September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Not In Our Name-Americans want Bush to Step Down!!!

Americans are waiting no longer to see the Bush Regime to be removed from the White House in Washington!

Nationwide petitions and protests are being organised to oust the most hated President in American history!
Thousands of American soldiers have found out too late when they are killed by Iraqis freedom fighters that one does not go invade a country and expect the people to roll over and shower them with rose petals and kiss their cheeks welcome!
Here are some of its soldiers protesting against Bush after they have returned from their tour of killing in Iraq!
Many of them return home to find their families in worse conditions and many suffer as a result of one screwed up American President’s ego!

PDF posters and petitions such as these are being circulated and published in major American newspapers to garner support for their cause!

I came across the website called World Can’t Wait and also this website

What do all these websites and petitions signers have in common?

They are all Americans who have had enough of the excesses of George Wacko Bush Jr who has made
America the most hated country in the world and has caused Americans to live in fear of travelling out of their country for reasons that the world’s population do not welcome them as a result of the USA’s policies and atrocities worldwide especially in the Middle East !

Americans are voicing out that they can take it no more!

Click here : to download the advertisements they have published in major newspapers to protest George W.Bush Jr’s handling of their nation!
It’s scary when a government can orchestrate a murderous incident such as what took place on 9-11 and kill thousands of its own citizens just to unleash their plans to wage an offensive against oil rich Iraq and bomb Afghanistan, a poor country even poorer and cause so much unnecessary loss of life and bloodshed in the name of ‘freedom and justice’!

What kind of a cockeyed version of justice is that?

People of the world are now wiser to all the propaganda warfare the USA’s Government under George W Bush Jr tried to brainwash everyone to accept!

Click on the fraudulent dollar bill here to get urls of websites that expose facts about 9-11!

We now have before us data and info from reliable sources who expose the 9-11 deceptions!

Click here to watch Americans speak against this maniac! Does Bush have any sense of shame?

History will definitely remember this turning point in human history where one regime in the White House is being hated like no other for their crimes against humanity and scapegoating a faith in their plans of world domination!

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