April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Internet Self Censorship-Fair call by Lim Keng Yaik!

Well, finally a reasonable call by Malaysia’s Energy, Water and Communications Minister, Lim Keng Yaik for bloggers to do self censorship!

Let’s face it. It is true that any postings of inciting articles or those that defame others without a valid standpoint can be grounds enough for a lawsuit or for legal action to be taken against the offending blogger by the authorities.

This is what I have been saying all along. No one likes to be made the victim of rumours and vile gossip etcetera unless the targetted party is really desperate to be in the media spotlight !
Bloggers however can play a check and balance role in the dissemination of information and knowledge!

The internet serves as an excellent medium for information to be shared amongst mankind. In the days of before, news had to be passed on from one party to another by messengers running from one place to another, through jungles, across hills, over water, etcetera.

Then came horseback riding messengers, then postal services, telegram, telephone, etc till today we have satellite transmissions, wireless applications and voila..the advent of the internet.

Passing messages from one person to another has never been easier than what we have before us. We can now communicate across the globe in real time. Life has never been this good for us to keep in touch with one another across the world and we can reach out to billions of other humanbeings.

We do however need to make sure that this medium of communication is not abused by us and by others. That’s why I agree that we be held responsible for what we type and post in our blogs.

The mark of a man or a woman is by taking responsibility of whatever we state or write about.
Times may change but the matter of being honorable and steadfast in our principles and ensuring our credibility doesn’t diminish in any which way no matter whether it is the year 1500 CE or the year 2020!

Some might think that they can get away with slander and character assassination of another using state of the art internet software anonymisers etc to cover their tracks and protect themselves from any retribution either from their chosen targets or from the authorities but they all forget that Almighty God, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala keeps track of each and everything that we do , have done and intend to do.

Nothing escapes His surveilance! Bloggers, no matter how smart, how technically advanced and savvy in the arts of espionage and covert operations you are will never, ever be able to escape God’s detection and need to realise that everything we do is being recorded by the Angels Raqib and Atid who are assigned to monitor us from the moment we become morally responsible!

I humbly ask my fellow Bloggers to keep all these in mind and to post or write freely but responsibly.

Tigers die leaving their skin…when we die..all we leave behind is our blog articles that will be stored in the internet’s archives and our reputations.

Yeah, we also leave behind unpaid bills, etcetera …who doesn’t ? But , let’s try our level best to redeem our pride, restore our status as responsible bloggers and prove them who say that bloggers write rubbish and ‘blogwash’ wrong!

Write as true citizens of this country! Point out what’s good, what’s bad and what’s downright ugly in our society so that remedial actions and steps can be taken to stop the rot and heal the wounds infecting our Malaysia!

Leaders of this nation actually need to know that if no one condemns them, no one has the guts and the balls to take them to task and to point out where they are going wrong, then something’s not right with the nation!

To be faultfree and sinfree is not the character and destiny of any man on Earth! No sirree!

Even the mightiest and holiest of Allah’s Messengers, the Final and Chosen Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam is cautioned and reprimanded by Almighty Allah SWT in the Surah Abasa in the Holy Qur’an for frowning when a blind Arab man by the name of Abdullah ibni Maqtum trespassed into an important meeting that the Holy Prophet SAW was having with leaders of the Kaffir Qureisyh of Mecca!

The Mercy of God for all Mankind himself (may peace be upon him) was reprimanded by Allah SWT! What more of the leaders of today?

Mahaguru58’s Request to our Prime Minister, Hj Abdullah Badawi:

“I ask that our nation’s leaders, no matter whether you are the King, Sultan, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, whatever position or no matter how wealthy you are or how powerful you are…to not forget that There is None who is as Powerful and Majestic as the Master of the Entire Universe and Creator of us all, that is Allahu Akbar, Rabbul Alameen, Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala!

Each and everyone of us, no matter whether one is a commoner or a king, president, prime minister, whatever …are alive right now because He let us live.

There will come a second when we will all stop breathing and our bodies become still. No more pulse, no more heartbeat, no more ego’s to feed.

‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi ra’ji un.’ From Allah we came ..to Allah we shall return.

Power, position and authority is a temporal gift that Allah the Almighty has entrusted you with.

Rule over us wisely, with compassion and kindness. We shall reciprocate you accordingly.

The best way to know whether the people love and support your leadership is to allow us to keep in touch with you from this convenient medium of communications.

If we are right in our writings and commentaries about anything concerning you or the way this nation is being run, express your gratitude to us by making life here bearable for all.

If we are wrong in our ways, you have your rights to correct us and give us due punishment as accorded by law.

Remember , that it is us , the common citizens of this nation who voted each and everyone of you into the position you are currently enjoying and get to rule over us.

We do not ask much. Just let us live in peace and harmony with one another and take care of us when we can’t do it ourselves when we are old and grey.

Distribute the wealth and opportunities of this nation justly and keep an eye on us just to make sure all’s well and that none create mischief amongst us.

Refrain from being harsh and cruel to us when we gather to protest or to make you hear what we are not happy about! We have no other place to go for we are just average people.

Do ask your ministers not to tell those of us who aren’t as the same skin color like them to pack our bags and go to ‘Tong San’ or ‘Balik India’!

This is their land and this is where all Malaysians have a right to live and the place where we will be buried.

Pity us and show us the love you promised us when we elected you into power with a ‘landslide majority’ never enjoyed by those before you!

Prove to us that you will keep to your promises to make this land a place where each and every Malaysian citizen can achieve your clarion call to be among those who are ‘Cemerlang! Gemilang! Terbilang!’

Allow us all these and we will bless you in our hearts and in our prayers, Insya Allah!”

May Allah SWT guide you and your government accordingly!


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