September 23, 2023


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Faith in Allah-The Bastion of Belief in Islam

‘Verily We (Allah) created mankind in the best of fashions. Then We (Allah) reduced mankind to be the worst of beings. Except for those who have faith and carry out good deeds, they will receive endless blessings.’
Surah At Tin. Verses 4-6, Holy Qur’an.

Such are the meanings of the verses stated above as to the highest status that we mankind can attain in our existence here on God’s Earth!

Almighty God also warns us of the dangers of us falling from the high status of being the best of God’s Creation and be reduced to being the worst amongst all the beings created by the Almighty!

Mankind has been blessed by Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful with the Faculties of Reasoning. By using our God given intelligence, we mankind have been able to harness and utilise the various resources here on Earth for use by us.

Using our creativity, we have through the ages discovered various uses and invented all kinds of utensils, machinery and tools for our needs. At this very moment, there might be someone somewhere discovering something, getting an idea that is going to bear fruit of a new invention, a new gadget, a new software, a new skill, etcetera using the faculties of reason that Allah bestowed upon him or her.

From the 3 verses above, we can come to understand 3 realisations about mankind.

The Intelligence that we have gives us the strength to think and study or research about anything in this Earth and has enabled humanbeings to slowly but surely come to a certain sense of civilised living amongst the entire mankind.

Intelligence and rational thought has also made us come to value culture and social norms. We have evolved from a stage where we are born naked from the wombs of our mothers to become a being who knows how to cover our modesty by clothing ourselves with first from tree barks, leaves, animal skins, furs and eventually discover cotton, spinning it to be threads, then weaving those threads to become cloth and then stitch the cloth to make dresses, shirts, pants, etc.

All this intelligence didn’t come just like that or a result of evolution from being a worm or tadpole then morph into a reptile then an animal, becoming an ape and then turn into homo sapien as some nutcases would want you to believe.

Almighty Allah created our Father Adam Alaihisalam in the form that we are all looking as now.Surely, our manners of dressing and our lifestyles today vary from the earlier civilisations but our basic intelligence and creativity has enabled us to fulfill our roles as Masters of this Earth as Almighty Allah has appointed us to be.

We can differentiate between what’s good and what’s bad using our natural sense of rational thought that God put in us. Unless we are born dumb and stupid, we can easily make out what’s alright and what’s harmful to us when given a choice.

Our natural sense of goodness prevails in us when we go stop a blind person from falling into a pit or we instinctly go assist someone in trouble or go help save or rescue a poor animal, bird or insect caught in a trap or something!

Just based on this sense of natural goodness prevailing in most of us that differentiates us from the rest of God’s creation! We are mankind, God’s vicegerent on Earth!

…to be continued.

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