September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Islam-Understanding the Faith of the Muslims

Islam, the Way of Life for all Mankind is today, the fastest growing religion in the whole wide world. There are many out there who do not really know that Islam is not a new faith.

Islam is the very same faith that was practiced by Our Father, the Prophet Adam Alaihis salam, the Father of all Mankind.

God Almighty then sent to Mankind more Callers to Islam through the passages of Time immemorial to each and every tribe dedicated Prophets and Messengers .

1. Our Father :Nabi Adam AS ( Prophet Adam)Peace be upon him
2.Nabi Idris AS (Prophet Enoch) Peace be upon him
3.Nabi Nuh AS (Prophet Noah) Peace be upon him
4.Nabi Huud AS (Prophet Eber) Peace be upon him
5.Nabi Shaleh AS( Prophet Melchizedek) Peace be upon him
6.Nabi Ibrahim AS (Prophet Abraham )Peace be upon him -Father of Jews and Arabs
7.Nabi Ismail AS (Prophet Ishmael)Peace be upon him -From his lineage came Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.
8.Nabi Luth AS (Prophet Lot ) Peace be upon him
9.Nabi Ishaq AS (Prophet Isaac) Peace be upon him
10.Nabi Ya’qub AS (Prophet Jacob) Peace be upon him
11.Nabi Yusuf AS (Prophet Joseph) Peace be upon him
12.Nabi Syu’aib AS (Prophet Jethro) Peace be upon him
13.Nabi Ayyub AS (Prophet Job) Peace be upon him
14.Nabi Dzulkifli AS (Prophet Easu) Peace be upon him
15.Nabi Musa AS (Prophet Moses) Peace be upon him
16.Nabi Harun AS (Prophet Aaron) Peace be upon him
17.Nabi Daud AS (Prophet David) Peace be upon him
18.Nabi Sulaiman AS (Prophet Solomon) Peace be upon him
19.Nabi Ilyas AS (Prophet Elijah) Peace be upon him
20.Nabi Ilyasa AS (Prophet Elisha) Peace be upon him
21.Nabi Yunus AS (Prophet Jonah) Peace be upon him
22.Nabi Zakaria AS (Prophet Zechariah) Peace be upon him
23.Nabi Yahya AS (Prophet John) Peace be upon him
24.Nabi Isa Al Masih AS ( Prophet Jesus Christ the Messiah) Peace be upon him
25.Nabi Muhammad SAW (Prophet Muhammad the Final Messenger) Peace be upon him!

Now, there are many out there who think that Islam is something new and that the Final and Greatest Messenger of Allah the Almighty God came up with Islam and that he, Muhammad son of Abdullah, The Unlettered Prophet, Khatamun Nabiyyi, ‘wrote’ the Holy Al-Qur’an, the Final Testament of God!

Sometimes, I just wonder if these people even know what they are saying?

For a 1427 years now since the very first verses of the Holy Qur’an were revealed to the illiterate Prophet by the intermediation of the Archangel Jibreel Alaihis salam ( Archangel Gabriel) Peace be upon him, the ‘scientists’ and ‘scholars’ of the world are still discovering the oceans of Truth in the verses of the Holy Qur’an right till this moment!

If indeed, the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW was the true author of the Holy Qur’an, word for word, then it must be truly amazing for an illiterate orphan who lived a thousand four hundred years ago, before the world even came to learn of the origin of man, about the biological facts of how man is even conceived and developed in the womb of his mother, when not that many knew about the secrets of the entire universe and the solar systems, about this and that, that only a hundred over years ago came to be discovered by ‘modern’ man, then Muhammad the Final Messenger of Islam must truly be something else than a mere mortal like anyone else on Earth!

The reality is that, scientists of today come to declare that the verses in the Qur’an are nothing more than miracles of Almighty God, Allahu Akbar!

The Qur’an is but the Divine Revelations of God! Muhammad the Unlettered Prophet could never ever have come to know such accurate scientific evidences that have been checked and verified by the world’s learned scientists and academicians from the East to the West and they all agree that the accuracies in the verses of the Qur’an revealed a thousand four hundred over years ago can never be penned by a man who didn’t know how to read nor even write, what more author such a Divinely Revealed book?

I can spend the rest of my life writing about the Truth of Islam as I have come to learn about it but will have only scratched the surface of the Oceans of Divine Knowledge and Mercy that is contained by Almighty God’s Last Testament to all of us.

Nevertheless, the present misinformation plaguing the entire world especially the Non Muslims about the origins and fundamentals of this faith needs to be erased.

It has to be started and initiated again and again by each and every Muslim male and female within their grasps of knowledge about the Faith of Islam to be shared with all who are within their reach.

Through this blog, I intend to do my part, Insya Allah!

If you click to the title of this topic, you will be able to download a PDF guide to Understanding Islam.

This guide will help you understand the basics of Islam. I will further explain on the subject matters one by one as best as I can.

First and foremost in a Muslim’s bedrock of faith and belief in Allah is the Declaration of Faith.

This is called the Kalimah Shahadah.

Asy hardoo ann Laa ila ha ill lall Laah’! which means ‘ I Declare there is no God but Allah’!

followed by ‘ Wa asyh hardoo Anna Muhammad darr Rasul lull Laah!’ meaning ‘ I Declare that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah!’

When a humanbeing declares the above with full understanding and conviction of faith and belief in Allah being True God Almighty and accepts Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam as the (Final) Messenger of Almighty God, then he or she is deemed and accepted as a true Muslim.

The Principles of Islam are :

  1. Declaring the Kalimah Shahadah
  2. Performing the 5 daily prayers at stipulated times.
  3. Fasting in the holy month of Ramadan
  4. Giving alms in the form of zakat.
  5. Performing the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah Al Mukarramah in Arabia if one can afford to.

The Principles of Iman @ Faith are :

  1. Belief in Allah the Almighty
  2. Belief in the Holy Messengers and the Prophets
  3. Belief in the Angels of Allah
  4. Belief in the Kitabs @ Holy Books of Allah
  5. Belief in the Doomsday
  6. Belief in ‘Qada’ and ‘Qadar’ @ Destiny

In practicing all the above tenets of Islam, one is always in a state of being in faith to Almighty God and we are judged according to our deeds.

We are born sinfree from our mothers wombs and Islam does not ascribe inherited sin from Our Father the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) and from Our Mother Siti Hawwa (Mother Eve) may peace be upon her too.

My contention is that Our Parents eating of the Forbidden Fruit high up in the Jannatul Firdaus @ Paradise of Firdaus is part and parcel of Almighty Allah’s masterplans for us mankind.

If our parents, the Prophet Adam AS and Mother Siti Hawwa AS didn’t eat of the Khuldi fruit, we , the entire mankind would not have come into existence, here on Earth!

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala would not have a reason to bring them down to Earth if they didn’t go against His Commandment to not approach the Forbidden Tree, then if He, Almighty God didn’t give them the freedom to do so in the first place!

As a Muslim, I believe that not an atom will move without the consent and Will of Allah! So, do I believe that Almighty Allah knows the past, present and the future!

Surely, He knew what Azazil, the Chief of the Djinns is capable of. Azazil was very obedient to Allah SWT and was known for his zeal in submitting to Almighty God! Who put the sense of insubordination in Azazil’s heart if not Almighty God Himself?

Each and everything that is alive and doing whatever it is destined to do , does so with the consent of Allah SWT.

The decision to do what we wish to is however given to us as Allah the Almighty has commanded in the Qur’an as ‘ I will not change the fate of man until man changes it him or herself!’

Thus we have been given the Choice by Allah to seek the best for us. He has not left us completely on our own. He has sent down 124,000 Prophets through the passage of time. 25 of them are mentioned above and 5 are major Messengers.

They are the Prophets Adam Alaihisalam (pbuh), Prophet Nuh Alaihisalam (Noah pbuh), Prophet Musa Alaihisalam (Moses pbuh), Prophet Isa Al Masih Alaihisalam (Prophet Jesus Christ the Messiah pbuh) and the Final Messenger for all Mankind, Muhammad Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam ( Prophet Muhammad the Greatest Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him)

Contrary to what some people believe, the faith of Islam is not the invention of any humanbeing, whatmore the Prophets of God?

Islam is Almighty Allah’s Way of Life for all of mankind to observe, come to learn, once you have believed in it, to choose to accept is as your birthright and live as a Muslim or Muslimah. If you choose not to , it’s your choice not to come embrace it.

For those who are born into it, you have to learn about it on your own. You are however not allowed to apostate from it for after one comes to believe in God, one does not have an option to do otherwise.

You who have yet to know the whole truth about what Islam is and what it is not, I pray that you will have the patience and use the God given intelligence to study about it and realise the truths about it.

In the meantime, I will share what I know bit by bit as God allows me, InsyaAllah! Peace to all!

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