September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The Pope who pooped verbally! Tch tch tch! Damn!

We all know what has happened!

Pope Benedict XVI has been stricken with a classic ‘Diarrhoea of the Lip’ and probably also affecting his mental faculties in causing to poop a verbal assault on the personality of God’s Final Messenger, the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam in his ‘lecture’on last Tuesday, the 12th of September, 2006 in Regensburg, Germany.

Even Roman Catholics are bewildered and dismayed at such a boo boo that the Pope has done especially so during this very tense moments where relations between the Church and the Mosque is somewhat strained due to the warmongerings by the ‘Crusader Wannabe El-Presidente of the United States of America, George Wacko Bush Jr and his beleagured Deputy, Premier Tony Blair of the (former Colonialists) United Kingdom!

Someone has ‘Bean’ed’ an image of the ‘pooping’ Pope.

At this moment, I would like to just go with the flow in thinking that this episode of the Pope slipping up with such insults is just a mindless slapstick Bean like malady in his current post!

Let me apologise in advance if anyone is offended by the above image. It is there in the ‘political jokes’ section of

Muslims worldwide are pissed off at the Head of the Roman Catholic Church for his usage of ‘insulting words’ that accuse the Prophet Muhammad as being ‘evil and inhuman’ in the socalled ‘spread of Islam’ by the sword!

The Pope must either be ‘naive’ beyond words or plain irresponsible! I can use more abrasive words to describe what I as a Muslim feel about this simpleton who does not realise the implications and consequences of his verbal diarrhoea against The Greatest Man who ever lived!

But if I do so, then I would be no different from the Pooping Pope!

See the smirking Pope caught by camera. They say that a person’s eye reveals the internal self!
Do these eyes tell you about the real ‘persona’ of the Pooping Pope?

We, Muslims are surely at a disadvantage!
You see , when something like this happens, we can’t curse or swear back at the ‘icon’ of the Christian faith, the Blessed Prophet Eesa Alaihis Salam @ Jesus Christ the Messiah, whom the Christians worship as their God but who is another Mighty Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to us Muslims!

Never will any rational, knowledgable Muslim, male and female ever stoop so low as to go insult him, Eesa Al Masih out of vengeance or as a ‘tit for tat’ policy for he, Al Masih is one of our beloved Prophets of Islam!

As a result, Muslims can’t help but express their dismay, their hurt, their sorrow at yet another insensitive verbal assault against our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam this time by the current Roman Catholic Christian’s Head of their Church, Pope Benedict XVI @ Joseph Ratzinger, the ‘German Shepard’!

Just when I was writing about the closeness in faith between us Muslims and our Roman Catholic Christian brothers and sisters, here comes a show stopper or a ‘killjoy’ in the form of an unthinking head of a faith that is struggling in these times to get its adherents to continue striving hard to build up faith in God, as they believe Him to be!

Churches in England had to be sold or put to other uses for reasons of dwindling congregations or neglect as a result of less people in the west believing in their doctrine. When Muslims started buying up those neglected church buildings, the Church of England who got news of such purchases were so alarmed that they called upon the Government of Britain to stop such sales to Muslims.

One such sale is St.Anne’s Priory which was bought up by the Tariqah Naqshabandi Sufis for use as a mosque.

The rising number of Christians embracing Islam is also another cause of worry to the Church of England. Even the late Princess Diana’s plans to marry Dodi El Fayed is rumoured to have been the cause of her ‘tragic demise by way of a carefully planned assassination by a staged vehicle accident’ in France where both the beloved Princess Diana, the People’s ‘Queen of Hearts’ got killed together with her Muslim beau!

Imagine the situation if the ‘powers that be’ had let her live to marry an Egyptian Muslim heir to the Harrod’s owner , Al Fayed! The mother of England’s future king becoming a Muslim is strictly a no no to the Church of England and will be a cause of shame to them later!

Anyway, all that is based on rumours and heresay but the reality is that if she had lived and went on with her plans, Buckingham Palace will surely be in a fix and the Church of England left in an awkward position as far as the future King and Head of the Church is concerned with having a ‘Queen Mother’ turned Muslim!

Back to my topic. The Pope has pooped ‘verbally’ and he surely has ‘apologised’ to the Muslims of the world but the damage has been done. Whatever inroads had been made to foster a closer understanding between the Church and the Mosque has sadly been strained and almost to a severance of ties and goodwill by this insensitive verbal slip up by the Pope!

No amount of remedial wipe ups is gonna get rid of the stink he has caused to the people of the world by his verbal diarrhoea. Someone has tried to do just that. Explain the Pope’s situation here in his article in the New York Sun. But the damage has been done!

Someone better ship off a carton of mental ‘Chi Kit Teck Aun’ pills to El Papa.

With his CPU going haywire , he surely needs all the help he can get in remaining coherent and not go into verbal diarrhoea every now and then, so help him if you can! Chi Kit Teck Aun has kept Malaysians firm in their bowel movements for so long!

Looks like El Pooping Pope needs some! Fed Ex him some el pronto!

Arriba arriba andele andele!

Nang buti nang kui buti kui..aiyaa! (Hokkien phrase) Brother KTemoc would understand! 😛

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