September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

MPAJ’s Rampage in obliterating the village of Kg.Berembang!

These photos show how members of JERIT, largely comprised of poor Malaysian Indians coming to help save the homes of their fellow Malaysian Malays!

Chinese Malaysians also bravely confront the cruel MPAJ Demolition squad and put themselves in harm’s way before the swinging batons and truncheons of the FRU and get walloped, pummelled and beaten to a pulp for daring to try and stop the destruction of the Kg.Berembang poor squatter colony!

Homes of the poor are bulldozed mercilessly by those whom the villagers now know that they are no better than gangsters in uniform!

The Malays of Kg Berembang now have seen how the very people whom many thought were their enemies and will ‘rob’ them of their rights and ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ must surely be regretting time held suspicions against the Chinese and the Indians who are their defenders against injustice that has been perpetrated against them by their own kind!

Today, the villagers of Kg Berembang are seeing with their own eyes that the ‘Keling Hindu’ are the ones who are willing to shed their own blood by lying down on the grounds to stop the MPAJ demolition crews from bulldozing the Malay villagers homes!

Look at this Malaysian Indian brave fellow citizen who has laid down himself to stop the MPAJ Destroyers from harming the squatters homes!

This is the ‘Keling Hindu’ who is despised by some of the racist idiots all these while thinking so badly of the Indians of Malaysia and now who ought to be ashamed of themselves for failing to realise that evil exists even in their own races and fellow ‘Muslims’!

I put the ‘ marks here because a true Muslim will never commit these injustices as those being done by the MPAJ!

Look at the faces of these poor people whose kids are now traumatised by seeing their homes, the places they grew up in, be there no more!

Verily, those responsible for causing these children to cry in fear and despair will not have a good end!

The Kg Berembang villagers will surely curse the animals in uniform who did not spare them a thought and have bulldozed their homes! They will now see their fellow ‘Malays’ in the MPAJ to be what they truly are ! Devils in uniform!

No amount of pleading will change the minds of those whose hearts are closed!

Asking these corrupted ones to spare a thought about where the villagers will sleep tonight is as asking a stonewall for compassion!

They are blind to all these ! They are deaf, dumb and heartless towards the poor!

To the rich and infamous, they’ll kiss the hands of those who have the ringgits! Such are those who are not bothered as to the rights of the poor!

All these people have gathered to show support to the villagers yet found out that they are dealing with those whose hearts have been blackened with arrogance and contempt for the poor!

These social activists put to practice what many in UMNO just preach!

These folks from JERIT are not kith or kin to the Kg Berembang villagers yet here they are ; ready to face the dangers from the FRU and MPAJ Demolition crews who are ready to beat them up without mercy!

These youths who have been arrested are not the ‘Mat Rempits’ being spoonfed by Putera UMNO!

These are university students and activists from JERIT who are only trying to help the Kg Berembang villagers!

These are people who do not have nothing but compassion for their fellow Malaysians. See the various ethnicities gathered here to defend the villagers homes!

See the rage in the eyes of this Malay MPAJ officer!

Is this the fellow Malay whom the Malays of Kg Berembang expecting to get any mercy from?

Where is the ‘semangat Melayu’ from this tough guy? He’d smash you before you can even say ‘Hidup Melayu!’ and beat you to a pulp for daring to stand up for the rights of the common citizen!

From all those buttons on his shoulder, he’s a first class merciless uniformed thug!

These are the Indians who dare to stand up to the Police and state their rights to defend the poor folks of Kg Berembang!

Malays out there! Look at who is defending your fellow Malays?

Is it Pemuda UMNO? Pemuda MCA? Gerakan?

Nahh.. they have bigger things to do. Like taking care of themselves and their pockets!

It’s only activists like JERIT who dare defend the villagers!

Here are the MPAJ goon squads!

Here are those who don’t give a hoot as to where the poor villagers are gonna sleep tonight and tomorrow and will only say ‘ We are just following orders!’

Where is the love? None to give!

Look at who is getting arrested because he tried to help the Kg Berembang Malays?

It is none but an Indian Malaysian who has the heart to defend his fellow citizens regardless of race or religious differences!

Syabas Mr Arutchelvam of JERIT!

Malays reading this report, take a good hard look at those whom some of the dimwits amongst the population call derogatory terms and insults against the Malaysian Indians as ‘keling’ and the Malaysian Chinese as ‘China Bukit’, etc!
These are the ones who have come forward as fellow Malaysians and have the ‘balls’ to defend the largely Malay squatter village of Kg.Berembang!

“Orang berbudi ; kita berbahasa!” Kawan ketika duka dan lara adalah kawan sejati!

Bukan macam pagar yang sebangsa dan seagama tetapi makan padi dengan begitu kejam dan lahap sekali!”

Meaning ‘ When people do us favors ; we reciprocate in return’ and ‘ Not as trusting the fence that is of the same race and faith but in turn devour the padi @ rice in such cruelty and unabridled gluttony!
I feel so angry and sad at the same time reading and viewing the destruction and cruel eviction methods being deployed by the MPAJ @ Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya and the use of the FRU @ Federal Reserve Units at the squatter colony at Kg.Berembang, Ampang, Selangor!

Kg.Berembang is located behind the Gleneagles Hospital, Jalan Ampang, Selangor. All these while, the squatter colony has been hidden from the public eyes by the grand private hospital building, a 5 star medical centre , usually the treatment centre for the nation’s Sultan’s, VVIP’s and the cream of the crop, so to speak!

I understand that yes, the land does not belong to the villagers and that development is due to take place there.

But what I am not happy about is the manner in which the eviction has been carried out so far where the MPAJ has gone ahead and bulldozed the homes of those people who have been living there since twenty thirty years ago! Activists protesting the highhandedness of the cruel MPAJ have been arrested and thrown into the lockups!

TVPAS shows the villagers expressing their hurt, their feelings and their grievances of being treated like trash by the MPAJ here!

The photos are sourced from JERIT and Malaysiakini.

May God bless them and also for the brave work they are doing for the people of Malaysia!
News is information and Knowledge is Power! Remember all these pictures and the pain of the people!

These people who have come and destroyed their homes are not ‘Keling Hindu’ or ‘China Bukit’ @ derogatory names that those Malays who are racist chauvinistic dimwits who at times will shout ‘Hidup Melayu’ whilst threatening to bathe their ‘kris’es with Chinese or Indian blood are today perplexed to see none but these two ethnicities come forward to defend their Malay kampongs from the heartless demolition team of their fellow Malay majority MPAJ @ Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya!
A Malaysian Indian woman gets arrested for wanting to protest against the demolition of Malay homes!
It is a gross act of injustice when local authorities spare the illegally built homes of the rich and infamous such as the ‘Dream Palace’ of Datuk Zakaria Mat Deros in the village of Pandamaran, a humongous structure jutting high above the village homes all around it ; yet are so hardhanded when it comes to homes of the poor villagers of Kg.Berembang!

What kind of a government do we have here in Malaysia? We go help others when disaster strikes our neighbouring countries and even go as far as Bam in Iran and to the quake hit mountain villages in Pakistan, yet we have corrupt and screwed up , recalcitrant local authorities like the MPAJ and MPK, cruelly destroy and crush the homes and belongings of the squatter villagers without giving them the alternative housings and allow them to move their belongings as they need to according to normal, decent, human to human courtesy!

Are they vicious, hardcore criminals, out to create mayhem and civil disorder that the FRU hve to be deployed to beat up women and children in their iron fist policies against poor villagers caught in a situation where they can’t spit nor swallow?

Is this the example of how a caring government under the rhetoric of ‘Islam Hadhari’ of the ruling BN government?

Where is the spirit of human compassion that is being touted by these bloody politicians who do not practice what they preach?

I for one can only ask Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to give those culprits their dues for victimising the poor people and treat them worse than criminals, by destroying the lifes and homes of such poor people living a hard life behind the facade of Selangor being one of the most developed states in Malaysia!

In their haste to demolish the squatter colonies, the authorities in the MPAJ and Selangor State Government have failed to exercise proper understanding and compassion towards the citizens of this state!

Where is the kindness they portray in the tv news sections and propaganda through the multimedia?

Where is the spirit of ‘Islam Hadhari’ that these hypocrites almost always showcase in all the clearly self glorifying shows and concerts that they hold every other day trying to fool the people that they are the ones who are advocating the empty slogan of ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang and Terbilang’ of the one’s who are the top guns of this gone crazy local authorities?

It is clearly an injustice when a local authority fails to rule and go about it in a manner befitting those who are carrying the trust and responsibility placed upon them by a government that is voted into power by all the citizens, both the filthy rich, the middle class and the very poor citizens of this country and from those living in abject poverty as those squatters in Kg.Berembang!

Never forget that those of you who are now in power will one day return to the earth!

Yes, those of you, who live in palatial mansions, clothe yourselves in rich , expensive materials, dine in 5 star comforts and splurge as you please whilst still alive will one day be dead and cold, lying stiff, awaiting burial by those whom you will surely leave behind!
Those of you who go and wallop the poor! The women and the children! The poor villager trying to defend his home, his wife, his children, his family from your batons and shields, is going to raise his hands to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and ask God to teach you who are cruel! He is going to cry to Allah and ask that Allah teaches you all a lesson!

Are you that great that you can go on and commit such gross injustice to your fellow citizens?

The people will know what to do come the fateful day when we shall decide where our votes go to in the next General Election!
If you all still remain in power, then the Malaysian people surely deserve you! Really!

People of Malaysia, wake up now to the harsh reality behind all the lovey dovey propaganda that is being pushed to us by ‘Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang’ spewing hard hearted ones in the MPAJ and State Government of Selangor!

They say that if you want to know whether justice prevails in the land, see whether only the poor get punished for being poor and the rich get away with everything?

To me, it surely looks like , justice in this land has been gang raped, sodomised and murdered! To top it all up, the perpetrators claim that they are innocent and the victims are the ones who violated them in the first place!No wonder the scales are lopsided all these while! Apathy Rules!

They have never been calibrated all these 49 years of ruling as they pleased! Tome to get new ones!May Justice be upheld in this country by punishing all the tyrants in power today! Ameen!

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