work’! Aa ..aa.. they surely love drinking coffee and making money the ‘hard way’! Hahahahahaha…who says making money is hard when we are enjoying newfound friends and getting paid by the day as we make our networking business grow from strength to strength and having our loaded uplines pay for our drinks every night! 😛
Tauke Bayar!!! 😀
This is really the best most enjoyable way to make big bucks with such dynamic and generous leaders that I can’t wait to see myself lead my team up onto the stage by next year to receive our awards and accolades from the Uptrend leadership!
What the hell for should we be shy about it? We want to make it big and make it zippety doo daa in our quest to be millionaires worth our names and efforts in this blazing trail to the big bucks business!
Allah SWT has given us all our faculties that we need to get rich and wealthy through this networking business! We are all gifted with the spirit of going for gold, so we won’t settle for silver !
I know I can do it! My team knows we can do it! Even those of you reading this know tht we can do it! So, what are you waiting for? Come , join us team ZAINKING towards our mission to make more money than we ever knew we could before this opportunity in our lifes!
For starters, come attend the presentation at the HQ tonite! You will be glad you did! I know I am! Let’s all go make money the Uptrend way! Eat, eat, drink, drink, make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!

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