September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Just to lighten up the moods! Chinese Engrish!

When everything else fails and you have no way out, help yourself to this Terminating Machine!

Gee!…Would they have picked it up from watching too many Arnold Schwarzenegger movies?

Beats me !!! Hahahahahaha!

What will they think of next?

This one’s a sure stinker! Talk about forgetting to flush! Hehehehehe!

Hope this signmaker never makes it to our shores!

He’ll surely mess up the nation’s R & R’s!!!


What a difference a misspelled alphabet can do!

Must have learned it from the Weekend Malay Mail!


Complicated cake!

I know that cooking is a real chore but this sure takes the cake!

Who is the fella screwing up our Chinese cake manufacturers?

Shoot the scribe! 😛

Acid food! Yes! Rightly said!

Dumpling stuffed with the Ovary and Digestive Glands of a Crab!

Wow! That’s sure an unappetizing menu!

Whack the chef! 😛


Hehehehe! Shakespeare must be rolling over in his grave choking with laughter!!!

Who teaches these fellas English?

Hang the man! 😀

Preese! Carefully fall into the river!

We do not want you to hurt yourself on the way down!


Half Past 8 Friend Changing Club!

Now, didn’t Tun Mahathir say ‘Half past six government?’

These fellas must have heard wrong! 😛



Just to lighten you all up after reading those stressful postings about the Bangsa Malaysia thingy and the SMS Caper!

Don’t really like to dwell on such issues but then hello! Life is what we make it out to be!

So Cheers! Let’s all ease up and learn about the Chinese Engrish!! Aiyaa!

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