April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Destroy first, rebuild later! The trend nowadays!

This whole freaking world seems rife with the trend by certain quarters to just follow their ego’s and go ahead with their destructive ways and insults!

Whether it is the Zionist Israelis rampaging in the Middle East or the current German Pope Benedict XVI @ Joseph Ratzinger spewing forth insults against the Holy Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam, the modus operandi seems to be the same!

The Israelis have yet to apologise to the Lebanese for destroying their homes and their lands.

Who’s footing the bill for ‘rebuilding’ the destroyed infrastructures of Lebanon?

Surely not the bloody Israelis! It is the other countries of the world who have to fork out billions of dollars to rebuild what the Zionist bastards bombed to bits!

Is Israel going to be made to pay compensation to the thousands of families who have lost family members , killed by Israeli bombs?

Israel has never been made to pay for its atrocities all this while!

I do not see it ever do so in the future! American tax dollars are being sent to support the regime, so they just do as they please , knowing well that the US will always be their cash cow!

The Unthinking Pope has after insulting the personality of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, and caused the whole Muslim world to react as usual and caused so much heartache to so many, only issued a lame apology for his insults.

And let’s not forget, the barbaric American and British State Terrorists wreaking havoc throughout the region of the Middle East under pretext of waging war against the ‘terrorists’ who happen to be ‘Islamic fundamentalists’, George Wacko Bush’s has yet to apologise to the Iraqis for destroying their lifes and their country!

From what we all know, American building contractors are going all out to secure fat contracts to ‘rebuild’ infrastructures destroyed by American bombs but now being repaid by Iraqi Oil!

America plans to wage war against Iran for daring to go against it’s ultimatum to stop building it’s nuclear facilities whilst they seem to be selectively blind to the 300 over nuclearheads arsenal bristling in the illegitimate State of Israel!

Who is the terrorists of this world in the real sense if not America and it’s Legion of Doom, the European Union of fascists and former Colonials?

Has any Arab country ever invaded America or Britain? The whole world knows that 9-11 is an inside job meant to instigate an all out attack against a dirt poor Afghanistan and eventually has managed to invade Iraq under it’s guise of getting rid of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein!

It’s been so many years since Saddam has been captured and imprisoned yet daily, Iraqis are still dying as a result of American occupation and the country has been plundered and being robbed of it’s oil riches by the American pirates!

Bush and his British lackey Tony Blair have through their orders to their armed terrorist armies murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Palestine!

Americans are being victimised by their idiot President who has goaded them into believing that the whole world hates them and hates their ‘freedom’!

Americans today dare not travel overseas freely for fear of being harmed if others get to know of their identities!

Who’s to blame for this situation if not that criminal in the White House? Bush is playing a mind game with his people!

He repeatedly keeps scaring the Americans of imagined and unfounded dangers from ‘terrorists’ etcetera whereas most people around the world couldn’t care less about what goes on in the Land of the Emasculated and the Home of the Brainwashed?

Who the hell gives a damn about how Americans destroy themselves by their lifestyle in their own country?

The rest of the world are being held to ransom by the Bush regime by threatening to impose this and that sanctions against anyone who dares to go against their imperialist plans and also threaten to invade and occupy any country who oppose their ultimatums!

From the looks of it, the Vatican seems to have joined George Wacko Bush Jr in his world domination plans!

We all know that Mankind are slowly inching their way towards a Final Showdown between themselves!

With such warmongering idiots in power in both Capitol Hill and now one trying to spark a religious showdown between Christians and Muslims today in the Vatican, it will soon come to realise itself!

Let History record the crimes of both culprits in the annals of time.

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