April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Damn you Zionists ! May you burn in hell!

It hurts like hell to see this news photo being headlined in The Sun newspaper today with a ridiculous caption ‘New Life, New Hope!’
Who the hell are they kidding? What new life are these idiots talking about? What kind of hope are the editors of The Sun talking about for these poor people?
Are they blind or what to the catastrophe these poor victims are facing or are the Editors trying to be funny?

Are they insinuating that these people have any chance in hell to live to see tomorrow?

What kind of a sick joke are these Editors playing on the poor Lebanese? Honeymoon in the rubble? A tryst in the dust ?

Yeah, it must be really romantic to spend your first night in one of the hell holes of Lebanon, thanks to the murderous Zionists bastards who have devastated a sovereign country right in fullview of the world without any retaliation from anyone else but the Lebanese Hezbullah!

I am disgusted to see such tasteless media reporting sowing false hopes for a people who are in constant danger of ending up in pieces due to the atrocious bombings being carried out by Israel against them with no defense from even their cuckolded Lebanese army!

Yes, I repeat that! Cuckolded! Bloody useless Lebanese army who cowered in fright and in bunkers whilst the courageous Hezbullah gave the Zionists a taste of their own medicine! If not for the Hezbullah’s standing up to the Zionists, these newlyweds would be newlybleds and end up as another statistic in the list of the ‘war dead’!

The Hezbullah ought to be congratulated for singlehandedly be the only force who have repelled the Zionist terrorists from laying total waste to Lebanon!

The Lebanese people and government are forever in debt to the Hezbullah! Long live the lions of Allah ! Allahu Akbar! May the Hezbullah arise above the ruins of Lebanon and teach the Zionists an everlasting lesson! Ameen.

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