September 21, 2023


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Mahathir’s Dilemna-To be an UMNO Delegate or Not?

It is quite an unusual dilemna for Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad nowadays to decide as to whether he should attend the next UMNO General Assembly as a delegate of the UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu, Kedah or just sit as an observer amongst the UMNO veterans?
He is known as a man who is not used to sitting still at home reminiscising about the past or someone who will want to fade away into the history books just like that!

Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad has so many unfinished businesses he wants to settle once and for all including holding the Abdullah Badawi Administration to ransom by threatening to expose secret documents showing the details about the cancelled bridge project including the names of those who are corrupt, etcetera.

He demands however that Abdullah Badawi promises not to take any action against him for daring to spill the beans!

Seems like Tun Dr.Mahathir is facing quite a dilemna of his own after having penned a very controversial and previously banned book ‘The Malay Dilemna’.

For Malaysia’s former 4th Premier, keeping quiet is certainly not a trait that he is known for. He is surely the most outspoken, most opinionated, most brazen Prime Minister who ruled with an iron fist over us for the longest period, much longer than any other Prime Minister has ever done -a Malaysian Book of Records achievement surely- 22 long years from 1981 to 2003!

I feel that deep down, Mahathir is surely regretting having stepped down and handed over absolute total power to Abdullah Badawi!

If he is content with having Abdullah Badawi as his replacement, then why is he still making so much noise and grumbling every single day since stepping down from the actual #1 seat of power in Malaysia-the Prime Ministership of the Government of the Kingdom of Malaysia?

The Yang diPertuan Agong may preside as the King of us all in the Istana Negara, but His Majesty doesn’t have Executive Powers over us. It is the Prime Minister who is in fact the Actual Ruler and Supreme Commander of all Malaysians.

Mahathir saw well to that when he defanged the Malay Sultans of their immunity against legal prosecution if and when they digress from their Constitutional Monarchy and commit any crimes punishable under the Malaysian Legal Code and system!

So, after having lost his iron grip on Malaysia’s hottest seat which he warmed for 22 long years, the former Premier wants to get his one last shot at addressing the nation and the UMNO delegates by standing for election as one of the UMNO Bahagian Kubang Pasu’s 7 chosen delegates! Something no other Premier has done or ever dreamt of!

As I said, in one of my earlier posts, it’s hard to be humble especially for a man who had enjoyed full power and ruled as he wished for so long over so many of us Malaysians!

He seeks his final spotlight at the National General Assembly of the United Malays National Organisations main bash of this year and if given a chance to be one of the 7 delegates elected to speak before the General Assembly, only God Knows what the wily ol Tun will speak about and unleash his final address to the largest assembly of the main ruling party of Malaysia?

Will the present Supreme Council Members of UMNO ever allow Tun to speak to the delegates as a duly elected delegate from Kubang Pasu and risk disclosure of many things the Tun says he has to share with the masses or will there be a massive underground movement designed to nip Mahathir’s ascend to the microphone dais at the Putra World Trade Centre this November and risk destroying the fragile authority the present Majlis Tertinggi @ Supreme Council are wielding over the nation?

It remains to be seen but by judging the reactions of the chorus boys in Pak Lah’s cabinet, it seems like Mahathir is in for a long screen test following which it could be simply a no show or a promise of ‘Don’t call us! ; We’ll call you!’ scenario.

Looks like this Ramadan will see a series of very important and crucial ‘Majlis Berbuka Puasa’ followed by Majlis Hari Raya’s that will reflect the kind of scenario we can expect to witness at the forthcoming UMNO General Assembly this November!

Then we will all know whether Mahathir’s dilemna is gonna end up as somebody else’s trauma?

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