September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Abdullah Badawi-Damage has already been done!

Today’s newspapers all frontpage our Prime Minister’s attempt to do damage control over his failure to nip Tun Dr.Mahathir’s Mohamad’s continuous bombardment recently about the PM’s refusal to answer his questions as to why the BN government cancelled Tun’s pet projects?

Mr.Nice Guy has at last chosen to come out with all guns blazing…but from what we see he is just shooting blanks!

Mr.Elegantly Silent has voiced out a tad too late!

Tun Dr.Mahathir has already caused considerable damage to Abdullah Badawi’s credibility and Malaysians as a whole are less supportive of Abdullah Badawi’s government for the sheer reason that Abdullah Badawi failed to take care of our feelings and has increased our costs of living despite all the bullshit he has spewed with his ‘Cemerlang! Gemilang! Terbilang!’ mantra over RTM!

Let’s be frank! We don’t give a hoot about all the media hype and propaganda that the BN government ministers dish out to us day in day out over all the mass media platform that they control so passionately!

At the end of the day, each and everyone of us are bothered only to work hard and make sure that we have the means to pay all our end of the month bills and ensure that we have food to eat, clothes to wear for us and our families and that our needs and wants are taken care of!

That’s the square deal! We flinch when we go and want to fill up our car’s petrol tanks and we find that RM50 doesn’t fill up the entire tank anymore!

We end up with just about 25 to 26 litres of fuel and we now have to cough up an extra 20 to 30 ringgits to fill up to a full tank. Those of us who have no other means of transport find that our wallets get depleted very quickly and it’s all due to the fact that our Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang chappie is the one who gave the order for the fuel prices to be increased!

So, if Mr.Nice Guy expects us to be so chummy and buddy buddy with him after this extra burden he has unleashed upon us, well, he can just dream on!

I believe that the majority of Malaysians like me feel the same bloody way! We were all so happy to be rid of the ol’dictator Dr.Mahathir Mohamad and we all believed the many promises that Mr.Nice Guy promised us when we voted him into power with a landslide majority, Tun Dr.Mahathir could only have dreamed of in his 22 long years of being in power!

Well, looks like the ‘honeymoon’ is over for those of us who believed that our lots will be in a much better position than in the days of ‘Iron fisted’ Mahathir!

Now, many grumble and seethe deep inside their hearts and many can’t stand to see or hear Pak Lah in his raspy, croaky voice try to pull another fast one on us!

Sure, just one vote going the other way doesn’t do much damage to the BN’s chances of remaining in power come 2008! But if 90% of the voters are disgruntled with all the extra burdens and costs of living being piled upon us by the ‘caring government’ , hey !…things might no longer be as rosy to some in the next GE!

As far as I am concerned, I don’t care who’s running the show ; as long as they don’t give me additional problems in trying to make a living or survive in the long run!

We don’t expect anyone to spoonfeed us and we couldn’t care less as to who swindles what high up above the view of the concerned public! We can’t go poking our noses in the corridors of power unless we are the Anti Corruption Agency, can we?

Most we can do is to grumble out here or in the zillions of kopitiams and warong Pak Mat’s or the local Mamak bistro’s cropping up everywhere like mushrooms popping out after the rain!

The wealthy and affluent can dish out bullshit after bullshit and play politics in the 5 star hotel lounges and coffee gardens in the nations capital and major cities , planning their next coup d’etat or coup de grace upon their political enemies!

The reality is that Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi allowed too much damage to be done to his reputation and failed to muzzle Tun Dr.Mahathir from screwing him in the public eye!

His failure to take charge and reprimand his nemesis in the form of the former PM has made us Malaysians wary and question his capabilities to lead our nation forward. His lack of willpower and firmness of action as the OIC Chairman to take Israel to task has diminished whatever respect we might have had for him earlier and his image as a leader has been sullied by his inactions both internationally and domestically!

A Prime Minister must not be silent when someone belittles him in public as what the Tun Dr.Mahathir has done to him! He must not be ‘elegantly silent’ as Musa Hitam, the former DPM crowned him with!

Being silent when you are being accused tantamounts to concurring with whtever is being said! Ours is not a psychic society where everyone can read your mind and know what’s in it! You need to voice out, defend yourself, explain your actions so that the man in the street doesn’t go swallowing up every piece and morsel of news or gossip that comes his way!

The people of Malaysia have changed. We are no longer simply taking as the truth and nothing but the truth that the main media is publishing!

We are no longer content to accepting whatever the newspapers or the broadcast media are dishing out to us!

We are much more aware of what is going on and the internet that you are trying so very hard to muzzle and bring under your control is simply too big to handle by your ministers of propaganda!

All we ask is that we are not burdened unnecessarily with extra costs of living and that the basic necessities for us to carry on our lives are not artificially inflated in costs anymore as we see the government mishandling the sugar situation!

Malaysia being a sugar manufacturing country experiencing sugar shortage? For crying out loud!

We also produce petroleum! And we have to raise our fuel prices because next door the price is higher? Next door’s currency is worth twice our ringgits or don’t you know the forex rate?

C’mon lah PM! Be in control. Stop the unnessary threats and scare tactics! It’s not your style!

A dictatorship is not what we want to see in you after being under one for the last 22 years!

I thought you are all for transparency! Looks like you are getting befuddled a bit lately! Hmmm!

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