September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

A Policeman is killed on duty! Does anyone care?

Mahathir Tawile, a 24 year old policeman was killed while being on duty whilst another is slashed by parang wielding robbers!

Where is the hue and cry from those idiots who are clamouring for human rights this, human rights that especially when championing the cause of those bastards who were robbers and got walloped by the policemen in the Putra Heights Police Station?

Are the policemen lifes insignificant? Do they not bleed and die defending the safety of the people of Malaysia?

Where are the human rights activists who shouted like hell and caused so much problems to those policemen who were just teaching those heartless animals a lesson to remember?

I just don’t know what this world is coming to?

This sick , screwed up world where the criminals are defended so earnestly by sickos whilst the very people laying down their lifes and who are bravely putting themselves in mortal danger facing such criminals are not given a damn by the very society they are defending!

The PDRM are also human, in case some idiots out there in society forget! They too have families, have loved ones, have wife’s , children, father’s, mother’s , sisters, brothers who love them and care for them and in this case of a young policeman who has died as a result of the criminals actions , is gone forever!

I don’t give a hoot about those 6 robbers including a RELA member who were gunned down by the police! They can burn in hell for all I care! Good riddance!

As for the late Mahathir Tawile, I pray that his soul is accepted by Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala as a Shahid, a Martyr who died defending this nation from vicious robbers and criminals!

May Allah SWT enter his Ruuh into Jannahtul Firdaus! Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen!

I say this to the PDRM, do not give a damn about restraining yourselves when confronting the evergrowing numbers of criminals in the country!

Shoot the bastards when your own life is in danger!

As for those who want to rob, rape, molest, intimidate and harrass the citizens of this country, be prepared to answer for your crime!

Citizens be prepared to defend yourselves and your families from mortal danger! It’s either us or them!

Do you want to risk putting your families and yourselves in danger in wanting to give face to the criminal bastards out there?

I know I am getting so bloody pissed off by the current trend of defending the criminals and giving hell to the very police officers who are risking their lifes in protecting us!

As far as I am concerned, only the criminally insane will go defend the bloody criminals who get caught and walloped by the police! Yes, only those who can’t differentiate between right and wrong can go so cuckoo in snapping at the heels of the policemen who are doing their duty and apprehending the vicious criminals!

How many innocent lifes have been lost lately due to the growing number of snatch thefts rampant nowadays?

How many young innocent lifes have been snuffed, limbs slashed and injured by those bastard snatch thieves?

How it has been reported and proven that these animals in humanform mercilessly grabbing the handbag or purse of our defenceless womenfolk who are viciously dragged onto the roads, getting slashed, getting assaulted by these criminals, who in turn are being championed by @#!^*%% human rights weirdos !

I really wish that these damned activists get a taste of being robbed and assaulted by those very criminals they are so vigorously fighting for one of these days! Yes, let them feel how disastrous it is to be robbed by those very animals they are defending!

Only then will we see them shouting a different slogan! You bet! Only then will they see that the law of nature is to defend the right and prosecute the wrong!

It doesn’t work the other way around! Only when they feel it for themselves, will they realise where is the sky and where is the cold,hard earth !

Justice sometimes needs to be experienced before one gets to appreciate it!

Yes, there are some screwed up individuals in the police force! I don’t deny that.

But, let me ask those anti-police and faultfinders out there in our going crazy society!

Is any group ever free a 100 % from some nutcases or individuals who react adversely out of sheer frustrations or circumstances?

Push anyone to the max and what happens? Surely the individual will snap and react!

That’s the plain truth unless the complainers choose to be blinkered in their cock eyed opinions!

Well, even in our own families, there are some stupid lunatics who give us hell so before you jump the gun and accuse me of being blind and supporting the PDRM whole scale, just consider the danger these lowly paid officers are facing each and every second of their lifes just to make sure that law abiding citizens of this nation get to sleep in peace and safety whilst they are out there facing imminent danger!

So, officers of the PDRM, know that there still exists citizens of this country who know how to appreciate the sacrifices you officers are making and have done for us.

I pray that Allah SWT protects each and everyone of you from the dangers posed by the criminals! Get them before they get you! This is my wish as a Malaysian citizen!

As for Allahyarham Policeman Mahathir Tawile, Al Fatihah! May you rest in peace! Ameen.

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