September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

UMNO’s Fear that Live Telecasts Exposes Their Weaknesses!

When Astro’s Channel 94 broadcasted live the telecasts of the recent UMNO General Assembly to our homes, I felt happy that at last, we, the citizens get to see and hear exactly what was taking place in the Merdeka Hall of the Putra World Trade Centre without censorship and editing of any kind!

In a sense, I was thinking that after all, Abdullah Badawi’s UMNO led BN Government had more integrity of not hiding anymore under its phalanx of ‘toe the line’ press and media!

I was impressed and felt happy that at last our country is getting out of the ‘political haze’ that has gripped this nation for so long!

I didn’t have to go trouble myself , travelling to the PWTC and seeing the delegates deliver their speeches and having to suffer being caught in the jostling crowds of people in the PWTC for Astro’s Channel 94 was doing a splendid job of delivering the gist of the UMNO General Assembly beamed through satellite tv straight into the comfort of our living rooms and homes!

Now, I hear Najib Tun Razak, saying that there are more negative repercussions from broadcasting live the going on’s of the UMNO General Assembly and that there should not be anymore such live telecasts in the future!

Whom did he ask ? If it is the UMNO Supreme Council members who feared that their performances weren’t up to mark and that the way some delegates from UMNO itself took to task the Ministers concerned and the way a Wanita UMNO Johor lambasted the wife of Datuk Effendi Nawawi, Datin Tiara Jacquelina for the obscene manner of dressing that the latter goes about in, not suitable for a Cabinet Minister’s way of appearance and embarrassing the Wanita UMNO folks, then it simply goes to show that UMNO wants all its weaknesses to be covered up and hidden from the public view!

If because the way some of the delegates showed that they have it in them to castigate the leaders of UMNO live on satellite television, then UMNO decides not to have its leaders grilled so, then it simply goes on to show that UMNO has many loopholes to cover and has lots of damage control to be done!

Najib Tun Razak is in line to lead this nation if and when Abdullah Badawi resigns from the Prime Minister’s post or dies in office!

If this is what we can expect from him when he runs this country, then the carpets of Putrajaya are going to swell with many more scandals and corruption cases being swept under them when he takes over!

Why do I say so? Well, the answer is so obvious isn’t it?

Even a simple thing as the recent UMNO General Assembly being telecast live seems to be poking the UMNO leadership in their backsides now ; whatmore when he leads the team after Abdullah Badawi?

All these while, UMNO has been having it easy when the media has been playing along to their whims and fancies and only showcasing the plus side of things to the nation’s view.

Media editing can twist and turn anything to portray a certain image to let the people think and view any given party as their saviours and those who are righteous.

I still remember how PAS was demonised by the BN controlled RTM and TV3 stations.

The Memali incident remains fresh in my mind when RTM through selective editing and kept being broadcasted over and over again and again, portraying PAS and its members as suicidal maniacs , hellbent in killing themselves and others.

The Police were caught in between these vile manipulations of the government controlled media and till this day and forever will remain as such until and unless the press and media are liberated from the shackles and clamping down on their management by the powers that be!

UMNO experimented with the live telecast by Astro’s Channel 94 in their General Assembly last week and found out that it is not to their advantage!

Najib and Abdullah Badawi found out that their delegates can be as religiously passionate as their number 1 enemies in PAS!

It must have given both of them a severe case of the shrinking of their manly attributes seeing how some delegates recited the Quranic verses and seemed to morph into PAS like ‘Ustaz’s and ‘Ustazah’s taking to task some of their ministers and associates such as Sisters in Islam through Abdullah Badawi’s daughter Nori who is a member of the SIS, and the way Effendi Nawawi’s wife was skewered and roasted live before the entire nation over her dressing styles and behaviour, plus one delegate’s call for UMNO and PAS to merge!

That was the ultimate scariest moment for them I think! They would definitely rather die than to go hug Datuk Hj Hadi and have him sit besides them in the UMNO Supreme Council, wouldn’t they?

Imagine Nik Aziz being there besides Rafidah Aziz and Sharizat Jalil with their mop heads sticking out in contrast with his ‘serban’ and goatee! Hahahahahaha! That would be the day!

So, ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow citizens! Looks like, it’s back to square one!

Live telecasts will no more be the thing for UMNO! You will from now on be fed selective ‘made for TV’ excerpts that will portray our glorified leaders in all their pomp and pageantry!

You will be spared the agony of having to experience live the straight talks, the salvo from the delegates to the Council de Supremo, the Creme de la Creme, the Elite above all the elites of our majestic society and the buffoonery that has all this while escaped us but allowed to slip through last General Assembly, tch tch tch!!!

Those of you who have had the opportunity to buy the VCD’s of the delegates speeches ,sold at the PWTC, hold on to them strongly for they are now priceless!

No more will Malaysians get to experience a similar ‘live from the PWTC’ the United Malays National Organisation’s General Assembly!

So, just keep those memories alive in your hearts for the UMNO Chifusans have had an aversion to the freedom of the press and prefer to stick their heads back into the sand ..or in this case ..the coconut shell …and feed you titbits as they please !!!

Live telecasts!…Rest in peace! In Loving Memory…Astro’s Channel 94…Hmmmm……

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