September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Malady-Passing the buck!

If there’s one thing , the local authorities or government agencies are good at is ‘passing the buck’!

Just this morning, I came across two DBKL officers attached to the Health Division who were checking for mosquito infestation at my apartments.

I pointed out to them that illegal hawkers were polluting the sidewalks of the road upfront.

He said it’s not his department, so conveniently. When I pointed out that their indiscrimate rubbish disposal into the drains clogging them up are a cause of health problems, only then did he want to admit that it was in his authority to take action against them!

Seems the same old malady afflicting local authorities all over this nation! Anyone amongst you had the same run around given to you when you went to lodge a complaint or a report against anything?

I bet that most of you have suffered the same as I did this morning!

There are too many laws enacted by Parliament and local authorities but the same old story surfaces when it comes to the matter of implementation! Not an idiot will want to take charge and do what he or she is paid for!

Go to any ‘Jabatan Kerajaan’ and what do you get? The infamous Malaysian Malady in Practice!
‘Bukan dalam bidang kuasa saya!’ will be the standard reply that each and everyone of us will get from those half hearted ‘couldn’t care less’ ‘pegawai’ looking at you with indifference with a ‘so what?’ look emanating from his or her dour looking face!

When are we ever gonna get free from the ‘cukup bulan-aku dapat gaji sudah!’ syndrome?

The insolence of this government servants mentality is the downfall of this nation’s civil service and the result why Malaysia although many times bigger in land size and population will never get to catch up with our neighbour down south, the Republic of Singapore!

Harry Lee Kuan Yew may be a bloody Kiasu King but hello!…the fella made Singapore a roaring success within the same time frame this nation came into Independence!

They do not have the natural resources we have and even the water that they drink comes from us but look at their lifestyle and the shape of their economy!

Look at the way they have run their island republic! Spick and span and no nonsense tolerated!

For all the complaints against them for being ‘Kiasu’ etcetera, they have done so well in raising up their standards of governance and for implementing whatever laws that are there!

If only the Malaysian Government is as efficient as Singapore’s , this nation can and would be the Shining Star of Asia!

As for now, we sadly have to make do with all the ‘bukan tugas saya’ bullshit spewing non stop from all the ‘kakitangan jabatan kerajaan’ Malaysia!

As long as their mindset remains the same, you can expect to hear the same old shit right till doomsday !

Try as you might to get some problems affecting the average citizen with regard to public amenities or the environmental issues such as trash disposal, clogged drains, potholed roads, mosquito infestation all around us, illegal hawkers, throwing rubbish as they please without due care as to what happens to the trash they dump conveniently into the drainage,etc.

The hawkers mindset will remain the same and so will those ‘pegawai kerajaan’ who are useless parasites at liberty to waste taxpayers money doing nothing much except to punch in at 0800hours, teabreak at 1000 hours, lunchbreak from 12.30 to 2.00pm, teabreak at 3.00pm and punch out at 4.30pm!

Don’t even dare to dream that things will be any much different in 2020 or whatever?

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