April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Unwed mothers – Prevention is much more better!

The Malays are notorious for being the largest number of unwed mothers here in Malaysia!
For all their supposedly being Muslims and upholders of virtuous behaviour, present day Malay teenagers and young adults are the scourge of this national shame for their irresponsible actions of engaging in forbidden acts of sexual fornications under a facade of being holy moly under that tudung or kopiah!

These hypocrites are embarrassing the Ummah in general by their acts today! Damn them all!

The New Straits Times report highlights the rising problem of unwanted illegitimate babies that are being dumped into dustbins, thrown into sewers and rivers, flushed down toilets, thrown into the shrubs and forests, abandoned at mosques, surau’s, churches, temples and other establishments by these Malay fornicators who are idiots giving way to their nafs wholescale!

The actions by these ‘gatal’ Malay teenagers and young adults embarrass their parents and families for generations to come!

I hear so many horrible stories of how ‘easy’ it is to get a Malay girl or woman into bed , that I just don’t know what future this ethnicity are gonna end up with when these girls or women do not value their chastity and honor which is symbolised by their remaining a virgin until they are taken as honourable wives in holy matrimony before God Almighty and society!

I don’t see the rationale why they need to give vent to their lust out of marriage when it is not that hard to get married nowadays!

University and college students are among the biggest number of these people who are getting into unlawful and forbidden sex out of wedlock! Can we say that these students are stupid and so naive as not to know what happens when they get into bed with men who are just too happy to indulge their rampaging lustful passions!

I blame no one else but the parents and the authorities for failing to nip these problems in the bud! Among the perpetrators are even parents themselves who indulge in incestuous relationships with their daughters and sons!

Why is this problem recurring? None other than the failure of the Syariah courts to rule according to the actual laws of the Syariah Laws as ordained by Almighty Allah!

Dare the authorities deny this?

Has anyone caught for rape or khalwat ever been punished according to the true Islamic laws in this country?

All the courts do is to impose punitive judgements according to their interpretations and watered down versions of laws that do not have any effect on the criminals!

As long as they still pussyfoot along the sidelines and do not practice the Syariah as Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala asks of them, they are the ones responsible for the growing maksiat taking place amongst the Malays!

Start taking action against the fornicators as commanded by God Almighty and see the crime rate go down in due time!

For the moment being, let those who advocate liberal lifestyles raise all those bastards borne by their ‘followers’ of free sex and ‘freedom to fornicate’ as they please! You know who they are.

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