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Aqeedah-Foundation of Belief for a Muslim

Aqeedah-Foundation of Belief for a Muslim Pt 1.

Aqeedah is very important to every Muslim. It is what determines and affirms whether one is a Muslim or otherwise. Aqeedah is also the foundation of a Muslim’s being to follow and put to practice the various tenets of Islam.

A strong Aqeedah will make the Muslim be devout to Allah, God Almighty.Those who have an established sense of Aqeedah will show honourable conducts of personal behaviour and are quite admirable in their relationships with others.

This sense of goodness and firm belief in Almighty Allah results in a balanced disposition and crucial to sustaining a healthy bond between married Muslim couples. If a spouse is strong in his or her Aqeedah and the other partner isn’t, that union is bound to face problems. The one who doesn’t have a strong sense of Aqeedah will be a burden to their spouse for the weak one will be exposed to all sinful behaviour, fall into Kuffur and result in an unbalanced marriage!

If the husband is true to the requirements of Aqeedah and practices the faith of Islam proper but the wife is a non practicing Muslimah, disparity between the couple arises and their mutual relationship suffers. There will be no love between them, no mutual sense of mahabbah @ compassion, and there will be ill feelings running deep inside their hearts resulting in constant outbursts of dissatisfaction and ill will between the couple!

The offspring from such a strifeful couple will grow up in an environment of hatred, distrust, lack of parental love and constant upheaval due to the warring egos between their parents, day in, day out!

The same scenario will prevail if it is the other way around. If the wife is a practicing Muslimah and her husband isn’t, then the wife will feel bitterness and despair in her heart realising that her husband isn’t actually a Muslim in the true sense and she will not be happy in her heart when being with him.

This unhappiness will eat away into her feelings for him and eventually, she will grow distant from him and the chances for her to look for another will always be there. Such a situation gives way for quarrels and constant bickering between the couple. In fact, the wife has valid religious grounds to seek a divorce from such an unpracticing ‘Muslim’ husband! The divorce by ‘Fasakh’ is the entitlement for such unhappy wife’s.

Aqeedah is not only the most important foundation in any Muslim or Muslimah’s life, it is the very determining factor that differentiates between being a Believer and Non Believer in Almighty God, Allahu Akbar!

That’s why it is a paramount duty of every Muslim, male and female to learn about his or her faith. Religious knowledge is very important for each and every Muslim to know about their faith in detail, not just lip service. He or she must make an effort to understand their faith. One can’t just proclaim the Shahadah but then neglect all the other aspects of being a Muslim.

You need to build a very strong foundation in your knowledge about being a Muslim. Just like building a house, all aspects of building a proper structure needs to be taken into consideration and each part of the building needs to be based on an approved building plan. You can’t do a slipshod, half baked construction of the structure. Failure to adhere to the original specifications and using low quality material will see that structure come crumbling down in a dust heap!

So is the same with Aqeedah. A Muslim can’t just expect his or her faith to be based on mere lip service. You need to walk the talk. You need to really understand what is it that you are saying. If you say you believe in Allah the Almighty God, you need to learn about Allah. You can’t just shoot off your mouth claiming to be a Muslim but do not make any attempts to understand what Islam is all about and not carry out your religious obligations.

You need to know about God. You need to learn about the Characteristics of God! Allah the Almighty is not a figment of one’s imagination. God Almighty is real and He reveals to us about who He is and His Attributes in the Holy Qur’an, the Final Revelations to the entire world of Mankind. This Attributes are called Sifatullah.

Being human makes us to be the best of Allah’s Creations. We are given the Faculty of Reason that differentiates us from every other being on Earth and we are created by Allah to put that intelligence that we have been bestowed with to practice. We know by our God given instincts how to differentiate as to what is good for us and what is not.

Our Faculties of Senses tell us whether something is safe to be consumed or otherwise. If we are offered two glasses of water, one brackish in manner and another, a crystal clear glass of water, natural instincts in those of us who are normal and aware of our senses, will see us choose the crystal clear glass of water to drink. Only the retard or the incoherent will go for the other. It’s natural. Who put this awareness into us? It is none but Merciful God Almighty Himself!

So is the matter of Believing in God. For those who have a normal sense of judgement and ability to think and decide, acknowledging Almighty Allah to be the True God who deserves to be worshipped comes naturally. This is called commonsense. With a proper base of strong Aqeedah, one can see clearly as to why it is preposterous for us to go worship anyone or anything of God’s Creations and then be in awe over something that has been created by God Almighty Himself in the first place!

‘Be and it will be! Kun faya kun!’ Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala’s power to create is simply awesome!

Eesa Alaihis Salam Al Masih @ Jesus Christ the Messiah is one such Creation of Almighty Allah! He is known as the Word of God! He is a being created by Almighty Allah just as Our Father, Prophet Adam Alaihis salam, the First Man and the First Prophet of Allah was created from not existing into coming into being!

Creations are created for a reason. Allah the Almighty created us all not for idle sport or as a hobby. He created us all so that He is known by us and so that with the Faculties of Thought and Reasoning that he has blessed us with, we will out of our own convictions and realisations of knowing who we are and what is expected of us, to show our gratitude by worshipping Him, Almighty Allah, True God Most Compassionate and Most Merciful!

Do not for a second think that you are not important! Do not for a fleeting moment think that your presence here on Earth is insignificant! If you are not important, Almighty God will not have created you in the first place!

If even a lowly pest such as a mosquito is created by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala complete with all it’s organs and functions, surely a humanbeing such as you are very important to Allah SWT that He saw fit to create you into being!

Being able to sit before this computer and read what I am sharing here surely differentiates you from the multitudes out there who are living without a fixed destination or goal in life! This sense of wanting to know what I am talking about Aqeedah is the natural sense of wanting to know, God’s inbuilt sense of goodness in you that makes you want to continue reading and learn what else I have to share here with you about this most important aspect and foundation of a Muslim’s life!

Life is a series of adjustments dear Reader. We are born helpless and unable to even fend for ourselves unlike those in the animal world. A buffalo calf out there in the African wilderness, comes into the world out of it’s mother’s womb, ready to kick out, stand in just a few minutes after being born and able to run to flee from harm and dangers posed by predators, all within less than ten minutes after delivery!

We humanbeings are the weakest compared to such beasts. We are helpless to even clean ourselves after defecating upto a few years on Earth! Someone else has to clean our butts failing which we’ll die of neglect and disease!

The irony is that so many of people out there today, walk around with the biggest ego’s on the planet! These former weak and helpless babies who have now grown into mature adults fail to realise who they are, what they were and what are their obligations to themselves and those who depend on them or cherish them.

This failure to realise their true calling to be among those who submit to True God Almighty results in them choosing out of their ignorance to be among those who deny God and some even claim that God does not exist! Yeah, right!

Commonsense tells us that nothing , I mean nothing can ever come into being without being created! Do you agree?

This computer that we are using was created by people in a factory. The keyboard that we are using was created and manufactured by people and the shape, form and structure has been created by technicians following the designs and ideas of the keyboard designers. Something as complex as the computer is the result of invention by scientists and those who have the knowledge about such things.

Now, the question is , who created all these people? They can’t simply have come into existence out of the blue, can they? Think about that for I need to end this post for the moment right here.

I will be following up on this subject later. Have a meaningful day and do your best to learn about Almighty Allah. The internet is a very good place to start. Just type into the search engine and ‘choose’ the truth about Islam. Be aware that there are many misleading websites out there that intend to distract you from your birthrights to know God, for what He is and that you owe it to yourself, your spouse, your children and your generation to realise what’s right and wrong!

May Allah Subhanahu bless us and guide us all. Ameen.

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