September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Proof of the Christians’ Covert Crusade in Malaysia

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I remember that this post generated a lot of feedback from our Christian brothers and sisters. I think it is good for Muslims and Christians to reach out to one another and establish a common ground to discuss and learn from each other.

You see, in my opinion, Dialogue is good but Interference is bad. I don’t think any of us Muslims will want to go disturb any of the Christians in the matter of their faith and so must they not interfere in ours.

The matter of Apostasy is to me an internal affair of the Ummah. Unlike other faith’s , there is no provision for a Muslim to go out of the religion. This is a reality.

One does not acknowledge God and then turn away from Him. This is strictly forbidden in Islam.

It’s one thing for a person to not practice his or her religion in private but to go out and announce his or her apostasy is tantamount to wanting to disrupt and overturn the institution of faith in society.

Due to the severe consequences of such an act that will cause mayhem and social dispute arising in civil disturbances and riots which in turn will lead to loss of life and cause severe harm to those caught in between, Apostasy needs to be kept in check and steps taken to prevent it.

The Christians are those whom Allah the Almighty has told us about to be among the closest to us in faith but for the matter of The Blessed Messiah, Eesa Alaihis Salam being misrepresented by them to be The ‘Son’ of God and worshipped as the ‘Lord’ giving rise to Syirik @ Associating with Allah, Rabbul Jaleel as the True God Almighty and the Rightful Master above all of His Creation.

I for one feel that it is only a matter of explaining to our Christian brothers and sisters about what we as Muslims actually believe and come to accept that we as the Creation must not go and worship another created being.

The Christians are generally good people who are both generous and good natured in the true sense but someway somehow, they are led into acknowledging a created being to being something he is definitely not ; that is to be God Almighty Himself!

What do we call this state? Delusion? Mental hypnosis? A pyschological state of affairs? What?

To be fair to the Christians, the Islamic world is sadly being divided up into so many groups and denominations ourselves!

Yes, let’s be fair. Call a spade just that! Today, the Ummah is so screwed up with so many factions, mazhabs, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, tariqahs, jamaat’s, etcetera!

What the Final Messenger of God, Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied 1400 over years ago has come to be realised today!

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that in the Last Days (present), the Muslims will be divided into 73 groups and all of them except the one upholding his Sunnah and staying in one Jama’ah will enter the Hellfire!

Lo! Behold each and everyone today jumping up and claiming that their’s is the one being on the true path of Islam and that they are the Blessed Ones! Hrmmmphh!

So, dear brothers and sisters, this is the sad reality both Muslims and Christians face today. Divided and confused about so many things and trains of thought and religious practices.

Almost with each passing day, there is someone, somewhere coming up with his or her own concucted story and version of being the saviour of mankind.

We as Muslims need to get back to the firm rope of faith in Allah SWT and His Final and Greatest Messenger, Muhammad al Mustafa, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

How do we do that? Let’s reaffirm our Shahadah with a solid and clear understanding. Let’s go back to what Islam really is and let’s dump the misbeliefs, the misunderstandings and misconceptions of our faith.

If we are in a Tariqah or a Jama’at, let’s be moderate in our following of the creed and do not get entangled in hero worshipping anyone else but Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

Respect and showing homage to our Syaikhs, Murshids, Amir’s, Maulana’s, Ustaz’s, Ustazah’s, Guru’s is an honoured trait and acceptable but do not go on and worship the person!

That is an act of Kufr and Syirik. Only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala is to be worshipped and held in awe. Created beings are just that. They are amongst the Creation and no matter how pious, how ‘alim, how ‘warak, the person is , he or she is just that ! They are a person. A created being; and as such they deserve respect and recognition but they do not merit to be worshipped.

This is the reality and we must never ever forget that for even a fleeting second!

If anyone deserves to be worshipped, surely it has to be the very Creator of us all Himself!

Those who study Tasawwuf will have come across the teaching that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala created each and everything on Earth from the ‘Noor’ of the Ruuh of His Blessed Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Spiritual knowledge like that is not easily fathomed by each and every being especially by those who grew up not knowing, not learning about such realms and planes of existence.

Even scientists and researchers are still discovering by the day, one by one, many conditions and situations that is so astounding and unbelievable that if we are to be transported back in time and show the people of those times, the advancements and technological inventions that we today take for granted, those people would take us to be magicians, conjurers, wizards and the very Devil himself for coming up with something that their minds could not imagine or perceive it to be as we do today, taking all inventions and gadgets in our stride for granted and do not wonder about all these new stuffs anymore!

So, what may be misconceived to be the ‘Lord Almighty’ by some is in fact just another being created by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

Instead of harping on our differences, Muslims and Christians ought to respect each other and sit down amicably to discuss and share each other’s points of view and come to a common understanding about Who God really is and what He is not!

That is preferable instead of setting up an IFC to interfere in another’s faith as some folks here in our nation are up to. That is strictly infringing on our rights as Muslims and we have no other options but to oppose it with all our might.

So, I say, let’s talk and discuss. Let’s build bridges instead of throwing bombs and barbs at each other.

Eesa Alaihis Salam is a highly respected and revered Prophet of Islam. No Muslim is a proper Muslim until and unless he or she gives due respect to each and every Prophet of Allah.

Christians ought to know that we do not deny Eesa Al Masih @ Jesus Christ and the fact that he was sent to the Jews of the ancient House of Israel!

As I recall reading in the ‘Bible’, Eesa Alaihis Salam @ Jesus Christ Al Masih is recorded as saying ‘ I was not sent but to the Lost House of Israel!’

My understanding of the verse above is that Jesus Christ @ Saiyidina Eesa Alaihis Salam, the Son of Mariam was sent by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala ONLY to the Children of Israel!

Only sent to the Jews and NOT to any other tribe of mankind! That means that all other persons apart from the Jews do not have the right to be followers of Eesa Alaihis Salam.

So, who is the Prophet sent by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to ALL Mankind?

It is none other than God’s Final and Greatest Messenger of them all, The Blessed Prophet Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Muhammad is Our Prophet. You and me, dear brother and sister. He, Muhammad, is the rightful Messenger of Allah the Almighty, whom we should follow and have faith in as Allah’s Messenger who is our Guide to seeking Salvation and Mercy from God Most High, Most Loving, Allahu Akbar, Our Creator.

I will follow up on this in my next postings, Insya Allah.

Let’s go back to my posting about the proof that there is a Silent Crusade by our Christian brothers and sisters in bringing us over to their way of thinking and ‘faith’.

Read the posting with a clear mind and do your own research whether what I have posted here is the Truth or just my own delusions.

May Allah SWT guide us All, Ameen!

Assalamualaikum to all fellow Muslim readers. Peace be to the rest.

I have been in the Islamic Information Services since 1990. I have met thousands of good people from the West who came seeking the truth about Islam at our Islamic centre at the Kapitan Keling Mosque in the city of Georgetown, Penang, which is my home state.

In Islam, we do not compel anyone to come into the faith. You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink! A classic proverb that explains it all so perfectly.

We do however make sure that once you believe in Allah, God Almighty, you do not apostate against God and we stick firm to the Hadith of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam and the Commandment of Allah the Almighty in stopping those who want to apostate from Iman towards Allah.

I used to have the Christian visitors sit with me and my friends in the marbled walkways of the mosque’s inner sections. We used to answer their numerous questions about Islam. What the principles of Islam are and why Islam makes sense. Some of those visitors had actually been on a soul-searching trip to our mosque for which they had been saving up for some time. Word of mouth by those who had benefitted from our information services at IPCI (Malaysia) gets around and these people really meant to come seek the truth for what it is.

Many a time we came across individuals who, after being with us for a couple of days, studying, researching and asking countless questions, eventually come to embrace Islam and Alhamdulillah, some took the Shahadah from me and my friends.

Eventually, these new Muslim brothers and sisters from the USA, Britain, Australia, Canada, etc., return home to their countries and pass on the message.

I have had people ask for us by name and they spend time with us in the mosque, learning about their birthright to be Muslims and being smart and intelligent, they end up taking Shahadah with us and in turn, go out to preach the truth about Islam, Allah’s Code of Life for all of mankind.

Today, we see Muslims being propositioned by Christian evangelical groups and missionaries relentlessly with a zeal that astounds us. Day by day, they seek out the weak, the poor, the sick, the destitutes amongst the Muslims of Asia and work their way in. Many of these missionaries work under guise of charities and relief effort workers.

By doing a bit of research, what do I find? Countless projects by the Christian Global Missionaries out with a purpose…to convert the Muslims to their creed.

Among those which I found are these:

Caleb Project: Malaysia & Singapore

John Mark Ministries: Pray for Christians in Malaysia

Prayer Profile: The Malay of Malaysia

They even have a 30-Day Study of Ramadan and its special meaning to us Muslims.

Their missionaries are encouraged to study the facts and figures of Islamic teachings yet use this knowledge to sow seeds of doubts and draw the weak and meek amongst the Muslims to “Believe in Jesus as the Lord Almighty”. Na’uzu billahi min zaalik!

Don’t believe me ? Click here and see for yourself.

It boggles the mind to see the extent to which these evangelists are going all out to rope in the poor, the feeble and the weak of faith amongst the Muslims. The Muslims of the world need to wake up to this strategy of the kuffar and put their affairs right.

Maybe the wandering Jamaat Tabligh’s of the world who waste their precious time “worrying” about Islam should come to their senses and instead of haranguing the Muslims, go after these missionaries. That would be a sight to see! A friend of mine by the name of Mirza aptly referred to the Jamaat as “Tablighones”.

The Prophet Muhammad left us a clear and complete message. A way of life enjoined by Allah ta’ala.

Now comes this group, innovating a system that is entirely thought up by a Maulana Ilyas and a Maulana Zakariya from Deoband, India, going out on a 3 days, 40 days, 4 months “da’awah walkabout” especially to the IPB countries!1

There is a whole website dedicated to the uncovering of these wayward group’s activities here. Read and study for yourselves about this group’s shenanigans.

When I come to think about the hadith of Rasulullah SAW about the Ummah dividing themselves into 73 sects and movements whereby 72 of these wayward sects will be in the Hellfire and only the one Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah will be saved, I think of this and the numerous other groups cropping up amongst us, each claiming to be The Chosen Ones.

May Allah SWT guide us all. Ameen.

1. IPB meaning India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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