September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

‘Bangsa Malaysia’ – It won’t happen! Face the facts!

Let us be realistic about certain things!

I suggest that those of you who are fooling yourselves about the romantic idea of a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ to go drink a cup of strong coffee or just go and wash your face and wake up!

‘Bangsa Malaysia’ will never come into being! To those who know the meaning of ‘Bangsa’ ; they will surely know that it simply means -‘Race’ or ‘Ethnicity’.

To come up with a true blue ‘Bangsa Malaysia’, one has to be a mixed breed comprising of all the major races here in our motherland!

To put it in a nutshell, anyone who wants to state him or herself to be a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ then their parents need to be having Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Orang Asli, etc genes running in their veins!

That my dear friends is the true blue ‘Bangsa Malaysia’! I am sure we already have a few of them, already in our midst!

We can all proudly declare ourselves as Malaysians! No one can deny us that! As long as we are born here on this land we call our home and motherland, we are all Malaysians and have every right to it except where we all know exists the divides between Bumiputera’s and Non Bumi’s!

By segregating the ethnicities , the incumbents @ Malays – or those claiming to be so, get to keep their hold over the ruling of this land as long as this Earth shall remain. They are just stating the obvious.

There will be those who will say that the Malays themselves were immigrants to this Peninsular many centuries ago and no one can deny history, can they?

The reality is that this Peninsular as well as any other continent or land mass has seen the emigration of humanbeings from all corners of the world and eventually we have the world and its numerous ‘countries’ as it is today.

All, a matter of the strong overpowering the weak and taking hold of the ‘ownership’ of the lands. This is the actual truth and you all know it! Look at Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan,etc!

In case there are out there some folks who do not have any idea of History, then please go back to your History books and check out the story of the Red Indians in America, the Aborigines in Australia and even check out mighty old England or ‘Great Britain’ as it was called before!

All those so called Land of the Free and the Home of the Braves are but stark manifestations of marauding occupiers and invaders who robbed the natives of their homes, lands and rights to live on their own lands and now reduced to being minorities or even as in the case of the Red Indians , come to extinction!

The Orang Asli are the true inhabitants of this peninsular, no one denies them that. But after Parameswara crossed over from Palembang in Sumatra, to settle down in the place he called Melaka, progress came to this peninsular. The Orang Asli’s preferred to remain as they were!

Eventually, Melaka became a thriving port and trade fluorished! Traders from all over the world came to do business in Melaka. If not for Parameswara, this peninsular will still remain as Papua New Guinea is today! Progress would not have come to this land!

The Orang Asli’s to this date still choose to remain in skimpy huts and hunt and forage in the forests for their livelihood save for some who have started to modernise their lifestyles and integrate into the society at large.

When the Portuguese Europeans came to invade and steal the riches of the Malaccan Sultanate, the Malays had to escape to other states and after the Portuguese, came the Dutch, and after them came the British!

The British however did bring progress to this land! Look at Penang and Singapore! All the infrastructures were built during the British Colonial rule!

If Penang had remained under the Sultanate of Kedah, it will still be overgrown with jungles and remain as a pirate’s lair! We can’t deny the advantages that the British gave to Penang and Singapore!

For over roughly 6 to 7 hundred years, the Europeans robbed and stole from this land! To this date, they continue doing so throughout the world! As I said, a classic case of the powerful overcoming the weak and meek! You can’t wish them away! No sirree!

Americans, British, European Union are all bloody robbers, thieves and invaders who have robbed so many ethnic people of their rights and ownership to those lands! That’s the reason why to this day, they monopoly the UN’s Security Council! Who’s security?

Their’s of course! To be able to continue rampage throughout the world as they please! To threaten to nuke any country that dares to defy them! They brought Imperial Japan to it’s knees, didn’t they?

They atom bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki! They carpet bombeb Vietnam! They devastated Afghanistan! They have and are still destroying Iraq! Baghdad, one of the world’s most ancient and prosperous city at one time is not recognisable from the way it was before, even during the tyrant Saddam Hussain’s dictatorship! Wake up and wise up O people!

Those who are blind to all the reality of world history can continue to daydream and demand for the status as ‘Bangsa Malaysia’! It won’t happen unless you have parents who are a mixed breed of all the prevalent ethnic races here!

So, stop this nonsense and get back to earning your living! No one is stopping us from seeking our livelihood are they?

Just do your thing and go build your mansions! Hahahaha! That was a fib! Hehehehe!

The people of Malaysia today are still better off than our neighbours who face natural disasters, ethnic warfare as in South Thailand, Ambon,Indonesia and many other hotspots around us.

Be aware of getting caught in the powerplays of those who are after power and position in this country!

Anwar Ibrahim is a classic case here! His story will remain forever as one who got played out so viciously by our former Premier, Tun Dr.Mahathir! Sheessshh!

DSAI has been exonerated and acquitted by the courts! Sukma , his adopted brother just got acquitted as well! What does that tell us about the Justice system in our beloved country? Think for yourselves!

Do know that in our nation’s political arena, there are those who are so corrupt, so devilish, that they might even be prepared to do as George W.Bush Jr did , in sacrificing thousands of innocent civilian life’s just to maintain their seat of supreme power in order to continue robbing the nation blind.

Classic example before us all, ‘El Dictator’ as he is called ->Tun Dr.Mahathir, with all his brilliant achievements, struggles, legacy,etc still gets skewered by those UMNO kingmakers, shadow cabinet, political bigwigs, to now being ostracised and sidelined by his party at the apex of his life! What do you say about that?

We also need to look at the example of the one who built the palace in the midst of the village to realise that if you pull him out, an attachments of strings and ropes connecting to so many ‘Who and Who’s in our local and state government’s will be following up after unearthing him that they want to quickly bury the fella again and put up a ‘Do not disturb’ sign for him!

“Cable very strong maa”! Not easy to disconnect! 😀

DAP might mean well , to see ‘integration’ take place by emulating Lee Kuan Yew’s call for meritocracy and all that BS!

The reality is that, down under in Singapore, we hear the Singapore Malays crying ‘foul’ for LKY’s excesses in denying them their rights etcetera!

So, dear brothers and sisters, please wake up to the reality facing us. We do not need to fool ourselves into branding us as this and that!

I can safely vouch for us by this brand! We are all the Children of Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam!

Yup! You and me, we are no less than any other being here on Earth in humanform!

Whether you are a Malay, a Chinese, an Indian, a Punjabi, an Orang Asli, a Dusun, a Kadazan, or whatever your skin color, your eye color is, you are a descendant of the Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam and we are equal before God Almighty save for our Faith in Him and as to what we have done and are doing here in our lifetime on Earth!

This is the reality! Those who think otherwise, no worries! When it is time for us to return to the Creator, we will find out for ourselves! Instead of harping and narrowing ourselves to just
‘Bangsa Malaysia’ , let’s all be the best that we can be by being ‘Bangsa Manusia’!

Now, no one can deny you that, can they?

May Peace and Salvation of Allah be upon us all! Ameen!

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