September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

UMNO General Assembly Scenes at the PWTC

I was at the PWTC this afternoon around 3pm today , just to witness for myself, what was going on there during the UMNO General Assembly’s final day.

As usual, the crowd was very colorful with all kinds of UMNO members dressed in their finest and everyone looking either busy catching up with all the speeches being broadcasted through the indoor giant multimedia projection screen complete with boom stereo speakers and tv sets placed all over the PWTC for the convenience of the UMNO members who came from all parts of the country or just being there to witness it all with their own eyes rather than watch it live on Astro Channel 94!

Being there ourselves is totally different than watching it on tv for we get to experience it all for real! Only thing being that unless you are a delegate, you can’t be in the main hall ! 🙁

The ladies were all sitting on a large carpet watching the giant screen in airconditioned comfort and an air of festivity prevailed!

They were all looking at the delegate who was speaking at at the moment and all looked engrossed in watching and listening to the speaker with full attention!

Male UMNO members were crowding the many VCD stands and also at the Riverside Cafe! There were many small groups of people congregating here and there all over the PWTC.

I guess this is the time to network and renew friendships and get contact numbers! Networking time!

Many a deal and appointments are secured this way.

Well, when politics is involved, it’s the same all over the world, right?

Kelantan UMNO’s Datuk Alwi’s speech was the hottest VCD being bought up by the public!

They say that the top leadership scout for new talents like these who have the gift of the gab during the general assembly!

Looks like Datuk Alwi will be going places after this award winning speech!

I especially loved his theatrical performances in describing how the mothers of today use the electric motored baby swing and ‘that’s the way ..ah ha ..ah ha.. i like it ‘stint’!

Man!..that was really funny! But his speech was not all comedy…there were times when his voice broke and the man was almost about to cry on stage!

He was on an emotional roller coaster and he was being honest! That’s why the national audience could relate to him on account of his heartfelt speech! Bravo Datuk Alwi!

Naik pangkat lah tak lama lagi ye? Apa apa pun saya ucapkan syabas!”

Well, the UMNO General Assembly is the place to make the right moves for those who are Malay politicians out to grab the best opportunities in UMNO and government!

It’s the connections that make any project get going and the closer the connection, the easier things will go!

I was approached by a political writer @ Rahim Zain who gave me a copy of his book that touched on the NEP!

He had been glancing at me ever since we both alighted from the Star LRT! I guessed that he recognised my mugshot from my blog! 😛

As the PWTC authorities weren’t allowing such political books to be sold openly by their authors during this year’s UMNO General Assembly, such writers are reduced to either hawk their books like the pirated VCD/DVD hawkers we find at the night markets of the nation or just give them away as a complimentary copy as he did to me!

Well, the climate at this year’s UMNO assembly is just listen ; no one is allowed to oppose the current Supreme Council and the PM or his team of ‘Ya Tuan Besar! Intan Payong! Yang Mulia, Ya Habibi’ chorus singers!

What were these political writers thinking in the first place in bringing their anti-estabishment works for sale to the UMNO crowd this year?

It’s not Mahathir’s era anymore! It’s time for Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang! to muzzle any attempts at making the main man and his team of ‘fans’ look any bad through their writings!

Even I am accused of being overly ‘critical’ of dear old Pak Lah! After him, will be ‘Pak Najib’ !

No one can say nothing and expect to get away with it! Lucky for me to not be a contractor of any class hoping to get any government tender or project at the current moment!

Pak Habib @ Syed Hussain Alattas was reported to complain about such a ruling by the PWTC’s admin and was also stopped by the guards from selling his books openly. And they say Dr.M was oppressive? Look at the way, things are this year at the UMNO Assembly!

Tch tch tch! Well, that’s what the implications are if political idealists and observers who are into writing political books and publishing their own personal viewpoints against the current leadership of UMNO and the BN are facing that by doing so, they are liable to be taken legal action against by whoever they choose to address their objections !

Anyway, thank you Brother Rahim Zain. Will read your book and let you know what I think about it. Keep on writing bro! Cheers! Power to the writers!

Maybe, we can expect to see political writers here in Malaysia who write advocating justice this and that to set up stalls besides the pirated VCD’s, DVD’s, fly by night mobile stalls in our nation’s pasar malams’s next?

Instead of the ‘lanun cetak rompak’ ; we will be seeing ‘lanun penulis politik pulak!’ 😀

Hmmmm…seems like it is just not me who is a ‘narcissistic touch me not’ after all! 😛

The entire UMNO Supreme Council have proven themselves to be regular ‘mimosa pudica’s’ in the truest sense!

Anyway, as PAS’s ‘bad news brown’ HARAKAH tabloid puts it , it’s ‘Pesta Puja Presiden’ all the way!

Why do I say that HARAKAH is a ‘bad news brown’ tabloid?

Well, the sheer reason that it’s headlines have always consisted of an insult or bad news lambasting UMNO ever since it’s been publishing it’s ‘newspaper’!

I will write about it in another post of it’s own. Insya Allah!

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