September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Iraq : The Real Story! A video by Guardian Films & BBC

Iraq: The Real Story
Video: GuardianFilms and BBC Newsnight

Sean Smith, the Guardian’s award-winning war photographer, spent nearly six weeks with the 101st Division of the US army in Iraq. Watch his haunting observational film that explodes the myth around the claims that the Iraqis are preparing to take control of their own country.


The arrogance by the American invaders is exposed so clearly by this video!

Imagine the preposterous assumption by the US terrorisers that the Iraqis will just kowtow to them and let them occupy Iraq without resistance!

Will any self respecting nation allow any foreign force to come mess up their lifes and their country?

Will the USA, UK and their gang of thieves allow any other nation to come invade their homes and do nothing to chase out the bastards from their lands?

Will you let anyone simply barge in to your residences and occupy your homes?

Will you simply cower in fear and let any intruder cause harm to your loved ones?

Any self respecting man will never keep quiet when his family , his home and his country is being invaded and occupied by these foreigners who are just interested in taking away their country’s wealth and riches in the form of petroleum’s earnings!

Things were a bit better when Saddam was in power; not really just and fair to all as all would have liked it but after the US invaded Iraq, it is even so much more worse and a hellish existence for the people of Iraq!

655,000 lifes have been lost due to the invasion by America and the UK!

See for yourselves what the Americans have done to the Iraqis and dishonouring the Iraqis in their own homes and lands!

Will you allow them to do the same to you?

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