September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

“Why did I criticize the Prime Minister ?” by Tun Dr.Mahathir

Here is a public statement by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad as to why he is still criticizing Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi , the current Prime Minister and his Government of Malaysia!

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It’s ironic isn’t it? The saga that is going on in our nation where a former Premier is so steadfast in his mission to expose and take to task, his anointed successor , the current Premier day in day out without a lapse!

Talk about being dogged in his mission to slaughter the current national # 1 leader whom he @ Tun himself selected from all other Cabinet ministers to take over from him in October 2003!

The scenario does not augur well for this nation!

Things are going to get much more dirty with more exposes of scandals and the airing of more dirty linen by the main players in this national political theatre!

We all know why Tun is still going for the jugular of Abdullah Badawi!

Abdullah Badawi has reneged on his promises to Tun Dr.Mahathir not to disturb or let Tun’s pet projects to be cancelled or deferred by the Malaysian Government!

I do not think that Tun Dr.Mahathir is doing all this because he needs the money from those cancelled projects.

For all we know, all the Cabinet ministers both past and present are already well flushed with billions of ringgits in their accounts from all the connections and projects they have had a finger or two in.

This ongoing ‘drama swasta’ is more consistent with a ‘Battle of the Ego’s’ between the former and the current Prime Minister’s.

To say, that this is a classic case of the ‘pot’ calling the ‘kettle’ black is just too simplistic in it’s entirety!

This is a case of the sole surviving former Prime Minister of Malaysia not being accorded the servitude and show of gratitude by the current ‘Mr.Clean’ Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi who has been exposed to be not that ‘squeaky clean’ as all imagined him to be!

Hello? Who is there in politics who is a 100% clean and free from all the ‘ism’s?

Nepotism, cronyism, kiasu’ism, ego’ism, sapu’ism, ngap’ism, cuci bersih’ism, and all other self enriching ism’s?

We see classic exposes of a one term, two term local ADUN’s building palatial mansions as they please without a care to the rules and guidelines of the country!

These are just State Exco’s and we see such fellows be able to build palaces within a short space of time after coming into power and position!

Just imagine, the awesome riches and wealth that those who have been in the Cabinet can accumulate after being there in the ruling elite for a decade or two?

I don’t have to name names but you all know who have been warming the ministerial seats for 20 over years and are dinosaurs from Mahathir’s cabinet!

Is it any wonder why Malaysia is where it is and natural resources less Singapore is already leaps and bounds up above our nation’s standards of achievements?

I for one am not saying that Tun Dr.Mahathir is free from sins and excesses but the old man has a firm footing as to the causes he is hurling at Abdullah Badawi’s face and accusing the PM of!

We can all just say that both chaps are just the same and that none of them are really sinfree but we also need to realise that whtever these two do will and has an impact on our lifes!

Let’s just keep our eyes on them and monitor the latest episodes in this ongoing political drama taking place before us.

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