September 21, 2023


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Motivation- The key to our success!

In my line as a Program Consultant, I can’t help but see the need for the students of the colleges and universities nowadays to be energised with a dynamic sense of motivation and make the best of the opportunities they have today to chart a better future for them and this nation!

Motivation is like the combustion engine where the sparks from the plugs and the pumping piston combines to burn the fuel and move the engine propelling the vehicle to zoom ahead to the intended destination! Motivation is the key element to boost a person to their success!

Picture shows motivated working adults learning Mandarin!!!

To motivate others is the most important part that any learned person, teacher, lecturer or consultant can do!

One needs to utilise one’s abilities to communicate, set an example, lead by example, to encourage, boost, goad, challenge, obtain feedback, nurture, get involved, delegate, develop and train, inform, educate, brief and to also give or provide a just and reasonable reward in order to get good results from our desire to motivate others!

Authorative, slam them downs, beat them into submissions or dominate them into concurring with powerful ol’ archaic megalomaniacs is no longer relevant in today’s world!

Inspire is better than terrifier! Build instead of crush is better in the present era of knowledge!

We can easily with the wrong choice of words and insults crush a person’s self confidence and destroy the person’s fragile heart and spirit when we know we know better than the other!
But what does that do for us?

We will turn into egoistic, pompous self righteous hated beings!
Is that what we want others to think and take us to be?

I am pretty sure that most of you are shaking your heads and not wanting to be so! 🙂

Humanbeings are by nature very social and like to be appreciated and supported by our fellow beings. Nothing is more satisfying for us than to be acknowledged and honoured by our fellow students, colleagues, employers and even our rulers!

Just getting a simple compliment from someone that we look good or that they are so happy to get to meet us already results in us feeling great and we walk as if on a spring!

There’s a certain feeling of goodness that immediately takes place in our selfs and our troubles just seem to vanish away instantly after that exchange!

You start humming a favorite tune and your smile just lights up your face and demeanour!

Your friends and associates immediately notice the change in you and all will be happy to see you in that smashing uplifting mood!

Why? Because you are happy! You feel good! He or she or whoever it was has made your day! No need for a single sen to get that result!

Just a sincere heartfelt expression of admiration, appreciation and a sense of motivation to get that feeling of being fine and all in good order!

Motivation. Tis the key to success! Everyone can motivate someone and themselves in the process by choosing to praise and appreciate another instead of cutting the other person down and destroy their feelings at the same moment!

Success is something that each and everyone of us want and dream of each and everyday!

To attain success, we do need the help and encouragement of others!

Do you recall seeing the marathon runner, almost dropping down to the hard and blistering tarred road but then after being encouraged and supported by the applausing crowd of spectators get that sudden burst and boost of adrenaline and he or she muster up enough strength and sense of purpose to cross that finish line with nothing but the sheer strength of motivation?

Life is like that! Life is a series of adjustments that each and everyone of us have to make in order to reach a certain goal, no matter whether it is a short term goal or a long term objective that we have set our hearts and minds to achieve!

Forget about that crappy naysayer! Ignore that heckling fool or nitpicker who has nothing else to give you but their share of hate and gloom that’s fouling up their own sorry selfs!

Waterproof, shockproof and foulproof yourself from those lousy good for nothing sorry excuses for humanbeings whose sole existence is to criticise and poke into your negative points and fail to realise the goodness and the promise in you!

Avoid such pull you downs and stay clear from them! There’s nothing sweet to be gained when you wrestle with such swine amongst mankind!

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) adviced us to keep company with the fragrance seller.

Implying that even if you did not buy any fragrance from him or her, the sweet smell would still permeate on your being, refreshing your senses and making you feel good. It also means that we are encouraged to keep company with good natured and knowledgable people. By being with learned, good positive people, we will also get to learn good things from them and we will improve ourselves by being with them.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also adviced us to stay away from the ironsmith! Not to say we can’t be friendly with our neighbourhood blacksmith! 😛

The implication is that the ironsmith usually works in a hot, dusty , smoky environment! Even if you are not actually hammering that ironwork, by being there with him, you end up polluting yourself and will get dirty, sweaty and your temperaments will eventually turn nasty!

This is a subtle hint that we should avoid being with people whose attitudes, characters and mannerisms are foul and negative!

There’s no benefit by being with persons who are coarse, crude and offensive in their speech, thinkings and lifestyles!

There’s even danger of us getting harmed by being with such company! There are just too many examples for me to use! Let’s say that you unwittingly end up in a gambling den or a red light area! You know what sort of people congregate there! Some unfortunate tragedy will just befall you if you don’t get the hell out of there!

So, listen to the advice of the Prophet. Seek good company!

Stay clear from the riff raff of society unless you are a superpower humanbeing out to preach to those nasties and have it in you to do wonders and transform them to goodness!

Back to my topic. Motivation. There are many areas where we can improve and add to our skills. One of them is Self-Improvement.

How can we be better? What more can we learn?

We all live in an environment where there are other people present in our lifes. Each and every person that we come into contact with and interact with them daily do have an effect on us and how we perceive our life and careers to be.

To be able to survive such effects, we need to understand our own selfs better. We need to know our plus points and negative ones. We need to know our strengths and our weaknesses.

Once we are sincere enough to do a self assessment and realise our selfs, then we can do corrective measures or remove those negative traits in our selfs.

Those of us who have responsibilities like leading a team or a class, a department or a company, need to develop leadership skills in us before be able to lead others.

This greater responsibility in leading others and managing them requires better knowledge and people handling skills that is necessary to help others achieve their own aspirations and we must know how to motivate them towards achieving a common goal!

To be able to do that, one must develop a strong inner sense of motivation borne out of sincerity to help others and do it in a way that does not infringe into others rights and self respect.

Always be sensitive to the feelings and nature of our wards and do not trample on their own identities and self confidence. It differs from person to person. Some are tough and able to take criticisms, some are very fragile and they can get hurt very easily. We do not want that, do we?

Always use wisdom when handling people and try your level best to nurture instead of torture!

People are always easy to trust and believe in a leader who motivates and appreciates each small step towards success just like a saying of the ancient Chinese scholar Kung Fu Tze ‘ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step!’

I will follow up with more in my following posts! Have a great day and be with the winners!

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