September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

North Korea’s Nuclear Test-Spawn of USA’s Arrogance!

Let’s face it! The world today is edging towards a nuclear holocaust! Each and every nation on Earth wants to have nuclear weapons in their arsenal!

None wants to be left out in joining the ‘big boys club’! It’s the ‘in thing’ to go nuclear these days!

From the Zionist Israeli’s rogue regime occupying the lands of the Palestinians, many EU and NATO countries, India, Pakistan, former Soviet Union republics, to the USA and UK, and the latest, the poor man’s land of North Korea!

All this clamouring to be a nuclear power nation stems from a general feeling of insecurity and fear of being invaded and occupied by the USA, UK and their Legions of Doom, the EU bloc.

As long as you have a nuclear warhead capable of inflicting the same amount of devastation upon your enemy and attacker, you won’t be bullied by the world’s terror # 1 and his gang!

A classic case of ‘you whup me; I’ll whup you!’. No pretext about it!

The latest Nuke ‘Em Club membership applicant is the Asian upstart nation of Kim Jong-II, who for years has been showing the finger to George W. Bush Jr. and his posse.

Doesn’t matter that famine is the order of the day in North Korea and its citizens are still living in the Communist system that sucks them dry and feeds the ego and vanity of it’s slightly ‘off centre’ leader!

Doesn’t matter that all those money being spent on building up a nuclear power status could be better spent to feed the hungry and improve the country’s economy and help it’s people, North Korea seems to be a classic case of being forced to beef up it’s military because it fears the danger of the world’s Bully # 1, invading it’s borders and destroying the country as what has happened to Iraq and Afghanistan!

Iraq has oil ; so we can understand why it is being occupied by the # 1 hypocrite ‘Operation Iraqi Liberation charade ‘freedom fighter’ superterror, the US of A!

What the hell has Afghanistan got that the USA is so adamant in occupying the nation? Ahhh…I forgot!

The land base from where it can attack the other Middle Eastern nations! They need the dirt poor Afghanistan nation to be their refuelling depots, tactical and logistics base from where they can launch their fighter jets and bombers from.

They need Afghanistan to be their Operations Base from where they can initiate and execute their bombing missions, reload and reobliterate any resistance arising from the Muslims Mujahideen, having been accomplice and the orchestrators of the ‘Afghan Resistance’ that drove out the Soviets from Afghan soil before! Devilishly clever Wacko Bush!

So, now we have the North Koreans jubilating over their nuclear capabilities! You can’t touch them now! For if you do, you’ll get an intercontinental ballistic nuclear warhead on its way to nuke your cities and country just the same!

So, the emergence of North Korea as another nuclear power is the result of the Western nation’s bullying of countries that do not have the deterrent nuclear arsenal in their defence capabilities.

Now, anyone wishing to bully and disturb the poor man of Asia will have to consider getting ‘whupped’ by the North Koreans. We can sort of liken it to a case where they don’t mind going hungry and remain free instead of getting fed but then left to bleed by being invaded by the US and it’s gang of thieves!

Matter of honor and self dignity taking place over the needs of the tummy! They’d rather go hungry and poor instead of getting massacred by the American State terrorists under its worst gone ‘el loco’ joke of a President as he has done to the Iraqis and the Afghans!

North Korea’s becoming another nuclear power is a direct result of the USA’s bullying of the world and the lack of any other nation to take them to task!

The Muslim nations under the OIC are like the eunuchs of old, castrated and powerless to even defend their fellow member nations as shown by the lack of backbone of their current leadership (Malaysian PM) and the missing ‘spirit of Jihad’ that used to scare away the enemies of Islam in days gone by!

Lebanon got bombed to bits by the Israeli Zionists regime and the OIC just stuck their heads into the sand and their butts way up above ready to be sodomised by the regime and its patrons , the USA and UK proper!

North Korea isn’t ready to be a victim like the Lebanese hence their doing what they have done!

If you don’t want to be assaulted and victimised by the bullies, you better get yourself armed and loaded with a few nuclear missiles ready to sock it to them if they dare touch you!

As MC Hammer said it ‘You can’t touch this!’

Now, if it had been Iran who have done this, America would have already launched WW3 on them by today!

Yes, no more threats, no more pretences of using the UN to teach the Persians a lesson!

Teheran would already have been ‘bombed back to the stone age ‘ to borrow Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s sharing of the threat the USA threatened him with if he didn’t kowtow to them!

This is the hypocricy of the Bush regime. He will go all out to obliterate any Muslim nation if they ever dare to go nuclear and stand against his plans of world domination!

You do know this, right. Well, that’s what I think. Call a spade just that.

North Korea is now ‘off limits’ to the bullies. Don’t dare touch ’em now. Comprende?

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