September 23, 2023


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RM18.00 Nett Ramadhan Buffet Kafe Orkid -Fuyoo!

Yesterday, on my birthday, my missus told me that we should celebrate by going for a ‘Buka Puasa’ at the Orkid Kafe , No.12, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50350,Kuala Lumpur.

I did a double take when she said that their Ramadhan Buffet is only RM18.00 Nett for an adult and RM10.00 Nett for a child (3 to 12 years old).

Still feeling a bit sceptical because in today’s time where can we ever find a Ramadhan Buffet that cheap ; I dialled up the given number –03-2692 5555 on the flyer.

A girl answered the phone (must be the Orkid Hotel’s receptionist) and when I asked for the Kafe, put me on hold while she transferred the call.

I then heard a friendly voice answer the call and he identified himself as Charles, running the kafe.

There’s a picture I took of him below. Charles promptly took my reservation for two and gave me directions to the hotel.

You can’t miss it actually. Just after the Coliseum Theatre, you slow down and drive up your car up the ramp onto the parking space right in front of the kafe.

There’s limited basement parking beneath the hotel but other public parking areas behind the building available.

I was satisfied with the service and the ambience of the Orkid Kafe and have no reservations in recommending you to go break fast over there.

There were many other families breaking fast there with us but I didn’t snap any photos of them having their meals because I felt it’s not polite to take photos of strangers having their meals. Anyway, the courtesy shown by Mr.Charles and other staff of Orkid Kafe made it worth our while breaking fast there. The food was excellent and all were traditional Malay food and delicacies.

We had a sumptuous meal and among the food served were Dates, Mexican Salad, Ulam + Sambal Belacan, Curry Laksa, Mango Fried Rice + White Rice, Peri-peri Chicken, Lamb Chop (Cutlet) with Rosemary Sauce, Sambal Prawns Petai, Vegetables, Ikan Kembong Bakar + Air Asam, Assam Pedas Ikan Merah. Kuih Ketayap, Karipap, Bengkang Lapis, Pulut Udang, Bubur Kacang, Syrup Bandung, Cut Mixed Fruits, Tea and Coffee!

All that for just RM18.00 Nett. I thought this year I wanted to give the Ramadhan Buffet’s a miss but here comes this new Orkid Kafe making me an irrestible offer! Go check them out! 🙂

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