September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Syria’s Christians rally behind Hezbullah!

Syria’s Christians rally behind Hezbullah’s Hassan Nasrallah in his defense against the Israeli’s assault against his country, Lebanon!

Yes! Contrary to what the world is being fed with about the Hezbullah being hated by the people of Lebanon especially the Christians there, this piece of news is really something worth shouting about!

I have always known that the world’s media especially those who are backed by the Zionists lobby go out of their way to portray the Hezbullah as ‘terrorists’ etcetera when in reality they are just defending themselves against Israeli occupation and destruction of their lifes!

The media is a very powerful medium who can twist and turn everything to show what they want the world to read, see and believe to be ‘the truth’ whereas the reality is that innocent people are being massacred and lifes lost due to the merciless political playoffs by kingmakers and policymakers hiding behind a cloak of high and mighty assumption of innocence and fairplay.

Do not for a moment think that CNN, Fox News, BBC, ABC, and all other the world’s media moguls will publish the actual truth and risk offending the big boys in Washington or at No.10, Downing Street, London, England!

The truth is being distorted and turned into something else by people who do not have any conscience at all.

It doesn’t matter to them that by constantly feeding untruths to the world’s population every single second, they are in fact committing the most heinous sin against their fellow mankind and that if it is them who are the victims out there amidst the rubble and ruins of their homes as a result of this propaganda war machine wreaking havoc and mayhem on the lifes of the poor Lebanese who have died as a result of such media manipulation, they will themselves be baying for the blood of those who spin such false reports and ‘news’!

So, dear reader, think twice before swallowing that ‘breaking news’ that these biased and criminal news networks push down your minds and feed you malicious distorted reports conjured up by them to paint any party contrary to what they really are and represent!

May Christians and Muslims be aware of all the shenanigans being perpetrated by these media morons!

Let the truth prevail! Amen.

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