March 21, 2023


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Speak Mandarin and Get Ahead in Life! Really!

Do you speak Mandarin? A popular question that interviewers here in Malaysia are asking the job applicants!

Yes, you can speak Bahasa Malaysia very well!  Ahh…and your ‘Manglish’ is passable! But if you do not know how to speak in Mandarin as well, better be prepared to kiss that job interview goodbye!

The reality is that if you do not know how to communicate with your employer if he or she is
Chinese, then there’s a very limited opportunity
for you to secure that job opening!


The majority of the employers in the private sector of Malaysia are Malaysian Chinese. If you want to have an edge over the other job applicants, then naturally, you would want to have an ‘ace up your sleeve’ so to speak.

What extra capabilities do you have that will make the interviewer shortlist you and prefer you over those cute, fluttering eyelashes graduate or that handsome good-looking fellow holding a Masters or whatever?




Communication skills nowadays is the clincher that can make or break your chances of getting that secure job you have been looking for all this while!

No matter whether you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, Caucasian, whatever. It is important that you equip yourself with the best Hanyu @ Mandarin language skills!

Call 6-03-21711776 and speak to either Miss Wan Ting or Miss Ying Kuan to book your free trial class today.




Tell them Mr. Zainol recommended you. Book your seats early so that the ladies can slot in your appointment accordingly.

You don’t have to pay a sen! Just turn up early! Where else can you get to experience such a trial class which can be the turning point in your life!

Look! Even if your present job doesn’t need you to converse in Mandarin, imagine the tremendous advantage Mandarin can give you in your social life, business networking, dakwah activities and general life?
You only stand to gain many more benefits!

You will gain more friends, be the life of the community and will be sought after very much by all those who come to know that you can speak fluent Mandarin as well apart from the Malay and English that you know.

Your life will definitely improve by leaps and bounds! Believe me!

Call that number! Book your seats. Bring your friends along! Or your boyfriend or girlfriend, or sweetheart, darling, sayang or whatever! 😀

It’s the first step you need to take in order to master Putonghua, the best standard of Mandarin in the Chinese world!

Another thing, if you are concerned about whether you will be any less Malay or whatever your ethnicity is, don’t waste your life worrying about it!

Learning Mandarin is acquiring another communication skill. You will always be yourself; your skin won’t change color, I promise you ..unless you get Michael Jackson’s tips on that! 😛

All my best wishes to you. Xie xie. Zai jian.

Hendak seribu daya ; tak hendak takkan berupaya’!

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