September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Network Marketing pays well for those who do it right!

Assalamualaikum to all Muslims reading this and May the Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon the others!

I want you to print out or save this particular post in your computer as I am posting about the success of a particular individual whom I know personally.

I met this person a year back when I attended this business opportunity with my wife in Kuantan but I didn’t join him back then as I didn’t have the interest or the funds on that particular night.

A year later, I got to meet him again but he is now a changed man.

Changed for the much more better I must say! Alhamdulillah!

Blessed be the one whom Allah favors with the bountiful sustenance from His Opulence !

Never did I ever imagine myself to be rubbing shoulders with multi millionaires as I am now almost daily! Talk about keeping company with the Winners Circle! Alhamdulillah!

Let me begin my post today.

There are many out there who are struggling to make ends meet! There are cases where those who are so hard pressed resort to destroying themselves in the process of trying to run away from their creditors especially the loan sharks @ ‘Ah Long’s’ as we call them here in Malaysia.
Homes are destroyed, lifes’ gone as a direct result of being too poor to be able to pay off the banks, credit card companies, loan companies and the loan sharks.
Recently, we read about and saw a young Chinese couple who were forced to poison their 3 young sons and murdered those innocent life’s because the ‘Ah Long’ were hounding them for failing to pay up their debts ! The Chinese couple are now in prison awaiting their trials!
Don’t you pity them? All these tragedy because they were very deeply in debt! No one told them about this networking business opportunity! Damn! Those of you out there take note!
Many of those caught in the vile trade of prostitution always share their stories of how their debts caused them to trade in their self respect and honor to open up themselves to the ravages of the demons in human forms who for a few measly ringgits defile those poor women to satisfy their lusts!
So many couples quarrel over lack of money! Husbands and wives bash up each other for the ‘failure’ of the other in making enough money to pay off their ever increasing bills!

People rob, steal, lie and cheat because they want to have more money to sustain a reasonable quality of life and be able to ward off those bills and creditors.

The root of most evil is the lack of money! Don’t you agree?

The Prophet of Allah, Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam himself found out that having money obtained from trading and doing legitimate business was a great source of help both to him in the early days of Islam where he could liberate many bonded slaves from the clutches of the evil Qureishi’ Arabs.
His marriage to the wealthy multi millionairess Siti Khadijah (Radhiallahu Anha) was beneficial to the poor Makkan Arabs for he and his blessed spouse were able to help out the many poor and needy who embraced Islam in the very early stages of spreading the faith.

Would Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and Saiyidatina Khadijah Radhiallahu Anha have been able to help those poor Muslims if they had no money? I am sure that we all know that they wouldn’t have been able to. Such is the importance of having enough money to live by.

The Sahabah’s @ Companions of Rasulullah SAW like Saiyidina Abu Bakar As Siddiq, Saiyidina Umar Al Khattab and Saiyidina Uthman ibni Affan were all multi millionaires and their wealth came in handy to help liberate many slaves and captives of the Qureish like Saiyidina Bilal who was liberated and freed from the bonds of slavery!

Poverty leads to Kuffur! So said the Prophet SAW! I am sure that you agree too!

The reality is that without enough money in our pockets, our lifes will be miserable and remain miserable to the very last seconds of our lifes!

Unless you want to be a hermit, give up all the worldly life and retreat into a cold, dark, empty cave and rot away into nothingness as some individuals have done and still do in many parts of the world!

We pray ‘Rabbana ‘Atinaa Fidd Dunyaa Hasanah! Wa fil ‘Akhirati Hasanah! Wa ‘Qina Azzab ban Narr’ meaning: ‘O Lord! Give me the Goodness (Wealth) of this (Dunyaa) Earthly Life and also in the Hereafter! And ask to be spared from the Hellfire!

God says that He will not change our destinies until and unless we go do something to change it ourselves!

Do you think for a second that listening to all the naysayers and the BS they spew will put in extra $$$$$$$$$ into our bank accounts and change our lifes overnight?

This is the reality! You want money? You have to work for it! This is no ‘Aladdin’s Lamp’! Even Aladdin had to RUB that lamp to make the Genie appear! That is a fable, a bedtime story!

This is reality staring at you in the face! If you keep doing the same old thing, day in, day out and you expect your life to improve, you are either nuts or plain daydreaming!

Slap your face awake and read on to the most important news that can change your life for the better! One slap will do! Don’t go bashing yourself silly because Mahaguru58 told you to! 😛

Okay, enough of the scary stories and useless recounts of those who have failed and are still failing in their earthly life!

Now, to the most encouraging and positive news that I have to share with those of you who are fed up of running away from the debt collectors, creditors, banks and loan sharks who are zeroing on some of you as I type.
Some bloody useless scum of this earth will come tell you that this is a scam!
That this networking business is phony! What benefit is there in listening to such BS? 😛
That this Zainol Abideen who calls himself Mahaguru58 is a shyster, who is gonna rob you blind and scam your money away! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!

I don’t have the slightest intention to rob anyone of even a bloody sen ! I don’t need your money!

The business pays those of us who do this business straight to our bank accounts as according to their system! So, you can forget about losing your money to me!

When and if you do join me, you pay in to my upline’s bank account, in this case Cikgu Norhaidi, who is earning thousands of ringgits daily as we speak!

He in turn registers our business and helps us build up our business network.

He is a gift from Allah SWT for me for he really helps me out in all areas that I need.

Ya Allah! Reward Cikgu Adi accordingly Dear Rahman! Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

Those of you who know me in person or have imagined myself to be whatever you like , will be able to sense and decipher who the hell is this man who is sharing with you an opportunity that is making millionaires out of common folks who have risen from the pits of financial hell!

Talk is cheap and all those useless !@#$%^&’s will not come to your aid and help show you this way to achieve freedom from all your creditors who are turning your life into the ‘Nightmare of the Life of the Poor and bloody Miserables!’

One atheist scum wrote to me saying she’s exposing my ‘scam’ in her filthy blog!

Who the hell cares? I don’t! Because she’s not gonna be coming to help me out with my bills or your’s, is she?

She can go to hell as far as I am concerned because that’s what Allah SWT promises for those who deny Him, doesn’t He? Enough of her crap!

Same goes for any other idiot out there who assumes anything without knowing me in person!

He or she can go to wherever God has destined you to for all I care! You know I am speaking straight from my heart! Why the hell should I listen or read their BS?

I don’t give a rat’s ass as to what whoever wants to say regarding this opportunity that I know is true, legitimate, works and has proved to so many out there who are doing this business and who are on their way to become millionaires, no matter what background they come from!

No matter what ethnicity they belong to or whatever their faith or creed is!

We can do it ! I know we can and I am going to prove all the naysayers wrong!

Let me share with you proof of how people who were struggling to survive and live to the next miserable day have made it in their mission to live comfortably and now be able to pay off all their debts in a matter of months and 1 or 2 years to now be able to drive the cars of their choice, build the homes of their dreams and leave a continuous stream and source of income for their loved ones till The Last Day on Earth !

Click on the pictures to see them on a bigger scale.

This is Encik Abdul Manah bin Nawang from Kuala Terengganu before he joined this business.

He is not dirt poor in the first place as he has his own home shown here and he owns a motorbike and a Proton Wira before joining this business.

In short, he is your average Malaysian living a fair, decent life with his wife and young daughter.
The average middle class Malaysian citizen.

This is Encik Manah with his Proton Wira before joining the networking business.

We too, own a Proton Wira 1.5 Auto exactly as this model.

I plan to own a Mercedes Benz Kompressor E200 Metallic Silver when I have made my 1st million in this business!

We need to have a crystal clear goal to achieve!
This is one goal of mine! Very clear about it!

Only then can we go all out to work our way to success! This is what my experience tells me!

After just 4 months of dedicated efforts and staying positive in building up his business network, Encik Manah has managed to purchase a Proton Perdana from the cash rewards of his tireless side income!

Just 4 months! He didn’t listen to all the crap, all the BS coming out from the mouths of all the naysayers and useless scum who told him that this is a scam!

This is a fly by night thingy and a bloody pyramid scheme! Hah! hah! hah! to all his faultfinders!

He bought his wife a brand new car after successfully building up his business , talking to every Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy about this business and he got his downlines coming in to join him in this rewarding business by sheer hard work!
His wife is truly gifted to have such a loving husband who is doing the right thing.Her life is now stable due to her strong support for her husband in the early days of building up his business. She surely must have sacrificed a lot by not having him with her as he spent his days and nights building up his network!

How hard is this work? Well, you have to be prepared to learn about the business. Very hard work I tell you! As some say ‘ Talk talk, drink drink, eat eat, MAKE MONEY! 🙂

You can check your income daily from the online internet bank accounts from anywhere on Earth and smile from ear to ear as the numbers pile up!!!!…WITH ACTIVITY!


If you are a gone case loser, spare us the heartache will ya and stop reading this post! This is just for winners and persons who are struggling to make ends meet!

Anyway, you won’t find any halfbaked losers staying on in this business because they will soon die away after inactivity and the remaining ones are none but the best leaders in networking that you can find!

Leaders will soon surface from the rest of the huge crowds that turn up to learn about this business as a natural process of ‘panning for gold!’

You know, the process of taking in the mud from the rivers and streams of opportunity in life and after washing away the dirt from the gravel, this business will unearth those few nuggets of leaders that we see being successful in this business!

Not everyone who comes in to this business ends up as a multi millionaire!

You need to change your whole personality to become successful in networking!

I can only help you see this opportunity if YOU WANT TO CHANGE AND IMPROVE your perceptions, your mindsets and be willing to do something extra to gain that something extra!

It’s the natural law of probability. If we do go out and do it, we will get what we want in life!

The laws of sharpening a dull knife will see it turning sharp eventually. That also means that we must know how to sharpen that knife! Even in a matter as simple and as basic as sharpening a knife, there is a technique and system of knowing how to hold that dull blade and rub it strongly against the sharpening stone!

If we fail to hold it proper and at the correct angle, that knife won’t get sharp and it will remain dull even if we have the right tool for it being the sharpening stone. Knowledge differentiates us.

We must learn to use the right technique and we must put the knife to the grind to get the desired result!

This is what I mean by saying that even if you can afford to come in to this business, you must also do your part in learning from us and applying all that you will have learned into your daily business build up!

You also need to have a ‘working brain’ that is free from all the BS you hear being spewed by the naysayers! You need to be able to follow your uplines advices and do it as they do!

You need to have a friendly disposition and want to make friends with almost anybody but the scum of this earth!

You also need to be prepared to sit, talk and drink coffee or tea in the day or nights that you go out to present this business to your prospects , no matter wherever you are in this world!

You also need to dress appropriately and start changing yourself to be a successful networker by adopting good habits and mixing with good, business oriented people.

You need to stop talking about football, Mawi, Erra Fazira and Siti Nurhaliza! They are already rich and infamous! It’s time you talk about YOUR GOALS! YOUR DREAMS! YOUR PLANS TO BE THE NEXT MILLIONAIRE ON EARTH! YOUR MISSION TO MILLIONS OF $$$$$$$$$!

This is my friend , the same Encik Abdul Manah, who has now added a brand new Harrier to his garage!

I don’t know about you but I always sigh when I see one pass me by when I am driving our Wira which has a thousand and one faults but still am grateful to Allah for it!

Remember the parable of the man who complained about having no shoes till he saw a man who had no feet? I am grateful to God for giving us this not so perfect Wira! 🙂

Ermmm, by the way, sorry that I forgot to tell you that our East Coast networker Encik Abdul Manah has built a sprawling big bungalow from the money he got from talking to people and asking them to join him in his networking business!

So, he now gets to keep his fleet of cars in a garage that can hold more cars than my allotted single carpark lot in our apartment complex.

I also heard that his second bungalow in Kuala Terengganu is almost ready!

Do you recognise the type of car that our networking businessman here just added to his stable?
Aiyaaa…that one aaa..with the solid steel Jaguar on the bonnet!
Yeah!!! The car that only MILLIONAIRES drive!…our friend Encik Abdul Manah who started this business about a year ago owning a terrace house, a Proton Wira and a motorbike is now a MULTI MILLIONAIRE !
Look with your eyes open wide ! The car is real, the man is real, this is no bloody @#$% scam!

He is still getting thousands of ringgits flushing his bank accounts by the day as you read this whilst many out there who doubt this business and say it is nothing but a scam, a dream earn nothing but ‘hot air’ from all their negativeness! They can go to hell as far as I am concerned!

Our networker here earns so much money by putting in his share of the hard work of first and foremost by investing in this business, then building up his network by asking them to join him as I am doing here with you. Only difference is , Millionaire Manah isn’t a blogger! 😛

He makes $$$$$$$$$$ as you read this post whilst here I am typing this post for you to read and learn about the business opportunity with you and opening up a whole new world of our future financial success!

That is if you listen to me and not to the idiots out there poisoning your mindset! Any which way it doesn’t matter to me! There are lots of people who want to make money !

I just have to go unearth them from the 3 million over KLites out there! I surely will! InsyaAllah! We are going for $$$$$$$$! Allah SWT loves those who enjoin others to goodness and this is as good as it gets!!!! Allah SWT doesn’t like losers and faultfinders!

Latest news flash! This is Encik Abdul Manah, the MULTI MILLIONAIRE with his wife and kid, with his fleet of cars.

Please take note that he is only interested in adding luxury cars to his garage and not looking for any extra wife’s!

May Abdul Manah be blessed for setting this fine example of how successful a networker can be!
This business is not for those who want to get rich overnight! That is pure fantasy!

You need to be prepared to work your butt off in the early stages of building up this business!

All I ask those of you who want to be as Multi Millionaire Encik Abdul Manah and the 12 other multi millionaires who have made it in this business after working hard to build their business in just a year or two, to come with a full conviction of wanting to change your destiny, change your current status to being up there with these multi millionaires and live life to the max!

We can pray to God as each solat time arrives and then join the others who are starting their journey to financial freedom and stability after suffering like hell through pursuing the wrong businesses and wasting precious cash on half baked enterprises.

This business is legitimate, given a 5 year license by the Ministry of Trade and Local Industry.

Is there any doubt that the ministry will not keep supporting this business that is helping people make money, the smart, can do, proven way?

You can rest assured that we have the full support from our government! They sure appreciate us who are helping fellow Malaysians improve the quality of life of the average person and others who are living here and making good money from this networking efforts!

It’s been fluorishing since it’s launching 3 years back and helping hundreds of thousands of people all over Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, India, Pakistan and in the USA!

Once you join me as a Global Business Entrepreneur, you can sign up people from all those countries who are working or living here.

Those of you who are here in KL and in the Klang Valley can email me your details and contact number for us to fix an appointment that will change your life for the better! Insya Allah!

You do have to be pro active and be willing to speak to people about this opportunity.

Be also prepared to realise that not everyone whom you speak to are gonna be interested to join you in your business build up to financial success!

Just know that a networking business like this works on The Law of Averages! Some call it as the Law of Consequences! Some will join you, some won’t! So what? Speak to the next!

I have been doing so and since joining this business with just one, eeny meeny, miny mo single business unit on the 1st of December, 2006, I now have 2 downlines, left and right of me!

Looking at the way, I am going, what do you think of my chances of becoming the next millionaire in this networking business a year plus down the road?

As I am typing this, my mobile is buzzing with sms’s coming in asking for an appointment with me, today!

I need to prioritize which one contacts me first and work my way to the next future millionaire wanting to join me in my network.

We need to choose and select whom we want to share this business with! Be selective and wise!

All the !@#$%^& will only spoil our moods and plans if we waste our time trying to show them that this business works! No point in talking to a useless scum about success! The idiot wouldn’t appreciate it!

Time is precious and the seconds will tick away as we speak to people about it. Make sure that the person we are presenting this opportunity is well worth our efforts and time! So, choose your prospects well!

Malaysia has 25 million over citizens and millions of immigrant workers. You can’t even exhaust 1% of the population in reaching out to them.

You need just to start with 2 good quality likeminded business oriented persons as your viable downlines and success team members.

If you are unfortunate enough to get duds in the first place under your business, never mind. Go get your next diamond ace downline by working through the numbers!

Eventually, the duds will come alive by realising that if they don’t get up and do what they need to do, they will not enjoy the rewards as those who do go all out in this business!

So, as the leaders, we need to be uptodate, well read, passionate and want to see ourselves get as much $$$$$$$$$$$$ as we can during our 1 year or 2 years mission to achieve financial success and freedom from all our debts!

When we have made our money, we will start enjoying life as we should! We can go park our luxury vehicles upfront of the 5 star luxury hotels and valet park it!

We wouldn’t bother about throwing 10 , 20 ringgits for such service, will we?

We can go take our spouses to all the fancy restaurants and spend as we please! We can buy our loved ones all that they need or wish for!

We Muslims can push in a RM100 bill into the collection boxes every Friday or every other day when we go pray at the mosques!

Let the Bilal or AJK of the masjids have a shock to see 100 ringgit bills turning up every other day in their collection boxes!

How would you like to help out all those people who are suffering right now all over the country, and in the rest of the world with your contribution for them to start their networking businesses once you are earning half a million ringgits every month as my topmost upline Cikgu Amir is doing right now?

I have a mission to achieve and I am going to go all out! I have two other persons to see after posting this. Making too many appointments is not good! We can’t focus on too many!

But I won’t assume! The name of the game is Some Will, Some Won’t! So What? Next!

My business network is ZAINKING! 🙂 Yeah, narcissistic old me ! I wanna be a bloody networking king in this business !

You can count on me being one in a year plus! Insya Allah!

You bet that I will stop at nothing to go for gold as I work my way through all the ‘no’s, maybe’s and ‘YES!’ through the numbers of people whom I have yet to meet and sign up under me!
When you join me , I have nowhere else to slot in those signing up under me but under your businesses as I build up my network!

When I have made my money, I will add and upgrade my business to be Platinum!

7 businesses with more $$$$$$$$ flushing in!

Money makes the world work for us! You want to do good for others? You need to have $$$$$ to help them out!

Saying ‘I am so sorry for you!’ doesn’t pay the bills for them or help feed them!

Don’t you agree ? I want those of you who do sign up to do your bit too!

Just open up that mouth of yours and ask your contacts, your friends and anyone you meet,
“Would it be okay for you if an extra hundred or two hundred ringgits are added to your bank account balance daily?” Okay or not okay?

If they say, ‘Tell me how?” , he or she is a potential downline for your network!

If you can do that, email me and let’s start making money together!

If they say no, excuse yourself graciously, and speak to the next person in your list!

Keep on doing the same old thing till you see the balance in your bank account grow and grow and keeps on growing till Yaum Al Akhirat! SEE MORE PEOPLE!

The proof is right here! Whether you come in or not, I am going on full speed to my financial future!

I can take you along with me to our mutual success or leave you behind listening to the scum of negativeness as that bloody atheist!

Remember what the Prophet SAW said about befriending the perfume seller and avoiding the blacksmith? I believe you know the meanings!

All my best wishes to those of you who want to change your life to be multi millionaires of the future in just a year or two! Let’s do it!

Wabillahi taufeek wal hidayah! Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

Millionaire in Progress,
Zainol Abideen
* Those out of Malaysia can contact me too. I will help you out! May Success be ours! Ameen.

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