September 21, 2023


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Networking your way to financial success

I have joined one of the best networkers in the industry. Cikgu Ahmad Amiruddin made his first million after doing this networking business for 7 months!

He is a clear example of one who said no to this business when first offered to him and kept saying no to his upline who chased after him for several months!

When he got tired of being chased by his persistent upline, he said, ‘Why the hell not?’ and signed up.

After learning about the basics of networking, Cikgu Amir or ‘Jutawan Amir’ as he is now called, made a full hearted effort in reaching out to his business contacts, family and friends.

In just 7 months of continuous hard work and struggle, his efforts have paid him so handsomely that he has paid off all his obligations and is now making hundreds of thousands of ringgits every month! The business is booming like crazy and he is sought after by so many who want to learn his secrets!

The secret is no secret at all! It is all willpower and the hunger to stay free from debts!

In today’s hectic world, many are burdened by all kinds of debts and unpaid bills which keep growing while the average person’s income is so very inadequate to cope with the amount to be paid.

Network marketing is not for the weak, idiotic and easily giving up kind! You find those types everywhere, who just yak yakkety yak, day in day out and stay the same to the last minutes of their miserable lifes, all over the planet!

Leaders like Cikgu Amir are showing the Average Joe or Miss, the way to make money the proven way, by breaking out of the gloomy personal cloak that many wear over themselves!

Discover your hidden potential by joining the winners and give those naysayers a royal kick in the ass ! Call me to find out about this network to success! The number’s 016-3969881.

You can also sms me <$$$> followed by your name and address, here in KL and the Klang Valley to fix an appointment with me to find out more.

My schedule’s very tight right now but I promise to follow up on you as I work my way through the piling up contacts that are coming my way.

Tonight’s briefing is at PJ. Call me if you wanna come. Got to go. All my best wishes to you!

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