September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Islam is your birthright – Part 3

Another question that many Non Muslims especially those coming from the Western nations are always asking is ‘ Why Islam is against the gays, homosexuals and lesbians? 😛

Pretty touchy subject especially in Ramadhan , don’t you say so?

Well, it’s all a matter of how one explains it!

Like the Malay parable of old : ‘Bagaikan menarik rambut dari tepong! Jika disentap akan terputus rambut tersebut dan tepong kan berselerak! Maka hendak lah berhati hati menariknya!’
meaning ‘ As pulling a hair from the flour ; if you pull it hard, the hair might snap and scatter the flour! We should pull it with care!

The above parable signifies handling a touchy situation with the utmost of wisdom and care. So how do I as a da’ee handle this nitro-glycerine like question? 😛

With wisdom and a touch of wit! Hehehehehe…

I will see if there’s a 3 pin wall socket nearby (if I am in the masjid or any other building where electricity is being supplied and the wall has the electrical sockets and any fan or electrical appliances plugged in).

I will draw their attention to the 3 pin plug (a handphone battery charger would do a perfect job but the 3 pin plug example will do).

I will say ‘ Okay, let’s say this plug represents a male. Now this wall socket represents a female.

If we take this plug and push it into the socket, it will fit in snugly. Agree? A perfect fit, right?’

Naturally, all present would nod their heads in agreement. Good. 🙂

I would then say,’ So is the reason God created us mankind as male and female. We complement each other. Right?’

Again, we would have bobbing heads all around, just like those dolls we see which go up and down when we give them a slight push! 🙂 Wonderful!

‘Okay, now that we have this plug fitted in nicely into the wall socket, we need to flip on the switch to make the electricity flow and work the appliance to which the plug is connected, don’t we?’

Again, everyone would naturally agree…unless we have a smart alec or a real ‘don’t know what’s happening ‘ kind of person with us! 😛

You see, to me that electrical supply represents blessed holy matrimonial ties. I use it as a symbolism to show how holy marriage is important to us.

Without the electricity running through between the plug from the supply coming from the wall socket, this union between the plug and the wall socket would not make the appliance work. So we need to have electricity.

Of course , in real life , people are committing adultery and out of marriage sexual relations just for satisfying their lusts but I am using the example above to illustrate the importance of marriage and the need for mankind to stick to God’s Masterplan for us.

Remember, I am trying to answer why Islam forbids homosexuality and lesbianism.

Okay, since I have explained the reasons and symbolism between the plug representing the male and the wall socket representing the female and have established the agreement that that union is a perfect fit and is to be used exactly in the manner to which both appliances have been created to be used as in the first place!

Just as how Our Father, the Prophet Adam Alaihis salam was created as a man with all his attributes and then Our Mother , Saiyidatina Hawwa Radhiallahu Anha was created by Allah SWT with all her attributes making a fitting match and biological mate to him.

From what I learned from my Sufi masters, before Adam AS could touch his mate Hawwa (RaHa), he was asked to take ablution from the Al Khawthar Pool in Paradise and then was married off to our Mother Hawwa (RaHa) with Archangel Jibreel Alaihis Salam as the Kadhi, Allah SWT as the Creator and all the Malaikats (Angels) as the witness to the Nikah!

Hence, our Parents, the Biological Source of all Mankind were joined together in Holy Marriage before God, Allahu Akbar and witnessed by the Malaikats.

Those who learn Tasawwuf might come across this info from their Masters and Syaikhs. Each might differ a bit in their ways of knowledge but the root source is the same.

Adam AS was legally married to Hawwa RaHa before he could consummate his marriage with her by sexual intercourse.

We all learn how circumstances led them to be expelled from the Heavens and they came down to Earth separated from each other. Our Father Adam AS landed on Mt.Kandy in Sri Lanka and to this day, marks of his footprint are embedded in the granite block atop the mountain and preserved by the Buddhist monks there. The place is called Adams Peak and as the Sri Lankan Buddhists are the ones owning access there, they are the ones protecting the place.

We got to see footage of the marks left by Adam AS in the video documentary of Jejak Rasul, a TV3 program.

Tasawwuf knowledge tells us of how Our Father Adam AS cried tears of regret for years and years and how his tears turned into the various gemstones found in Sri Lanka and mined to this days.

Spiritual knowledge and ‘logical reasonings’ often collide in mankind’s attempts to rationalise each and every thing and matter before us today. Scientists and researchers still are baffled as to the reality of the unseen world and attribute such matters as being ‘paranormal’.

Easily dismissed off as ‘unexplainable’. Even surgeons and medical doctors when exhausted of any other options or actions to be taken in treating their patients will often throw up their hands and say ‘It is now in the Hands of God!’

So are the teachings of Tasawwuf. It is only understood or conceived to be understood by those who come to learn and acquire such knowledge based on each person’s perceptions.

Back to the subject matter. Our Mother Hawwa RaHa was brought down to Earth in what is now known as the Plains of Arafat, Arabia.

After a certain period of mourning in repentance by both Adam and Hawwa, they met on Jabal Rahma near Makkah when Adam AS travelled from Ceylon @ Sri Lanka, passed through India , and other lands till he reached his wife, Hawwa RaHa at the top of the Jabal Rahma.

Both cried tears of joy upon seeing each other and they set up home near the place where now stands the Holy Ka’aba. Adam AS was commanded to build the first Ka’aba by Allah SWT and he raised up the structure with the help of the Malaikats @ Angels.

After completing the structure, Adam AS was instructed in the manners of praying the solat by Jibreel AS and taught to circumbulate the Ka’aba counterclockwise whilst praising God Almighty as we see being practiced to this day by the Pilgrims to Hajj!

The foundation of the Ka’aba is said to be the most central part of Planet Earth. Why it is chosen to be so, is only known to Allah SWT.

The Ka’aba is not worshipped on its own. It is just a central focus point for us to direct ourselves to when performing our Solat from all corners and parts of the world.

Back to the subject.

I then will ask them (the visitors) as to what can we gain by taking two of those 3 pin plugs and rubbing them against each other?

Can we get anything to work? Surely not! Then I’d use the example of taking two of the wall sockets and try to rub them against each other! Could we make anything to work? Again the answer is negative.

I’d use the examples of how a man ; if he were to engage in homosexuality. Yes, he’d attain sexual gratification through such an abominable act of penetrating another man in the vilest place on a human’s body. His exit point for excretion.

Is there any use for such a disgusting act? Makes us want to throw up just writing about it!

The holy act of sexual intercourse which is the blessed way to conceive a child and from there to continue our forefather’s lineage and family history going back all the way to our Father Adam AS and our Mother Siti Hawwa RaHa.

Accepted and recognised by society all over the world as the lawful and legitimate offsprings as the result of a blessed marriage between so and so, the child can stand up with honor, self dignity and pride proclaiming that he or she is the son or daughter of so and so without shame.

We now turn to the act of lesbianism. A woman rubbing herself raw against another defeats the very purpose for which she has been created. Such disgusting behaviour also comes home to roost that nothing useful will arise out of that idiotic act save for sore genitalia and spent energy and wastage of their procreative essence.

I will then deliver the knockout punchline! Be ready for this. 🙂

I’d say to the one advocating ‘homosexuality’.

If your father had been a homosexual ; you would not exist here today, speaking to me!

You would not have been conceived by your mother for your father would have wasted his sperms into some other homo’s anal region and so would some other homosexual have deposited his sources into your father’s!

You would not have come to being! Do you agree?”

Any rational, sensible person would easily agree for it is the truth! TRUTH speaks louder than illogical assumptions etcetera!

End of argument as to the reasons why Islam forbids homosexuality! Period!

Now, I’d turn my attention to the one advocating Lesbianism.

“If your mother had been a lesbian, you would not be here! Right now! Speaking or listening to me. Agreed?

The person will again nod in agreement. No doubts, no if’s , no maybe’s! Straight for the jugular, so to speak!

“Your mother would not have conceived you and if she was a lesbian, that’s the end of the family lineage right up to her. End of story.

The family tree will come to an abrupt stop and end with the homosexual male and the lesbian female accordingly in each of their family tree and lineage!

It takes knowledge, wisdom and self confidence to be able to speak about such a touchy, sensitive and challenging subject to people we have just met a couple of minutes ago.

What more when it takes place in a holy place of worship such as a mosque.

It is therefore very, very important for anyone who wants to be a Caller to Islam, to be a person who knows how to deal with others and knows how not to offend anyone in the process of disseminating truthful information about Islam and defend his or her faith with wisdom, wit and humor whilst maintaining a proper decorum in doing it.

It takes years of practice, coming to terms with the human nature, learning to ‘rock and roll’ with the egos of the human being yet not forfeiting an iota of the respect and honor of Ad Deenul Haqq, Islam, the Way of God Almighty, Allahu Akbar, Al Aliyyul Azhim!

Never ever hurt anyone’s feelings by being insensitive and by being brash when carrying out Dakwah.

You are responsible to Allah SWT if you screw up by hurting the one who comes to the mosque seeking truth and knowledge.

Always be humble in your speech, be courteous and respectful to our visitors. Honor them and accord them the respect and proper courtesy that they deserve for they are our guests and as such deserve to be treated with love, understanding and the utmost kindness.

Insya Allah, God Almighty will open up both your heart and theirs with His Guidance and Knowledge, Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen.

I coined up this phrase to sum it all up.

‘Dakwah is like plunging your spear of truth deep into the hearts of those who are yet to learn about Islam, but to know how to withdraw that spear of realisation without drawing a single drop of blood, doing so!’
May Allah SWT Bless us all. Ameen.

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