September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

‘Terlajak taip boleh ‘delete’ ; terlajak ‘Enter’ tak boleh ‘backspace’

So, the Malay Mail apologises!

The thing is the damage has already been done!

Whatever credibility the tabloid has been establishing for itself over the years goes down the drain, the minute it’s editors chose to print such tasteless articles!

In these times, if Malaysians really need to discuss about such things, there is already the worldwideweb, here on this internet!
Anyone who has access to the internet has access to all the info it contains. The good, the bad and the uglies are all available at the click of a button!

Sex is not something that is so ultra secret that a national tabloid such as the Malay Mail has to soil itself with in the first place.

There are already many ‘dime a dozen’ thrashy magazines littering up the newstands and ‘mamak’ bookshops!

Only sickos and those looking for cheap thrills will go read such drivel! Mature responsible adults do not have to read up on such stuff which we already do know and enjoy within the confines of holy wedlock as per the generations before us.

Those responsible for the publishing of the offensive articles ought to be punished accordingly!

In these times where honor and a sense of decorum is fast being eroded by the already going decadent lifestyles that many ignorants among the masses are aping without knowing the consequences of doing so, this unwarranted publishing of the Malay Mail just puts me off from buying the tabloid any further!

I used to appreciate it’s different mannerisms of journalistic write up and bought it whenever I saw an attractive headline on the tabloid, but yesterday’s boo boo is just my reason to say ‘bye bye’ to it from now on!

My header for this post says it all in typical Malaysian style :

‘Terlajak taip boleh ‘delete’ ; terlajak ‘Enter’ tak boleh ‘Backspace’!

Time to face the music ..or in this case ..the ‘repercussions’ from your actions! Hammertime!

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