September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Blame it all on the architects! UMNO Exco’s New Game!

It must be real tough to be an architect nowadays in Malaysia!

Imagine getting screwed by those rich and infamous and being blamed for not getting things properly settled according to the rules and regulations of this nation for ‘forgetting to submit and get approvals for the building plans’ of mega dwellings for the wealthy Exco’s and Top Guns of UMNO!

Tch! tch! tch! Really stupid maa…how can one be an architect aa for forgetting the cardinal rule of building anything?

One must have the building plans submitted and approved by the local authority right before even a pile is driven into the grounds! What more of all the necessary utilities and supplies to such houses by the various government departments and agencies, right?

We are talking about electricity supplies @ TNB, water supplies @ SYABAS, sewage disposal @ INDAH WATER CONSORTIUM, telecommunication supplies @ TELEKOMS, roadworks, drainage @ JKR, etcetera!

All these departments must either be so stupid as not to ask for the relevant documents and submission of the building plans if they have been approved in the first place before joining in the building works and infrastructure, wouldn’t they?

I mean, even the local pakcik, apek or ayya would know to go get approval before building anything in their own backyard wouldn’t they ? What more State Assemblymen and Local Municipal Councillors who are in the very first place, examples to be followed by the local public?

So, being an architect today is not really a profession to be proud of , right? It sure must be embarrassing to introduce oneself as being an architect for the 3 classic examples here sure do not elevate this glorious profession to the stage it should be by their being lambasted as being the root cause of all 3 evils!

Better change profession now….hmmm..what shall I be? Engineer, doctor, magistrate?

Brings to mind, the character of Nyonya Mansoor in P.Ramlee’s ‘Ibu Mertua Ku’.

Same old script! Nang buti nang…kui buti kui!…Architects nationwide are having nightmares!

Pictures courtesy of The Star Online.

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