September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Lina Joy -What could have triggered her to apostate?

Azlina Jailani @ Lina Joy is the person most Malaysians are talking and debating about nowadays!

Malaysia’s Muslims are all out to stop her from apostatizing and she is surely in most Muslims prayers so that she comes to her senses and repents big time!

The thing is , I am sure that there are millions of similar cases out there and who don’t go around declaring their apostasies or make a fuss out of it!

How about those who say that they are Muslims but do not practice the faith or even acknowledge anything? Who is aware of what’s in others hearts and minds?

How do we define such silent atheists? I mean, let’s be rational here and look for the reasons as to why Lina Joy turns out to be so?

I sense a growing sense of apathy taking place in our life’s here in this present world! People simply do not bother about others and mind their own business. You go your way, I’ll go mine!

Such is the mentality of our people today. No one really wants to care and to show any concern for others but in Lina’s case, I can see that most of them are actually worried for her apostasy to be the start of an onslaught of similar apostate wannabes.

Whoever bothered to know Lina Joy or Azlina Jailani before this? Did anyone of the millions of fellow Muslims ever bothered to get to know this woman? I don’t think so.

The trouble with us is simply that we always wait for something to hit us in the forehead, right between the eyes before we realise it! Hey! If only we had? . etcetera…

So, you see, I don’t blame anyone else but ourselves! We, Muslims are the ones at fault!

We don’t show our love to our fellow Muslims enough, do we? Do we shower our parents with love? Do we care for our children enough?

Do any of our alims and ulamaks show any care and compassion for us, the Ummah?

Seen any of them smile at the people gathered in the congregation during Jumaat prayers?

Can any of you sense any inkling of sincere compassion from them? Who really cares if anyone is any less a Muslim from the other?

As far as Lina Joy is concerned, she has decided that she wants to be a Christian and doesn’t give a hoot if she burns in hell for her sins!

Well, it’s her hide …but as long as the Syariah courts decide otherwise, she’s gonna be Azlina Jailani whether she likes it or not!

The MCCBCHS and the IFC gang are all rooting for her so this is gonna be the acid test for cases like Lina’s!

I am resolute in my stand against the MCCBCHS and IFC’s plans but I would also like to ask my fellow Muslims, this most important question.

‘ What could have triggered Lina Joy to apostate?’ Anyone willing to discuss and share on this subject?

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