April 13, 2024


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Met fellow blogger Meriza Anna at KLCC’s Al Marjan

Last Wednesday, I met my friend and fellow blogger Meriza Anna at the Al Marjan Lebanese Restaurant in Suria KLCC!

Her husband Azrul was supposed to be with us but he had to send their Honda Accord to the workshop as they had a slight accident a day before!

Her fellow French Class colleague Iranian student Pooyan joined us for some drinks and chit chat.

I met Meriza to handover a copy of the English Translation of the Noble Quran which she had asked me for.

Can’t say no to her when I had just received a few copies earlier from the Islamic Councillor.

She needs it for her Study of the Qur’an so let’s all pray that she puts it to good use and improves her’s and her husband’s Knowledge of the Qur’an al Kareem. Ameen Ya Allah!

Insya Allah , if I have the means in the future, I will see to it that hundreds and thousands of such Qur’an Translations are printed to order and be made available for free distribution to each and every person who comes asking for a copy!

Pooyan is studying for a Masters in Business Administration. He seemed very much into himself and sort of had a very quiet demeanor about him.

Nevertheless, I sort of gave him a pep talk into being more positive about life and shared some info about Islam in the few minutes we had!

Overall, it was a good meetup and we parted our ways after our drinks! Au revoir madame!

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