April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Baptism of ‘Muslims’ in Ipoh SMS Caper and why Muslims Reacted So!

Assalamualaikum!Greetings brothers & sisters !
May peace be upon each and everyone of you!

I share your worries in seeing certain developments taking place in our nation especially where it involves instigative reports being sent by way of SMS in such a cowardly manner!

Let me share with you my personal thoughts about this phenomenon.

Malaysia’s Muslims are a very easily roused lot!

Yup! Never take them for granted that they don’t care about what’s taking place in this land and that they can be taken for a ride by others!

They are mostly people who do love their religion and will come together when necessary!

The irony is that it’s mostly a case where such devotion to the faith is sadly superficial ..let’s say for about 60% of the adherents who are trying their best to live up to the tenets of the faith ; the rest just give lip service to being Muslims.

They forget that they need to practice Islam in order to realise its benefits and if they don’t , they are no different from the Unbelievers!

This is true in major cities like KL, Georgetown,Ipoh, JB, etc. KL’s the worst!

One thing though that Non Muslims here must understand!
Malaysia’s Muslims who love Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and Our Last Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam will never hesitate to sacrifice their lifes and property to defend our Faith, Dignity and Honor of Islam!

This is just a personal viewpoint of mine after having lived here all my life!

I saw this happen in the Kg.Rawa Incident in Penang! Unforgettable!

True Muslims will come together when the sanctity and honor of our faith is at stake or being challenged!

Pictures courtesy of http://powerpresent.blogspot.com

During that incident, all Muslims came together and forged into an awesome force that saw members of UMNO, PAS, ABIM, JIM, Arqam, Tabligh and all other Muslim groups and societies rally together under one banner and one banner alone!

That banner was none other than :

It was a glorious sight for me to see and be in that sea of Muslims, all forgetting for a moment, our political differences, our ideologies, our egos and our nafs when we all realised that we had to defend our mosque and guard it’s sanctity! It made Muslims realise who they really were!

Tears streamed down our faces from our eyes as we all realised that we had no options but to realise that if we didn’t protect our holy masjids, none others will!

The atmosphere was simply electric! Salams reverbrated in the air as even political rivals hugged and embraced each other in the spirit of being united as one! One Ummah!!!

At that time and moment in history, all differences between the Muslims disappeared and vanished!

To those who do not know what I am talking about, you might think that this was just another rowdy rabble of troublemakers and goons out to create mayhem and destroy peace!

No sirree! It was just a manifestation of the awesome power of ‘Jihad Fisabilillah‘ that shrunk the balls of Islam’s enemies back in the folds of Time and that the Western powers are so afraid of to this date!

Why do you think the USA and its allies created the current syndrome of ‘Islamophobia’?

Back in the times of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, the small group of devoted Muslims comprising of just 313 men defeated the 10,000 over strong band of Quraysh Kaffir Arabs from Makkah in the Battle of Badr!

313 men overpowering 10,000 soldiers of the Quraysh Kaffir Arabs! How strong must their Eeman have been to be able to crush the mighty Quraysh Army! Masya Allah!

That’s what True Muslims are capable of once they discard the enmity against each other in their hearts and souls!

That’s why even to this day, the call for JIHAD scares the enemies of Muslims and the Western powers today, do all they can to subjugate and break down the Muslims to continue bickering and fighting against each other and the condition of the Muslims today are as prophecied by the Holy Messenger Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!

As long as Muslims remain disunited, mayhem will reign in their societies and they will be weak!

So, with today’s general political atmosphere with the UMNO Malays being at loggerheads with their PAS brethren and trying to outdo the other by championing ‘Islamic causes’ but which in actual fact are all pure hype and rhetoric, we have this uneasy situation which is more like a tinderbox awaiting explosion here in Malaysia!

Islam is being scapegoated for the political aspirations of the few at the top of each party!

Islam is in actual fact a very tolerant, peaceful, way of life that God Almighty Himself, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has revealed to us all by way of His Prophets and Messengers from Our Father, the Holy Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) right down to the 124,000 Prophets and Messengers sent to Mankind over the annals of Time!

If you do a study on Islam, you’ll find us believing in all the Prophets and Messengers mentioned also in Christianity and Judaism but completing with the teachings of the Final Messenger and Greatest of all of God’s Prophets, the Mercy of God for all Mankind, the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam!

So, in these challenging times, @ the Last Ages, the Muslims are finding each and every prophecy of the Last Messenger being fulfilled and taking place before their very eyes hence making them be defensive and trying to lookout for their faith and fellow Muslims!

Those who gather at such places out of being instigated or goaded into wanting to go protect their kith and kin from the interference of others like the Christian missionaries for example are just the mix and match rubble of some who are genuinely very concerned about such reports, some who are there just out of curiousity and some who are just itching for a fight!

There are such people in all ethnicities and creeds, won’t you agree?

Not that all who gather ready to riot are a 100% true blue champions of each other’s faiths.

Some are mere followers who do not really know what’s going on in the first place and are either roped in by the masses or just curious in the first place!

The reality is that unlike other faiths ; Islam is a one way ticket!

You do not have an option to reverse from your attesting that there is no God but Allah the Almighty and that Muhammad is the (Last) Messenger of God!

I wrote about this before; that Islam is not like a club membership where one can get out of if one doesn’t like it or doesn’t understand what the membership entails!

So, for those who want to be a Muslim, we welcome you by all means and will help you learn about your birthrights in Believing that There’s No Other God but Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and accept that Muhammad the Son of Abdullah is the (Final) Messenger of Allah and that he Muhammad is the Messenger of God sent to you and me and all the rest of Mankind!

Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) @ Prophet Eesa Alaihi Salam ,the Son of Maryam the Virgin is sent ONLY to the Lost House of the Children of Israel as their Messenger of Allah!

So, if you are not a descendant of the Bani Israel, you have no standing to be a follower of Jesus the Messiah @ Eesa Al Masih.

There are so many out there today who are beguiled as to taking the Holy Prophet and Word of God, Nabi Eesa Alaihis Salam to be the Son of God, the Lord Himself and one in 3 etcetera.

It is up to the individual to realise who’s who and what he or she really are and to know to whom, one actually must submit to!

It is important to be rational and wise in learning about all these and to just shoot off one’s mouth as one pleases adds further to the predicament we find our easily instigated society to be these days!

Lastly, I call upon my fellow citizens to exercise restraint and avoid stirring up trouble in this land for we have no other place to go where we belong rightfully!

All ethnicities and creeds can still live in relative peace and harmony here provided we be as the eggs in the eggtrays! Don’t you agree?
Each within their own space and areas yet so close to each other!

We can be as ‘Muhibbah’ as we want and live in peace as true Malaysians worth our name!
The world envies us! Remember that! Don’t destroy what we have by spreading rumours!

May the Almighty God guide us all! Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

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