April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia’s University Students-Brilliantly Stupid!

A growing number of Malaysia’s Malay University and College Students are notorious for being brilliantly stupid and totally irresponsible when it comes to the matter of sexual misconduct and rampant promiscuity in the campuses nationwide!

The New Straits Times today exposes this open secret and brings to public debate as to the social rot taking place in the nation’s higher education institutions both in the public and private sectors.

The Malays especially those female students wearing ‘tudung labuh’s’ are the main culprits!

Despite their supposedly religious facade and ‘alim’ demeanour, the majority of those caught having sex out of marriage and pregnant out of wedlock are these bloody fools who give in to their lustful passions and do not give a hoot anymore about sin or the consequences of their illegal fornications!

No other reasons can be given except that nowadays, virginity is no longer being appreciated by these students who are either taken advantage of their naivety by their boyfriends or they themselves been led to lose their sense of inhibitions by devious manipulations by men who are supposed to be their guardians and protectors in the first place.

Even lecturers and tutors have been found to have taken advantage of these young, ignorant students who do not realise the tremendous consequences that will befall them once they get pregnant or lose their purity!

What is this Malay society doing about it? Practically nothing. Just take a look at the various media publications catering to the Malays. Almost each and every magazine will feature sexually enticing or almost explicit articles and short stories fueling the lust and imaginations of these young girls who are just turning from teenagers into young women.

All the irresponsible leading towards sexual activities brought upon by such reading materials and sources result in these girls thinking that it’s okay to have sex before marriage.

Peer pressure, raging hormones, crescending lusts and manipulations by irresponsible male partners all makes these students throw all caution to the wind and they lose their virginity just like that. Some get so lost into such activities that they go all out and end up being willing victims to men who are more than eager to take advantage of their ignorance.

How do we stop this rot? Society needs to go back to the basics and start taking remedial action! We used to bother and take steps to stop any of our neighbours children from doing anything wrong and we cared for others just like we care for our own family members.

The problem starts when there are those who abuse the trust that we give them. Thus social problems get from bad to worse and now it’s almost epidemic.

Society needs to ask itself as to what this country is going to end up as when we no longer give a damn about our fellow citizens and do not show our concern towards the students and youngsters of today!

Each and every student out there is someone’s daughter and someone’s son! They are there in the universities and colleges bearing their families hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow for each family through their success academically in those institutes of higher education.

Society needs to protect them from the culprits and criminals lurking in those places and corrective measures must be seriously taken! Those caught committing such heinous crimes must be severely punished and thrown into prison after being caned according to the provisions of the law!

No mercy must be shown when the perpetrators are those from the teaching staff and persons who are supposed to be the students protectors in the first place!

Sex education needs to be taught to the varsity students who for all their academic achievements and enabling them to enter those universities and colleges end up being taken advantage of by the bastards who rape and seduce the stupid students.

Religious knowledge needs to be taught to these students and the Ustaz’s and Ustazah’s properly monitored by the college’s and universities’s authorities to avoid them from abusing the trusts placed on them in the first place!

It’s just got to such a stage that we just do not know whom to trust ? Damn!!!

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