April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Demonising the Muslims- A Covert Agenda

We can’t help but realise that there exists a covert agenda by the Bush Administration in cohorts with the British Government under Tony Blair to instigate and initiate a worldwide chain of events that stoke the fires of instability throughout the Middle East.

Iraq is the epitome of such devious plannings and executions of its agenda to bring about instability throughout the country by allowing political mayhem to take place by warring factions whilst the Bush Administration plays chess with the lifes of its occupying troops and the civilian population stubbornly!

Wasn’t the main reason given by George Wacko Bush Jr in sending American forces to occupy Iraq to be the removal of Saddam Hussein?

Well, today, Saddam Hussein is no longer in power and Iraq is in a turmoil with the Shiites and the Sunnis waging war between themselves without any sense of order being taken by the American occupying forces!

American occupying soldiers have been abusing and terrorising innocent Iraqis by engaging in gang rapes of Iraqi women and murdering whole families to cover their tracks and crimes.

Is it any wonder why Iraqi civilians are left with no choice but to join the freedom fighters of Iraq to avenge the dishonour being perpetrated by the Americans against their people?

If the same situation were to take place in any country in the world, wouldn’t the citizens of that country do whatever they have to do to free their countries from such occupying enemies?

Who will want their homes and family members destroyed and violated by these enemies and do nothing in return?

Who will stand idly by and be expected to garland the invading forces smiling broadly knowing the harm and dangers that these bastards bring in whilst pretending to free them from a dictator?

The Malay saying ‘ Biar mati bergalang tanah dari hidup berputih mata’ comes to mind.

It means it is better to die and return to the earth instead of living in a cowardly manner witnessing the various atrocities perpetrated by one’s enemies!

The citizens of the USA, UK and European Union are being fed untruths and devious selective and edited media reporting round the clock giving them a false scenario of how Muslims ‘hate the freedoms’ of the West and this idiotic statement is always coming from the mouth of the worst American President and repeated in chorus by his stooges in the UK and EU!

Islam itself is being demonised by distorting the truth about its principles and media propagandists keep brandishing the news and views of individuals and groups in the Middle East who are forced to take actions that they will never ever resort to in peaceful times.

Do these enemies of Islam expect the Muslims to just cower and accept being invaded and colonised by these state terrorists?

Israel, a rogue entity of Zionists have been set up in Palestinian lands by the British and the Americans. The regime has since 1928 been terrorising the Arab Palestinians and massacred so many Palestinians and usurped their lands and homes without any reprisals taken against them by the United Nations!

America and Britain have always vetoed any UN resolutions against the Zionists further emboldening the Israeli bastards to do as they please against the Arab nations around them.

Usage of opinion forming sinister sounding words by George Wacko Bush tends to mislead and misinform people who do not have any inkling of what the Muslim world really stands for is not only evil but criminal as well!

When the media reports about the situation in the Middle East, the rogue forces of the Zionists Israeli aggressors are addresssed as ‘Israeli Defense Forces‘ ! Now, pray tell me who is on the offense and who are defending their lands?

The Israelis are the ones who crossed Lebanon’s borders and launched an all out offensive against the Lebanese and they are termed as ‘defense forces’! What utter reversal of the truth !

Just the same as denying that the Zionist bastards are the ones who flew their fighter jets and bombed the Lebanese civilian population!

Thousands of innocent civilian lifes have been lost due to the Zionist regime’s atrocities and what does the USA do? Blame it all on the Hezbullah!

The Hezbullah are termed as ‘terrorists’! Terrorists for defending their country! Terrorists for defending their fellow countrymen! Terrorists for standing up against the Israeli aggressors!

George W. Bush! May you rot in hell and put an end to your treacherous lies against the Muslims of the world very soon or better still, choke on a pretzel or fall flat on your ugly face!

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